Sunday, 9 October 2011


Months ago before I even knew whether I got into university or not - heck ever since I began to select universities for my UCAS, me and a friend (Louise) had always discussed about how perfect our university lives would've been with each other if we managed to get into the same university.
One of the mains reasons is because we're pretty damn similar, meaning that I would finally have a shopping buddy who wouldn't moan of boredom while I browse/shop for clothes and someone who would give decent advice/feedback before I even purchase an item - even though we're both very indecisive.

Fast forward in time, we're both attending the same university, went out shopping a number of times, and now my bank account's balance is rapidly decreasing.
Never had I spent so much in such a little time.
It's almost been a month and I believe that I had already spent £300+ on items that I don't necessarily need but were bought out of impulse.
Normally, at the most, I would spend perhaps around £100 in a month. Maybe £50 would've went to clothes and the other £50 would've went to other trivial things like random items from eBay, the odd skincare product here and there...

Well here is my haul from Friday and Saturday...

H&M Long Blouse: £3 - sale
Republic Miso Plum Dress: £15.99 - student discount (RRP £19.99)
Miss Selfridge Golden Leaf Necklace: £3 - sale
Miss Selfridge Heart and Lock Waist Belt: £3 - sale
New Look White Top: £7 - sale
New Look Textured Top: £7 - sale
New Look Stars Top: £3 - sale
Superdurgs Sleek Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palette: £6.49
Superdrugs Olay UV Fluid SPF15 Normal/Oily 100ml: £5.10
Superdrugs Aveeno Hand Cream: £3.06 offer (RRP £5.06)
The Body Shop Tea Tree Lotion: RRP£7
The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator: RRP£8
The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream: RRP£10
The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil: RRP £10 (freebie)

The Body Shop haul was discounted to a total of £13.50 - bargain.
Used £10 off when you spend £25 voucher, freebie when you spend £15 on skincare offer, and 10% discount Body Shop card.

Yes I finally got Sleek's Nude Collection Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palette woop! It was the last one on the stand plus the box looked like it had been opened a couple of times, so I got really paranoid that the mirror was either cracked or that the eyeshadows were swatched. But when I opened it everything looked fine, phew.

I was so damn determined to get the palette, and huzzah! I got it :"D
I think I'll stop buying eyeshadow palettes for a couple of years now, I mean I do have 4 Sleek palettes now, I'm not a daily wearer of make up either. Having a natural based palette like this one is perfect for me since I prefer natural looking eye make up as opposed to bright/random colours *looks over at Sleek Original and Bohemian palette*

My shoe collection is increasing.
Since I moved to Leeds I have already bought 3 pairs of shoes! GAH!!!

Two heels and one pair of hi tops.
Black suede brogue heels were RRP£22.99 - 20% student discount applied = £18.39
Brown brogue heels were RRP £19.99 - 20% student discount applied = £15.99
Fila Hi Tops were RRP £49.99 - on sale for £18 at Sports Direct

3 shoes within the time span of 1 month.

I'm banning myself from impulse buying/clothes&skincare&makeup shopping until I return home to Ipswich in December.
And now I'm sticking to my £20 weekly grocery shopping.

Oh Leeds, you're killing my wallet.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Just copying and pasting what I posted on tumblr. Kpop fans and Allkpop.

All this bashing towards Allkpop shows how unaware people are of the media and their ways.
Guys, Allkpop is a site that TRANSLATES Korean article for YOU to read. It is a service. Translators select articles for you that you would likely be interested in reading.
Whether you go apeshit over an article or not basically shows your level of intelligence.
Going apeshit over Allkpop is not the way to go. Allkpop are NOT the ones who originally writes a majority of the articles featured on the site. They are merely translations of KOREAN sites. If you’re going to go apeshit over someone or something, go apeshit over the ORIGINAL article writer.