Friday, 1 February 2013

Prettia Cassis Berry: 1.5 Months Later

Pictures taken under natural day light with camcorder set on 'sunny' white balance mode.

Alas, the pinkish/redish tone has been washed away, pretty much disappeared after about 2 weeks, and now I am left with a warm toned brown hair. Maybe I'm a tad bit delusional but I can see a slight tinge of pink Ok, ignore me.

Friend-with-experience told me that red/pink/purple dyes tends to wash away easily, so I guess this also applies to Prettia.

Now the question is what hair colour do I dye to next? Do I go back to Milk Tea Brown or venture into building a proper Chiffon Beige colour? Or do I give my hair a break and switch to a dark brown and let my natural hair colour finally grow out after 4 years?
Perhaps I should venture into L'oreal's ombre section. I dunno.

Early note that I plan on getting highlights again when I travel across the oceans to Korea later this year. I shall be blonde again! (As long as highlights are cheap over there;;;)

Yup you read that correctly! I got into Korea University for a 1 year exchange!