Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Etude House Membership Card

The haul!
If you're a student studying abroad in Korea, who is also a skin care fanatic like me, get your ARC (alien registration card) ASAP so you can pop into Etude House and set yourself up with an Etude House membership card!

With the Etude House membership card you can take advantage of their random sales.
Etude house sometimes sets up a large 'up to 50% off' poster outside their store, meaning that a majority of their products are on sale. Inside you'll see sections and shelves marked with stickers on them tellng you how much % is being taken off. The 20% and 30% stickers are more frequently seen.

Of course, this discount sale is only available for membership card owners. Visitors without a Korean ID card or ARC unfortunately cannot set  up a membership account.

This membership card is going to be like the Body Shop card for me, fantastic but lethal to my bank account.