Sunday, 22 February 2015

It's Skin: Cookie & Hand Cream Mint Review

So, the It's Skin Cookie & Hand Cream, perhaps my most favourite hand cream to date. Mostly because of its delicious scent. It's just so damn delicious smelling that I want to take a lick of it. But I shall hold back, because from a foolish past experience, where I took a lick of the Skin Food Black Sugar Mask, I realised that no, skincare products will never taste nice - unless you mix up your own facial mask concoction. If only...

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

'The Standing Desk' (+Downsides)

In hopes to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2015, I had gone and bought myself a laptop stand off eBay for £9.99 that can elevate the laptop from a desk so that I can use it whilst standing. Because standing is said to be a lot more healthier than sitting for it reduces the chances of heart problems in future, and ever since I came back from Korea it felt weird and uncomfortable for me to remain stationary and sitting for long hours on a daily basis.

My work space.

However, this particular structure (and possible many others) comes with a couple of setbacks that I believe everyone should be aware about.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

A/W 2014: Evening Skincare Routine (Mini Reviews)

A continuation of of my A/W 2014 Morning Skincare Routine post!

My evening routine tends to be longer than my morning, which is a given since I need to remove my make up. It can be even longer if I plan to use masks.

The evening arsenal.

Monday, 26 January 2015

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour: Lightest Cool Almond Brown 6.5PBN Review

Hope you all had an amazing festive holidy and a happy new year (extremely late I know).

Apologies for my absence because, being a final year student and all, I had a load of university work to do so I had little time to really write a detailed blog post. Luckily, since it is the beginning of a new semester, I do have time now to try my best to not only blog but edit videos!
Take note that this 'activeness' will probably only last for a few weeks more before I'm drowned in university deadlines again *groans*

I am going to kick start the first post of 2015 with one of my 2015 goals: darker hair.

No, I really am 22! (ft. spot patch, moustache mask, and Rilakkuma kigurumi bought from Japan)

Monday, 15 December 2014

A/W 2014: Morning Skincare Routine (Mini Reviews)

You'll probably be surprised to see that my skincare routine doesn't comprise mostly of Korean products! This is mostly because I decided to swap stuff around for university, and plus most of my newly bought Korean products just arrived back home from Korea.
My night routine will feature more Korean products, so stay tuned for that!

Products will be listed in order of application.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Say hello to my new coworker.

The Canon Powershot SX50 HS!

In a situation where I am low on money and in dire need of a new phone - that doesn't take a minute to load up appplications, a new bridge camera was purchased instead.
Take note that at the same time of needing a new phone I was also in dire need of a new video recording device to replace my 5+ year old Sanyo Xacti, which produced below average video quality compared to the standards of today, and was clumsily dropped by my foolish hands numerous times throughout the years. Additionally, the constant change of colour tones most noticeable in my videos agitated me greatly.
Although I dislike the sudden invasion of the American Black Friday sales in England, it was admittedly a great opportunity to scout for my muchly needed discounted technology. And that was how I discovered the new camera.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

October Music: Korean R&B

I have been terribly out of the Korean music loop recently.
Occasionally I see the odd update on my Facebook feed, but I haven't been solely actively seeking everything out.

I've been busy with university commitments, watching The Return of Superman (슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다) and The Apprentice. The former is so damn time consuming because of it's 1 hour 30 minute episodes, and the previews always makes me want to crave for more baby/toddler action! Meanwhile the latter has been making me double think about my career decision to dabble into the world of marketing. Earlier this month I attempted to do some job hunting at the graduate fair but unfortunately they're all very London/city based which isn't ideal since I live in a small town. I do have friends living in said cities, but it's actually quite burdensome to ask someone if you can stay at theirs for a long period of time. I'd rather start out small and then move onto the bigger things.

Anyway, enough of that depressing future career stuff. Let's sit back and admire these two new recent releases:

As One: For the Night
This is an incredibly sexy soft tune for the evening. Their voices are so lovely and light that it makes me wonder why I haven't attempted to actively search for their other releases after falling completely in love with their Awkward Love track -gulps- last year... Wow, time really does fly!
The MV is like something out of a softcore porno, rich muscular business man and a voluptuous maid. I very much enjoy oggling over the male lead's body though, yes. Apparently he's a member of TROY - I only know of Bumkey and KANTO in that group.

Crush: Sofa
Crush, my boo. Although I do like this track, I still very much prefer the older ones because they make me want to body roll and break out singing. Only the chorus makes me want to body roll and yell "SOFA!" so far. Haha, sofa, so far...

Alright, I'm off to do some readings about Lacan, Zizek, and Baudrillard for the rest of the day.