Thursday, 13 December 2012

Winter Hair: Prettia Cassis Berry

Pictures taken under natural light, no sun, just clouds, indoors, autocolour on camcorder.

So on Tuesday night I finally broke out of my 3 year long Milk Tea Brown hair for a more darker and red-ish/pink-ish colour: Cassis Berry.
Summer 2012 didn't count ok. The L'oreal Recital Performance dye was just a tinge darker than MTB.

I normally wouldn't go for this colour, but because my mother bought Prettia Cassis Berry from HK in Summer 2010 and realised it doesn't work on ageing white hair - thus leaving it in our home's hair dye box to collect dust, I decided to use this dye box before it expires. Waste not want not!

The colour turned out well. My hair's noticeably darker than before: more red-ish brown than golden yellow brown. I was hoping to get a nice pink tint to my hair but it didn't quite happen, but oh well, I managed to get the colour that many had sought for a few years ago thanks to Cheryl Cole.

Under warm yellow-ish lights the hair tends to look a bit red-er. In the above picture it looks more brown.

I was worried that the colour would come out patchy since I didn't actually massage it properly into my hair. I also planned on dying my brows to this colour as well as an experiment, but alas, I forgot. I only remembered to do day exactly 24 hours after I finished dying my hair. There was still some product left in the bottle after the dye job!!