Sunday, 30 January 2011


SME to debut a new boy group in March/April?!

Psht. Fuck you anti-SME people making up terrible rumours about them already. Where's your photographic evidence? I refuse to believe until you guys provide me solid evidence! Not some stupid-ass pictures of your friends sitting in the dark wearing hoodies whilst playing Pokemon on the DS.

In other news...
I cleaned my room today! FOR 3 HOURS! Be proud of me.
Now I'm ready for CNY!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Epic Fail

So I opened my email inbox after coming home from work to find an email from Rimmel London. Hurrah! It was another competition! Time to test my luck again.
What's this? 25 hours foundation!
...Wait is this really necessary? 25 hours? Doesn't sound too healthy for your skin. Make up is never healthy for your skin, sleeping with it on makes your skin worse. Is this foundation telling me to sleep with it on my face? Fuck no.
But whatever. It's a competition to get a free bottle! Heck why not? I'll probably use it just because it claims to have amazing magnetic powers to your skin. I love it when my foundation doesn't transfer onto my scarves in which I wrap around my neck as well as face in the cold Winter days.

So I log in, head to the "enter competition" page and guess what I see? This.
WTF. Worst. Question. Ever!
Are they trying to say that make up users are dumb?
The freaking answer is in the question ASDFJKL;

Speaking of dumb, a family came in today to the take away. Not even bothering to say "hi" back when I said hi to them! Rude.
At first there were 2 men, then suddenly 3 kids sporting mohawks came in...yes MOHAWKS. 2 of which look like toddlers, and the other looked like he was 10. The oldest looking one has a fully grown mohawk, all gelled up. The second oldest looking one had a mohawk like TaeYang (TaeYang's obviously sexier in it *drools*). And the youngest had a short cut mohawk.
But wait, there was one more. He came in with his mother I presume. He was the youngest looking of them all. He may have not donned a mowhawk like his brothers (I assume) but the way his hair was looked like the parents were planning for him to sport a mohawk too. The side were certainly short than the top section/stripe.
Yes I greeted them too, but they ignored me.
They all huddled together near the menu board. All crowding around te ice cream container that was underneath the menu upon the wall. Owners got cautious encase they attempted to steal the ice cream.
They left suddenly without a word...Wow.
Owners were watching them like hawks when they left the store and suspected that one of them stole an ice cream because they heard the container slide open and then close as well as seen one of the kids taking an ice cream out. They bought nothing in the end. Yet the owners couldn't quite see if he took it without paying - the chubbier man was blocking our view.
In the end the driver (who was sitting at the other end, watching as well, said that none of the kids had anything in their pockets when they left.

One of the tensest moments I've experienced at the take away.

Friday, 28 January 2011


DANGG GURL DANGGG! (From this article.)
I love the picture where you see her transformation, she looks abso-freakin-lutely BEAUTIFUL RAWR! She looks like a princess who just woke up from her deep slumber and discovered something glowing at her bedside table...wearing cute pink socks. AIGOOO!

Though I am quite sad to see the chubby IU go :"(
I hope her personality NEVER changes in this drama. NEVER I TELL YOU! It's just too adorable. Just because she's all amazingly pretty now it doesn't mean you should add a bit of hateful attitude upon IU's character writer-nims! *nudgenudge* Keep her bashful personality! *is too IU/PilSook obssessed*

Apart from just obssessing over IU and her character I obssess over her character's relationship with WooYoung's character, Jason! MY NEW OTP YO! (Of course YunJae will forever be top on my list.)
I actually haven't properly watched episode 7 yet because of this pairing, why? BECAUSE I KEEP SKIPPING TO THE FREAKIN PILSOOK AND JASON PARTS ASDFJKL;

I don't give a fuck about the love square/rectangle between BaekHee-JinGuk-HyeMi-SamDong simply because I have a strong feeling that it would go absolutely nowhere. Okay so maybe one of those possible pairings would go on at least ONE date with each other, but in the end they'll just break up because the girl (most likely HyeMi) can't choose between childhood 'sweetheart' JinGuk and 'near-deaf/death' SamDong. This is how female characters roll in dramas.

How do I know that this would happen? The drama is cliched, can't you tell?

Take God of Study for example, BaekHyun (Yoo SeungHo) possess some feelings for PulIp (Go AhSung), whilst HyunJung (JiYeon) constantly clings to BaekHyun. We can apply this to Dream High. BaekHee is similar to AhSung, later in the drama she would be the one who confesses to JinGuk first as well as pursue him first, whilst HyeMi spends most of her time picking daisies and carrying out the ever so famous ritual of he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not.
Another thing to point out, HyeMi and BaekHee were 'friends' like how HyunJung and PulIp were friends, only that I very much prefer the latter.
Unrequited love occurs. ChanDoo (Lee HyunWoo) from GOS is similar to SamDong, both attempt to pursue their crush but are likely to fail in the end as they lack the bad boy persona in order to captivate the female lead - then again it could be justified that PulIp's not reall a proper female lead...
Overall, GOS and DH are both idol dramas. Similarities in storyline would probably occur. Why? Idols are involved. If fanboys/fangirls see their realistically-unattainable-idol-crush smoochin' with another idol there will be online fan wars, not to mention an increase of anti fans for the idol who had kissed the fan's dearly beloved.

...Whoa I just spun off on a tangent.
I'm off to shower off the smell of a fryer now.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Roaming London

Carrying with my previous post...
I caught the train back to London at 3:01pm, the train itself inside was different this time, there weren't tables provided for each seat, it felt more like a bus...
Anyway, I sat myself diagonally across this woman who had a huge luggage case with her since I couldn't be bothered looking for other empty seats with
no one sitting around it and swung my portfolio on the shelf at the top.
Later on, I think in the next stop, a guy came on and sat in f
ront of me with a magazine, 2 bars of chocolates and a drink. When the old couple sitting on the other side left their seats at the next stop the man moved himself to the empty seats. Why am I explaining all this mundane stuff? Just ead on and you'll see. The man is quite hilarious.
During the 1 hour 48 minute journey I started to fall asleep, tired from only have 4 hours of sleep, doesn't really matter if I slept, the train terminate
s at Euston anyway. Before I fell asleep I had begun to think about the places to explore in London when I arrive at 4:49pm; drop off my portfolio at Liverpool St station, visit Selfridges for the first time, walk around places in London that I haven't been to before. I texted Louise to ask what station to get off for Selfridges - no I have never been in there in my life despite Nikki telling me how amazing the gelatos are in Selfridges, and it was Bond Street station. Nice, it was on the Central line, not a lot of train switching required, perfect! Also texted Nikki is she was free to meet with me in London, she never texted back ; - ; *heartbroken*
Anyway, after planning that out I slept for a couple of minutes I think. Woke up to find that the man had fallen asleep too, he was sleeping slightly towards the window, exposing
his love handles that had poked out between his shirt and jeans. It doesn't end there. I slept for another couple of minutes before I woke up again, this time the guy switched sides, he was basically lying on his side in his seat, as if it was a bed. His legs bent and slightly raised as if attempting the foetal position with his mouth wide open. At times his head was sink against the chair and his face would scrunch in annoyance.
I didn't dare to take a picture encase the woman sitting acr
oss me saw and snapped at me. But hey that was the train fiasco!

Arrived at Euston and made my way to Liver
pool St station, dropped off portfolio at Left Luggage. This black guy was there with a kettle in his hands. He seemed pretty reluctant to let me drop off my portfolio folder and tote bag that held a sketchbook for £8 since it was £8 per luggage, but he let me anyway :]
When I headed for the underground I
saw tow pigeons in the middle of the huge station doing IT. One was on top of the other and the one on top was flapping its wings like crazy! Some women on the other side saw as well and laughed! Whoa, I was ready to flip my phone out to record and make it viral on YT but the pigeon flew off like nothing happened just when I took my phone out. Dayummm!! Would've finished my Media Studies practical work then, a viral video!

Off I went back to the undergound, catching the westbound Central Line to Bond Street. Arrived, walked out one of the exits and realised that I had no idea where Selfridges was on Bond Street - never been on this street before. So I decided to look out for happy shoppers who had those bright yellow Selfridges bags and follow the direction that they had come from.
On my way I passed a Disney Store, an extravagant one at that
. They decorated it to the theme of the new movie Tangled! OMG! So yeah I ran in, didn't really see anything I want apart from the expensive plushies which I wanted really badly. There was an upstairs that was dedicated to stuff for babies and toddlers, that's where the plushies were at. So cute and pretty!

Exited the store, walked on for a couple more minutes. Eventually found a huge stone building with pillars and glowing lights. It had to be Selfridges. Passed one of the pillars and saw "Selfridges and Co." on this gold plaque, yup I arrived!
When I entered I felt so out of
place. The inside was gorgeous, there was catwalk music pumping through the speakers, designer brand names at every stall - Bobbi Brown, MAC, Yves saint Laurent, Clinique, Dior, Clarins and etc. I was at the skincare and make up section, GALOOOOOREEE! ♥ I immediately hunted down Bobbi Brown and MAC, both of which were conveniently next to each other, perfect! There were make up artists at every stall working on women's faces, felt like I was backstage at some fashion show. Didn't really want anything off Bobbi Brown, it was too crowded there for me to get a good look at the products, the stall was smaller than the MAC one. So I headed over to MAC, looking for the Blot Powder which I felt that I need at that very moment as I was sweating profusely from the immense body heat that was emitted by the surrounding crowds of middle-class women. I couldn't find it, let alone could be bothered anymore, there were too many women there smapling each and every product! So I hurried off elsewhere inside...
Eventually I found myself in the stationary section. Art Box was to my right, I felt like squealing from joy - I love Art Box! Sadly they didn't stuff like cups (like the Poppin' Fresh one I'm drinking out of right now as I type this) and the stuff that I want, it was a small area. But wow, th
ey sold Hello Kitty kigurumi's! Black + pink and White + pink. Priced at £65 each. Ouch! Screw that!
I carried on exploring afterwards. Passed All Saints, some boutique brands, more stationary, stuff from the USA and the Valentines candy section - looking like I was browsing for something for my 'boyfriend' HAH;;; I was worried that one of the SA's would come up to me and be all like "So what are you planning to get for your boyfriend?"
After walking around in circles not daring to venture to the first floor or basement floor - gadget area, I decided to leave after passing Louis Vuitton and J
immy Choo.
During the entire time I made sure to hide my the D&G badge on my fake D&G bag that I got from HK, just encase so
me snobby upper-class women spots it, tells one of the snobbiest security members and I get escorted out for wearing fakes.
Overall, Selfridges made me feel part of the rich crowd as well as allow me to see how upper-class/middle-class ladies present themselves to emitt a wealthy aura. I wasn't surprised when I realised that a quarter of the shoppers happened to be Asian. Me leaving the store empty handed made me feel poor again...

Headed back to Bond Street station and left for Oxford Circus, one stop eastbound on Central line.
Walked around Oxford Circus, not knowing where I was going. Eventually found Uniqlo - again I wanted to squeal from joy as I have never been there. Entered and to my disappointment it felt like the Asian version of GAP, all the staff members were Asian and t
he clothes as well as prices were similar to the prices in GAP (maybe a bit cheaper). Nothing in the sales section interested me...There weren't any skinny jeans on sale!
Exited, carried on walking and realised I had no idea where I was now and wanted to leave for Picadilly/Regent Street. Eventrually I entered Tottenham Court Road and found its underground station! Hurrah! But I hated the station itself. In order to get to the train I had to walk down some stairs. Being tired and in an I-don't-give-a-fuck mood I went down some random stairs with these French people in front. The experience wasn't pleasant. There was no roof, the roof above pathway leading towards the stairs as well as the roof above the stairs was missing and all was left was metal netting and...horrible chunks of black/grey dust *shudders*. Felt like I was in some horror movie. It was gross. Why the fuck didn't I turn back and head out!? By then I knew I would need to wash my hair that night, it was just so dirty... At that moment I remembered that there was another set of stairs to the right, which looked far more pleasant with its mosaic tiles, before I even entered that tunnel of hell.
When I arrived at the platform and left the hell hole I realised I was
at the wrong platform for Central Line. Fuck. So I went through some other way and found escalators going up. HURRAH! I didn't have to go up those horrible stairs again.
Arrived at Picadilly. Finally, somewhere that I was familiar with!
Headed to Japan Centre, got my brother, Eric, his Newtype magazine after spending like 10 minutes on the phone with him asking him what Japanese mag he wanted. I was tempted to get myself the Non-no magazine which not only featured HoMin but had a
pair of red Hello Kitty headphones with it as a freebie! £10.20 I think it was! Really wanted it! ...But alas, I must save money.
Oh and also the magazine book
section moved in Japan Centre, it's now at the far back in the middle. The shelf across the Non-no magazine sold bathroom stuff as well as skincare. Sadly the products weren't to my liking, the skincare stuff were some random brand names that I never heard of! They looked crap...If only they sold Hadalabo or Juju ; ^ ; !!!

Headed to Trocadero for a Subway. Outside some black guys were dancing on the road, disrupting cars and stuff.
There was no Subway...the cart was....gone *CRIES* Really wanted a sub as well! I also explored the mini stores above, they sold a lot of cute Asian stuff since the owners were Asian themselves. But it was so damn cramped! I noticed that there was a lot of Totoro merch. Was tempted to hit the arcade section for a round of DJ Max Technika, but thinking about it again I was alone
and sucked at that game. Around that time there would be plenty of Asian pros at the arcade, pros would just laugh at me as I play ; - ;
When I left the black guys were still playing around the road with people watching them and doing nothing. Oh London...

Went to China Town. On the way there I dropped by this shop that sold Japanese, Korean and Chinese snacks. Nothing ineterested me, so I left. When I was leaving there was this Japanese toddler at the door all like "Sa-poh-roh?!" something something to his parents "...Nani?" in some chibi JunSu voice. DAWWWWW ♥
Passed HK Diner - favourite place for food and Bubble Tea. Was so damn tempted to ask for a take away Bubble Tea...Bubble Tea is £3.60 there;;;; Good thing I hurried off to China Town.
When I stepped into China Town I noticed that they were putting up the lanterns...Yeah, when there were crowds everywhere. There was a string of lanterns on the floor whilst some guy was putting up the latterns, I almost stepped on a lantern as well! I bet other people in the street must've stepped on one! There was a box of lanterns outside the green Asian snack shop! And I thought Asians were clever! Clearly not these ones.
Visited Wonderful
Patisserie and found out that they sold original Bubble Tea for £1.50 - was tempted. Shall get them next time!
Walked down China Town Market - favourite place at China Town. Passed this store painted in white on the right side, but I stopped and turned back to it when I caught a glimpse of Prettia foam hair dye sitting on top of this huge white cabinet...OMG!Hurried in and basically found the stuff I could get back in Hong Kong's Sasa, Watsons and Mannings. Well sort've. The Prettia form dye boxes where from Japan, not HK, since the box was in Japanese and its design was far prettier and sophisticated than the HK one! Also saw each cabinet selling different Japanese products. Canmake, Dollywink, Etude House, Korean cosmetics, BB Creams, Kiss Me Heroine, Mellish, Beautylabo, Palty and etc! Wow that was heaven. But I scowled when I saw the price sticker for Prettia, Beautylabo and Etude House BB Mineral...£18! My Imju Fiberwig was £21/£21.99, that's double the price that I paid for in HK! Rip off! They also sold Usamimi hairbands, or as some may call them "Twist and Bend" hair bands that give you the cute bunny looking. £6.80 each. Getting one for Louise as super late birthday gift when I go back next week. BTW, they have LOADS of Dollywink lashes. Must ask them about the price...
Went into China Town Market, saw even more Totoro stuff - must be Bubsbeauty's influence LOL, and now I'm planning to get a furry Totoro plushie on a chain for £3.50, or maybe 2 for £5. Hmn...
At that time it was 8:30pm, 2 more hours to go. I was getting tired and had no idea where to go next so I decided to head back to Liverpool St station...
Arrived, realised I ran out of water, walked around hoping WHSmith or BK was open to find that they were closed! ASDFJKL; FFFUUUUU!
So I got myself McD's, deli of the day and medium diet coke. Had to wait for my deli of the day. Whilst waiting a group of 3 people came and ordered. 2 guys 1 girl. The girl had one of those whiney annoying voices, and spoke like a spoilet brat. One of the guys was her boyfriend, they sure weren't afraid to show their 'love' for each other in public *hates it when couples kiss openly in public randomly eurgh*. But what I hated the most was the girl, she was wearing one of those huge fur coats - they look like the stuff old hags like Cruella Deville would wear, and was speaking like she was all that. She had problems paying the order with her card and was being all rude to the kiosk guy. I hate these kinds of people...At that moment I really wanted my deli to be done!
Eventaully got my deli and left to find a seat in the station itself since McD was packed! Finished my lunch/tea/dinner and went looking for a bin to realise they had removed all bins thanks to the London bombings in the past. So I had to go back into McD's, find a staff member and ask him to dispose it for me. So much hassle!
Pretty much spent rest of my time - an hour, sitting there texting people, watching people walk past, remembering that I needed to take photos of crowds of people for my art, taking photos of people like a weirdo.
When it was 10pm I went to collect my portfolio, paid the £8 *wallet cries*, waited a bit longer, headed to platform 14 for the train, found a table seat, sat down and done.
Later 2 muslim women came and sat across me with loads of shopping bags and placed them on the table - at this point I was doing my English homework on the table (making notes from a book). I got pretty agitated by this, why can't they put the bags on the shelf above?! They later shoved the bags underneath the table, making the space smaller so that my legs couldn't move freely! ARGH! FML!

I started feeling dizzy and unwell after 45mins of note taking and gave up.
Eventually arrived back at Ippy at 11:45pm-ish, dad hadn't even left Stowmarket yet so I had to wait.
During this time I watched two girls dressed like hookers come to the station to order some train tickets in skimpy thin outfits - WEREN'T THEY COLD?! Some guy that came in from the platform and said somethign to the 'hookers' as if he knew them, said something to them, they didn't respond and walked away, he followed.
A 'couple' came in where this nicely dressed girl was making her way to the platform whilst the guy who looked like some stupid chav was all like "don't leave baby girl". Ew, they're going out? What a mismatched couple. The girl carried on walking whilst prying his hands off her arm until they were out of sight.
A drunk guy came in on his phone was like "I can't call a taxi!" There was a taxi area outside, there had always been at least one taxi outside the train station...

Eventually dad arrived before I gone insane from the coldness and loneliness. Came home and ate steak with fired rice, yum. Was reluctant to wash my hair because I was so tired, but remembering that horrible stiarcase area at Tottenham Court Rd...*shudders*
Oh and the skin on my hands became red, dry and sensitive again. Someone needs to remind me to wear gloves when I head off to Reading next week.
Slept for 12 hours that night I think...

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Coventry University

Reason for the missing post yesterday: had to attend a portfolio interview at Coventry University for Graphics and Illustration.
How did my
day go?
I'll type out the highlights since I don't want to end up writing a 3 post account like I
did with SHU.

4am, wake up time. I recall dreaming about my art classroom turning into a science classroom and instead o
f having an art teacher we had some random science teacher guy. We were preparing for a hiking trip and so the science teacher taught us how to pack for the trip. He pushed the tables to the side, whipped out a huge luggage case, zipped it open and poured PVA into the case. Afterwards he told us to put our stuff (covered in plastic bags) into the PVA lined case. Before I even got to put my stuff inside this case my phone alarm went off (in real life) and my dream was abruptly interrupted by 'Rain is fallin' - W-inds. ft. G-Dragon.
6:30am (approx.), train station, was the only one on the platform.
6:43am, train arrives, other people
8am, arrived in London hauling my heavy portfolio around. Stepped into McD's and ordered myself the breakfast pancake meal (£2.99). I regretted it later on. The pancakes tasted like manufactured crap, sausage looked like a burger, poured too much pancake syrup and slapped on too much butter. I felt quite sick afterwards. At least the taste of the Tropicana orange juice saved me from puking.
9am, headed down to the underground part of Liverpool St Station. Had no problems making my way to Euston. No crowded trains. Trains come like once every minute, twas perfect~ If I miss the first one there's always the second one that would come 1 minute later - this is why I love London; efficient and flexible public transportation.
Though the advert of the CGI babies rollskating around Evian bottles that I found in the underground made me w
onder if I was dreaming another whacky dream in my sleep still.
Arrived at Euston, it looked beautiful and sophisticated. Didn't bother to visit shops, my energy was draining already from the heavy portfolio.
I decided to take th
e 9:46 train rather than the 10:46 - just encase there was a delay during the journey thus potentially making me late for the interview. The train was London Midlands, twas a pretty train, very sleek and stylish on the outside with spacious inside. Whilst on the train waiting for it to depart I watched a couple outside of my seat's window running towards a Virgin train, as they neared it the train moved, they had missed it. The reaction of the couple looked painful.
Passed by Northampton (the stop where the train splits), remembered that my friend (Lisa) went to Northampton uni, texted her to say that, and found out she was back at home in Oxford. What a coin
11:28, arrived at Coventry. Great, 2 hours till the interview, letter said that they don't expect me until 1:15pm. Pretty much spent 1hour 15mins at Coventry train station bored out of my mind, watch people walk past and count the vast amount of Asians that entered and exited the train station. Wow, Coventry was like a second Sheffield, East Asian populated with them actually walking around in public - whereas here in Ipswich you don't see Asians walking around in public.
I regretted not taking the 10:46 train at this point - would've arrived in Coventry at 12:28 with like 15mins to hunt down for the loo before I set off to the university.

12:45, time for me to head off to Coventry university. Google maps said it would be a 10-15mins walk, but I have a heavy portfolio with me = contant stopping while I rest my hands, so I doubled the time.
I had checked my map and directions multiple times during my long wait at the cold train station,
was pretty confident for a second until I realised that the station area was big and I had no idea if I was facing North. But hey, I eventually found the path that I was meant to take. Finding the university was easier than I thought, they had signs.Whilst I was on the footbridge I saw a board placed on the middle divide of the road underneath saying "Coventry Open Day" with an arrow pointing North West, that was a good sign. I also realised that Google maps tends to make roads/streets appear longer than they do in reality, Friar Rd looked like a long stretch of houses on Google maps, but it was super short in reality!On my way there I noticed that the shops looked tacky, like the ones you see in the outskirts of London. So already I didn't exactly like Coventry, didn't help that the weather happened to be cloudy as well. Coventry seemed like the child of the outskirts of London and Birmingham, I still see it that way.
Passed a large group of mandarin speaking Asians - diverse Universit
y hurrah!
When I neared the university I noticed a large group of people
come out from one of the university's streets, looked like a tour of the university lead by a student ambassodor. Woohoo! I was there!

1:10pm (approx.) I arrived at the steps of the Art and Design block, saw an applicant standing near it with her portfolio, texting, probably waiting for a friend. I passed her and was walking up the stairs already when an Indian girl who was also carrying a portfolio asked her if she was attending an interview, I overheard the girl saying she was attending a Graphic and Illustrion interview - SNAP!
When I was nearing the doors the Indian girl managed to catch up to me, and asked me the same
question. We talked for a short while, she was an applicant from Birmingham applying for Fashion Design, her portfolio looked far lighter than mines.
When we both went inside there were loads of people there already. Darn I should've left for the University when I arrived at Coventry then?!
I noticed one Asian guy sitting on the floor, against a pillar, looked like he was sketching something or playing a game on his phone - can't remember. Also spotted another Asian girl who was a student ambassodor.
Signed myself in, stuck a sticker onto my portfolio and placed it on the side as instructed. Then took a seat at the waiting area, it was packed so I had to sit on the outer area where I couldn't converse and possibly befriend with another applicant *sad face*
As I waited I spotted a woman coming down the stairs, a lecturer possibly, she was thin and had red lipstick on, looked like a fashion degree lecturer. She smiled at me when she walked past, and coincidentally took my portfolio somewhere o-o

About 5 mins later a man started calling for names for product design I think, he called for 2 guys. Then 10 mins later another man came and called for names, people who were doing Graphic and Illustration. I was hoping to be called at that moment, and I did get called! Hurrah! Quick interview! I was the fourth to be called, and coincidentally the fifth name was something Chon/Chong..? Yeah it was the Asian guy I saw earlier. Wow!
5 names for the Graphic and Illustration course was called - 3 guys and 2 girls, and I already see diversity, 2 white, 1 black and 2 yellows. Far better than SHU's everyone-is-white and one yellow (me). I was worrying at this point if this was going to be a group interview like the on in SHU, thank God it wasn't!
We were guided up the stairs, brought into a huge room and were explained about the course briefly - at this point I noticed a makeshift green screen at the far end of the room, and was introduced to our student ambassodor who would kindly take us on a tour around the place later - her name was Senna (sp?). Also asked us who attended open day, everyone did but me, felt so left out ; - ;

After having things explained he told us to wait outside on this black sofa, the man was going to rummage through our portfolio and take us in to be interviewed one at a time.
At this point Senna asked who wanted a tour around, I asked for one and the black guy - John (?), asked for another tour around too. Through this tour I found out that this course would probably be the best for me, I could basically do anything in this course like Art and Design in A levels. I could incoporate textiles, screen printing, clay modelling, t-shirt printing (Senna does this), fashion, photography, etching and etc. into my graphics work and we get tutorials on using certain stuff. Awesome! There were also 3 Mac/Apple rooms and a PC rooms for those who were...Mac-challenged..?
But yeah, by now I really liked the look of the place.

We were taken back to the waiting area, seemed like the girl went to be interviewed first since it was the white and yellow guy left on the sofa. Senna asked us if we had any questions, I was first to ask - what sort of questions were we going to be asked in the interview. She didn't know, but she assured us that we would be fine. Then the other guys asked questions too finally until there were no questions left to ask. Senna then left, leaving us waiting in complete silence - we were total strangers to each other.
Eventually the man came back with the girl who had her interview done, and asked who wanted to be next. I didn't really mind, other guys didn't mind either, since the man asked me first he told me to go in and wait for me.

When I went in I spotted my portfolio with all its contents spilled out - wow he really did rummage through it.
He came back, gave me a brief summary of what he thinks about my portfolio. Asked me a few questions about myself and my work. Weren't hard questions at all, thank God he didn't ask stuff like what I would bring to the course or how would I transfer a certain skill or piece of work into the course.
Eventually he pointed out a flaw in which I forgot to mention when he asked me what feedback did my Art teachers give me about my work - I answered that they told me to take photos of people but I avoided that by taking mutliple photos of mannequins in different poses instead which he thought was a problem solving technique (?). But the flaw he pointed out was that I never stay on a certain thing for too long. I tend to jump around a bit. There's never a...focus. I'm well aware of that;; But luckily he reasoned with it, saying it could potentially be my style or some sort of progression to become entrepeneurial - which he got from my Gaia Online artwork commissions. Not that I really want to become that entrepeneurial;;;
At the end he said he would offer me a place, but my application would have to go through a panel of judges first. Would take 10 days...I hate waiting ; - ; I really hope that it isn't a course change to an extra year in foundation, that would kill me.
Interview ended. Was surprised he could zip up my portfolio with no problems! My portfolio folder is incredibly difficult to zip up!

Anyway I left the building, ovejoyed that I'm likely to get an offer. Noticed it was like 2:15pm when I left! I could catch the 3pm train back to London and arrive before 5pm! Meaning that I have 5 hours to kill in London. Screw the initial plan that I had of waiting in Liverpool St Station for hours before taking the train back to Ipswich at 10:30pm (advance ticket)! Why initial plan? Because I thought the interview would end at 4pm thus forcing me to take the 5pm train back to London arriving at 7pm and thus having 3hrs to kill. I wouldn't have minded waiting at the train station with my portfoflio for 3 hours. But 5 hours? Screw that! I'd rather drop my portfolio off at Liverpool St Station's Left Luggage for £8 (wallet cries) and roam around London!

Okay I'm too lazy to type the rest. Shall type the rest tomorrow when I have a whole day - BOOYAH STUDY LEAVE WITH NO EXAMS!
Only woke up at 3pm today - was dead tired when I got home last night with 4 hours sleep on night before.

Overall I wouldn't mind going to this uni, the course sounds perfect for me. I like the structure of the building, locations of the rooms as well as the setting/interior of each room. It doesn't feel overly modern and hi-tech as SHU but SHU has slightly smaller and compacted rooms whereas Coventry have larger rooms. Each person gets their own worn down desk in the work room - gives it that slight traditional/vintage/old school graphic design feel to it, and have access to pretty much everything.
The only thing holding me back from going to this uni is the town itself with its tacky mini privately owned (?) shops. Plus the closest city is Birmingham, which I don't like going to at all because the place looks depressing.
But it is highly likly that this place will be my insurance as long as they give me an offer.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Jewellery Freak

Ever since Summer 2010 during my holiday in Hong Kong and Vietnam I have become infatuated with jewellery. However, this was short lived as only Asian markets had the ability to sell cheap and pretty jewellery.

My collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings are growing slowly with every passing week... (The picture on the left is my current collection of necklaces, hanging on this towel hanger that I hanged on on hook on top of this unused wardrobe door. I swear one day that the towel hanger's rope would snap from the heaviness of the necklaces.

However, I am planning to stop my impulse from now on...

A majority of my jewellery originated from the past, way back before I even went to HK and VN, but I don't wear them that much these tastes have changed.

To be honest I don't really know why I buy so much jewellery...I hardly wear jewellery because in the morning I'm too zombie-fied to even thinking about accessorising myself, the only thing that matters to my in the morning is skincare, hair and clothes. That's it.

But when 26th December 2010 arrived, Boxing Day, my infatuation returned...
I stepped into New Look, not particularly looking for something specific, just browsing. None of the clothes really appealed to me. I originally planned to take buy myself a new pair of skinny jeans since I loved my black ones so much, but it was difficult finding £10 blue skinny jeans in size 12 or 14. It seemed that every woman sized 12 or 14 in Ipswich dug out all the good stuff earlier in the morning. It was probably 3pm when I managed to actually get into town.
I absent mindedly walked into the jewellery s
ection to find some necklaces and bracelets priced £1! I was rummaging through the racks by the time I saw the discounted price tag. Eventually bought 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets, sadly the bracelets were onesize and I had trouble fitting them onto my wrists.
Last week, I believe, I popped into Dorothy Perkins to check up on the January sales - I love DP when they have sales. Again sadly I couldn't find anything that I liked, so yet again I popped into the jewellery section and found 2 bracelets that I absolutely adored!

On Tuesday I passed Claire's Accessories' 10 for £10 banner in red and white, and so, without another thought, I quickly made my way in to find a vast of amount of jewellery before my eyes. At first I was reluctant, remembering that I have to save money for food when I go to University later this year...but thinking about it again this sort of an offer doesn't occur very often, plus it's near the end of January sales...why not? £1 per item? Hell yeah!
Got 2 necklaces and 2 bracele
ts for myself. 2 scene/lolita fingerless gloves and 2 bracelets for my friends. And 1 or 2 necklaces that is/are going to my cousin in Vietnam.
Joo was a happy Joo on Tuesday.
Today I visited Boots and bought myself Umberto Giannini's Backcomb in a Bottle and Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray. 2 items from selected items in the UG line for £7! Usually the bottles are about £5 each! £3 saved! I was tempted to buy these two bottles since last week anyway since a certain beauty vlogger/blogger mentioned about the Backcomb in a Bottle, which she didn't like very much despite all the hype. Hype or no hype, I would love to try anything that would give me volume! Also done some research last thing last night on the Salt Spray and what texture it gives to the hair. I liked what I saw on Google images and so decided to buy that as the second item, otherwise I would've picked the dry shampoo since I ran out of Batiste. Anyway I can't wait to try these out~
Nowadays I visit this Boots a lot since it's in the mini shopping center where the town's bus station is situated, so I tend to go in and browse the make up and skincare sections for offers and such whenever I have at least 10 minutes to spare before my bus for home arrives.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

DH6, Asian Parents Rant & Bargain Sales


Did you guys see what I saw?! Cheshire cat plushie! FUCK YEAH! SECRET GARDEN REFERENCE!
...Okay maybe not since the two dramas are broadcasted on two different channels but whatevs.
Maybe this cat plushie is a popular item in Korea right now..?
I want one...
Oh and can I just say that IU is adorable in this episode? Can't wait to see her performance with WooYoung in future ;D
Honestly I don't care about the whole Tramp-Suzy-Taec-EunJung thing anymore. This love SQUARE pisses me off.


So basically it all started when Reading emailed me further details about the portfolio viewing today - an email that I had been waiting for AAAGES.
I like how they show all the emails that they sent the message to, emails that belong to other applicants applying for Graphic Communication at Reading. I can see their names too. It seems that I'm the only Asian again.

Anyhoo, now that I know that this event is actually/definitely happening I proceeded to take a look at train prices.
The total was incredibly expensive when I looked up on the times that I needed in order to make enough time to get to each place in between.
So I looked up on a more cheaper alternative.
Cheaper one still would cost me £46.80...

Almost 2 months ago at work I remember telling the delivery guy (Gary) that Reading have invited me to a portfolio viewing. He kindly offered to drive me there since he was planning on visiting his family in Reading soon anyway. Wahey! I save money!
But alas, I doubt that I can take up on this offer. Simply because I have strict Asian parents who are utterly influenced by the media and paranoia. They don't trust anyone who aren't Asian/Chinese. Meaning if I get taken to Reading by Gary he would most likely kidnape and rape me. Oh Asian parents. Why?
I've known Gary for almost a year now since I started working at the take away, although he can be a bit rude at times he a nice guy. Chances of him doing anything to me is very slim. Do I even look rape-worthy? Heck I swear I'm nearing overweight.

Even if mother gave me £20 a few hours ago to pay for the train tickect I still have to fork out £26.80. That money could have gone to Norton Security 2011 - only have 30 days left of 2010 one!


If only Reading held this portfolio viewing on a weekend I would be overjoyed because the train cost would be half the price that I would have to pay.



Anyway forgot to mention yesterday - more like I was too lazy to add, there's currently a 10 for £10 sale going on at Claire's Accessories. Amongst the vast 70/75% off sales that are now on since the end of January is near.
All 10 items must be from the sale section and are tagged £5 or under.
Bargain! I could get 10 £5 items and save £40! But I didn't really want to limit myself by choosing only £5 items, not all £5 items are too my tastes.
In the end I got a bunch of bracelets and necklaces. I think 4 or 5 items are going towards my friends' late Xmas present kekeke;;; And 1 or 2 are going to my cousin in Vietnam.

Pics? Pics will be posted soon - sometime this weekend of next week, when I have time or can be bothered.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Farewell Secret Garden

"My life's Billboard chart...stable number 1, the best hit song, [insert love of your life's name here]."
Officially now the best proposal line to use for Kpop idols.
Maybe Se7en will use that on HanByul in the near future since he's an avid fan of Secret Garden as well.

Secret Garden episode 20 was gorgeous, despite the shitty 'proposal' that JooWon gave to RaIm at such a mundane location.

The kids were freaking adorable! And dude! I want those "cheshire cat" plushies! Those mini ones! Only three things that didn't quite follow AhYoung's dream...JooWon wasn't crying - maybe him scolding/moaning at the kids was a form of 'crying', the children weren't wearing white and RaIm wasn't yelling at ALL four of them... Then again who cares. Beats my unwanted theory that JooWon and the kids were crying because RaIm passed away from ANOTHER accident and RaIm was a ghost at her funeral yelling at them to stop crying!

Freaking JooWon's mother. Freaking Sea Witch still won't accept them. Only the kids? Harsh. I wonder if the kids ever questioned: "why won't halmoni speak to omma or appa?"

Oska made an epic proposal - I guess, though the setting did look a bit...sleazy and shit. It was set in freaking Winter! There were guys topless and girls in bikinis...and Oska in that trampy looking leopard robe, AGAIN. There was steam all over the place, Seul looked like one of Oska's past playmates in that robe. It all looked so damn sleazy!
But whatever, I loved it when Seul angrily claimed that she was Oska's woman to that other woman, when Oska presented her the roasted chestnut before the diamond ring and when he proposed to her and shit. Fuck, Seul still looks pretty even when she cries.
Oh and I have another complaint about Oska's proposal. I realised straight after he mentioned "15 years" that he was proposing to her when he's 40...TOOK YOU LONG DIDN'T IT MAN?! GAWD! Thinking about it, it's slightly gross when you match a 40 year old with a pretty Seul, sounds something like a sugar daddy.
But anway, it took him 5 years after getting back with Seul to propose? Wow that's dedication Oska. I applaud you for that. But what do you mean by after 15 years of playing around you finally settled? What, you went sleeping around with a few more women during those 5 years back with Seul? Hence why it took you so long to propose?! Aish! Be like JooWon and RaIm, marry Seul quick and make pretty babies!

I liked how Seul based the MV on her story back when she met Oska. That was a sweet little moment

You know what's another sweet moment? The placard moment! When Seul holds up those cards with short messages on them at Oska's concert! *is a major sucker for Love Actually references*
...I was anticipating some sort of bitch fight between Ssun and Seul. Not a physical fight, a more fiestier verbal fight.
Oh well, would've been terribly awkward if Jay really did play the role of Ssun, him and Oska would've just not all. Oska looks more like a dom, and so does Jay, you cannot have two dom's in a relationship (in normal words, two manly dominant men going for each other)! Lee JongSuk, who actually played Ssun, was the perfect match, he's feminine, pretty and totally sub material. Doms and subs make good matches....Okay I'll shut up now. I'm not even an Oska-Ssun-shipper...

Secretary Kim, AhYoung and the bottle that was floating around in the sea all this time decided to return to its owner coincidentially. Unrealistic and over the top. But hey, if JooWon and RaIm were able to switch bodies in the drama - suggesting magic was at work, why not make the bottle with the letter inside return?
I won't argue with that any further.

The ending itself was sweet. It tied everything together, solved an unanswered question and gave a twist to the storyline. 3-in-1 wow!
The very fact that they have 'met' in the past - well JooWon meeting RaIm more like, made it seem more romance-y. They were fated to be together. RaIm's father was the matchmaker, the two of them fell asleep in front of the altar - in front of the father's picture. It made it seem as if the father caused them to be fated when JooWon touched RaIm's forehead - banishing her nightmares away, and 'coincidentially' landed his hand onto RaIm's when he fallen into a deep slumber - come on, it was obvious that RaIm's hand move outwards a bit in order for JooWon's hand to land upon it!

Oh and congrats to the drama itself for almost doubling its viewership ever since the first episode nationwide and exceeding further in Seoul! Not to mention hitting "most viewed" consecutively for the last 5 episodes ever since episode 15 aired!

Is that all I wanted to say...?
Why yes, yes it is.
It has been a pleasure watching Secret Garden. I can't exactly say it was my favourite drama of 2010 because it bridged across 2010 and 2011. Heck I can't even pick which was my ultimate favourite. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or Secret Garden! Both have amazing actors and actresses. Both have epic storylines - although I do kind of prefer the Secret Garden one...But wait, hottie Noh MinWoo was in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho...Hmn...
Okay I love both.

Now I'm only watching Dream High. A drama far more ridiculous that the romantic magic that occured in Secret Garden.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Trimmed The Fringe! SG 19!

Yes I have successfully trimmed my bangs/fringe!
After spending 5 minutes arguing with mother that I simply just can't cut it in the bathroom - since it would involved me having to hold a basin with one hand and scissors in
the other, I managed to set up my cutting area in front of the window in the living room - with newspaper laid out and a mirror on top.
It was difficult. I disliked it when the small strands of hair started to gather and stick to my nose. When I moved onto the sides it started sticking to my eye area, even got a
few strands in my eye! Gah!
Going to to have to develop my techniques, today was just fail.
Duration of cut: 30 minutes. They don't look PERFECT but they'll have to do. Won't be long before I start trimming it again.
Oh and ignore the eye bags/dark c
ircles. I've had them for like over 10 years now.

Secret Garden has ended earlier today in S.K...
I just finished episode 19 and glanced at a couple of episode 20 screen well as video clips...on YouTube. Yeah I'm terrible. BUT OMFGGGGGGG EPISODE 20. I NEED IT LIEK NAO!!! ASDFJKL;
Yes I shedded a tear again at the last scene in episode 19! Freaking deaths ; - ; Aish that father! ; - ; ♥
Thinking about it, episode 19 didn't really...contain much. It felt like the episode has been dragged and moved at such a slow pace...not that I'm complaining, it feels like there was a lack of new information...just a couple of new pieces that had been overly elaborated.
BTW I loved the date scene between Oska and Seul. I would actually love to see that sort of thing happen in real life one
day, in Korea...maybe an idol and another idol...Meh doesn't matter. May be even more romantic if it was an idol and some...commoner.

Anyhoo, I'm off to do some English Language homework now.
Not that I want to do it...I should've done it on Friday during my free period...I was too busy going around The Student Room instead...reading weird and wonderful threads with my friend. TSR is a great time killer in school.
...Anyway...onto reading about babies now.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Why I hate Kpop sometimes.

[Oct '14] 
NOTE: this was all written under blind rage by my 18 year old self

Kpop is absolute shit compared to Jpop/J-music.
A thought that always come up whenever I temporarily take a quick visit to the world of J-music.
Last night I went through my W-inds. collection out of boredom and realised how epic their music was - hence why I downloaded every single song. Also found out they recently released 2 new singles - 'Let's Get It On' and 'Be As One'. The former having slightly humurous sexual lyrics (not a favourite but dayummm, Ryohei! DAYUM!), and the latter is just...utterly gorgeous (used as ending theme for Fairy Tail).

Can you see what I'm saying here?
I prefer this song more compared to most of the Kpop songs that are currently out ._.
It's pretty, has meaning, not ridiculous and really displays lead vocal's talent - despite not displaying Ryohei and Ryuichi's rap skills and treating them as back dancers pft (at least there's a rap section in the other single).

Back to Kpop.
Honestly there's just so much auto-tuning in the songs that it pisses me off that I can't hear the beautiful voice of the lead vocal. The crazy visual concepts that bands are heavily reliant upon is just...ridiculous, Orange Caramel is a perfect example. Screw music we're going to make cute music because we're a cute band that wears crazy childish costumes! No I'm not an Orange Caramel anti, I do have criticisms on other bands that I'm a fan of. Sometimes the lyrics are absurd, honestly when chorus' are made up just one word or phrase repeated over and over again. Catchy, but seriously WTFF.
All I can say is: Kpop is merely trivial entertainment for our ears as well as eyes, it's like watching viral YouTube videos where a fat guy runs into something and falls down.

J-music/Jpop on the other hand is more...controlled.
Generally they're not as flamboyant and over the top as Kpop. You don't really hear auto-tune in every single song. They don't have a crazy concept for every single song. They create songs with meaning, not some stupid meaning like OMG HE JUST DUMPED ME...BUT THAT'S OKAY, I'LL JUMP JUMP JUMP TILL I'M HAPPY. And I have yet to hear a super popular song by some girl group like AKB48 singing a word like "Gee" over and over again.
...Yes I know VK bands are flamboyant with crazy ass visuals. But hey at least they don't make pointless sounding music!

Meh. Can't be bothered to elaborate more...
Maybe it's because I've been a fan of Kpop for like over 3 years and I just noticed in the past 2 years that Kpop is simply losing...creativity. It's spinning out of control. It's getting...overrated. Netizens are being bigger assholes than ever. Silly songs are hitting number 1 on the charts. Stupid pointless songs and MVs are being created. Similar concepts are being used over and over again, e.g. sexy concept, cute concept, manly abs concept and etc.

There was one time where I about to go into a full blown rant about how K-pop celebs are called musicians. In reality they aren't musicians as they don't create/write their own music and therefore fall into the lowest category of musicianship and therefore should be stripped of their title of being 'musicians'.
But then I realised...these celebs are more often called 'idols' than 'musicians'. 'Idols' being the perfect term for them because they're not just singers, they're dancers, actors, models and teenage role models...A bit excessive but meh, their choice.
Kpop celebs were then saved from being ranted about.

Sometimes I just wish Korean Muic Industry and S. Korea would recognise the underrated bands like Red Soul (who disappeared) and T-Blue (who are constantly ignored by the masses). They have amazing vocals and should shine and succeed! Not only that, top the charts too! But alas no. I guess the youth of Korea prefer leggy and skinny girls, topless ab-tastic guys and pretty faces.
Then again I kind of prefer these bands being underrated. Being underrated means you won't get crazy schedules like the overrated and end up risking your health. Being underrated means more privacy and having less netizens interested in digging out your past. Being underrated means you don't have to succumb to the ways of acting all happy and fake on TV.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Fantasy Turns Into Reality

So I arrive back home today and find two emails from LiveJournal telling me that two people have commented on my fanfiction - Battle for YunHo's cock. First thing I wondered: Why was it suddenly so popular?

I didn't realise why until I dropped by on Allkpop to find an article titled The Boss' Karam meets TVXQ backstage at KBS Music Bank
. In which I was gobsmacked because it was heavily related to the crack fic. Was my fic coming...alive? I bet those commenters must've somehow Googled up YunHo and Karam together and found my fic hohoho~
But wow, this is perfect material for Battle for YunHo's cock Part 2! Think I mite write it in fanfiction/word form soon, maybe tomorrow. I was too excited on sketching out the comic strip first. The short drabble itself may end up different to what the comic strip presents but whatevs.
Besides that I'm going to turn my LJ into my fanfiction domain. All pieces of fanfiction will go on there - visit my LiveJournal.

Disclaimer: I do not have anything against Karam or The Boss, I merely utilise Karam's obssession with YunHo as a joke for fictional and personally entertaining purposes.

Why am I typing this when I should be at work?
Owners don't want to catch my cough. Yes I still have the dreaded coughing fits.

Oh and it turns out that one of my English teachers have been to my old High School.
We were talking about overt and covert prestige in class today and it reminded her of this one time that she went to my old High School for book mastermind. Before she went onto talking about her story she asked who actually attended to that High School in that English class. Me.
She then felt like not wanting to talk about it anymore because it felt like she would be insulting me since I went to that school bwahaha. Insult all you want teacher, I used to talk shit about my old school too.
She then proceeded to talk about how she took her lovely year 7 kids over there all dressed nicely and smart. She arrived there to see rowdy children with untucked shirts, loosely done ties and miniskirts. She also mentioned it was lunchtime, I can clearly see why, everyone lets loose in that place during breaks hah! Should go visit the playground teach! You might even faint - she's a traditionalist who came from a comfortable and posh family and dislikes speaking swear words.
Apparently one of her year 7's decided to not use covert prestige (informal/colloquial speech) but deliberately used overt prestige (formnal/posh speech) to comment loudly and snobbily upon the state of the kids in the school. According to the teacher everyone that head what he had said all froze and stared at them.
Haha, it's like a small group of posh people amogst a sea of chavs.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Colds, SHU, Dream High

Apologies for the lack of post over the past few days.
I was dying on Friday night during and after a night of OMGPOP-ing - both games and chats. From this I managed to gain a WTF dream where I was following a guy who was called Brent half the time and Brian at other times through a tunnel which felt looked something similar to inception, warm toned buildings that seemed to form the tunnel. And at the end of the tunnel I arrived at my 6th form and found a store that parodied Shake Away/Shed, Shake Yogurt - a frozen Yogurt store.
According to Louise the name "Brent" was used in my dream because someone kept saying BRENT in the OMGPOP chat. Not that I remember it because I was dellusional at the time from tiredness.
Saturday night I was half dead, mucus started to come out of my nose so that wasn't pleasant. Spent all day shoving tissues up my nose while on OMGPOP again and ended up with a sore nose on Sunday.
Overall I'm alright now, well I should be minus the coughing fits.

Oh and it seems that I forgot to mention on Friday that Sheffild Hallam University gave me a Conditional offer - in a vague way...?
Basically I had UCAS Track sending me an email that evening, I hyperventialted, had a coughing fit, opened UCAS Track, logged on and felt like screaming from joy when I saw Conditional next to SHU. However that was short lived until I clicked the course code for more details and realised that I was being put into the Extended Degree - basically an extra year of university where I do MORE art/graphicy work like a Foundation Degree. This meant that SHU liked what they saw in my port
folio but think I haven't done enough or that I'm not ready for the full degree. Great.
I can pretty much cross SHU off my list of potential-uni-to-go-to now. Why? I would be end up with 4 years of Uni debt after completing the course. Really don't want that. I'd rather do a Foundation Degree in my home town for free without getting an extra year of £3k debt, plus I wouldn't have to worry about saving money and stuff as I'll just spend an extra year working at the take away and earn enough money for uni the following year.
Unfortunately thanks to the new government I can't really afford to do that. Simply because if I were to start university after the Foundation Degree I would not only have to spend another £66 something on a train to Sheffiekd for another interview, but I also would have £27k debt after 3 years of university. Freaking £9k a year!
Anyway onto the main part of this post. Dream High.
Initially I didn't have much of an interest on watching this drama simply because idol dramas tends to turn out...ridiculous.
However because I freaking love IU and my slight biasness for WooYoung sparked again after reading this article I thought, "Fat chick and cool looking guy? IU as fat chick going for a cool guy like WooYoung?
Heck why not? Sounds interesting, screencaps look promising, at least there would be a narrative that I'll be interested at."
And so off to KimchiDrama I go. Watching 3 subbed episodes consecutively.
...Of course I had no homework to do *shiftyeyes*

I can't help but link Suzy's goegeous face to Kim SaRang (Seul in Secret Garden). They're both just so pretty! *jealous* But I must say that Suzy's character is fairly...annoying. Her acting does give off an awkward feeling at times, like she may have possibly over done it or not going the right way with it.
TaecYeon was alright, nothing bad to say about him really. Couldn't help but go "HAH!" when I saw him topless, how could he film a drama without going topless? I kind of expected it sooner or later. The towel dropping randomly? Cliched. I knew it was coming. Something to fuel the hate between the two protagonists which would evenutally lead to love....but I don't really want them two together (even if it is inevitable). I was Suzy with Kim SooHyun's character - the trampy looking guy.
Speaking of the trampy looking guy, he looks like Onew hahahaha. A cutie with gorgeous smiling eyes ♥
Heavily disliked it when EunJung's character slipped so easily into the hands of evil. I blame that dance teacher. I somehow have the feeling that she was lying that the other girl's mum was still alive to EunJung's character, I guess she must've wanted some serious drama and competition between her students. Even if that teacher wasn't lying I still blame her. You can't just go hunting down a student's background and then tell it to another person! Aish. But I can see that the teacher is molding EunJung into her, I mean look at their hair!!!
Conscience: Maybe it was a coincidence...
Me: Maybe you should SHUT UP! DON'T GO RUINING MY THEORY NOW ; - ;
I would like to see more screen time for IU's and WooYoung's characters. Both seem to be just as interesting as well, come on, a dance prodigy who speaks English and a fat chick who can sing. Plus they have a a relationship to establish and grow! Get going Dream High staff!

Overall it's a great drama to watch when you're bored. I can't say it's the best. A bit too slow felt like all I've watched was just one episode.

Anyhoo I can't wait for episode 4. Shall be looking forward to it.
For now I shall pop off to do some homework.

P.S. A few tears slipped out from the corners of my eyes during episode 17 of Secret Garden huhu~

Friday, 7 January 2011


I think the girl sitting behind me during the presentation on Tuesday made me ill, I remember her coughing like mad during the presentation.
So yeah now I have the terribly painful cough, had to call in work today saying I got a really bad cough!
Bye bye £36 ; - ; !!!

Now I'm just feeling really sleepy.
But am too lazy to freaking shower eurgh! I suppose I better do do before midnight.
Sooooo tired ; - ;


Thursday, 6 January 2011

Sheffield Hallam University Interview Part 3

Carrying on...
Train to Doncaster was at platform 2, headed straight to there and waited for 15 mins, the sky was still light blue. Pretty ahh~ (Tis the pic that I used in previous post - part 2).
Train arrived, had
a hard time looking for a bloody seat because it was during peak time. Eventually found 2 empty seats in front of this Asian girl who gave me a weird look... Must be the huge portfolio which failed to go on the rack because there was a seperator thing in the way...grr. So I slotted it in front of my legs, not like anyone would sit next to me since the train was just about to leave and I need to get off the very next stop.

Arrived at Doncaster. Hurried off to find t
he next train to Peterborough. It was on platform 1. But it terminates at London King's Cross ticket says "NOT LONDON ROUTE". However when I looked online my ticket actually applies to this train, after all the train arrives at the same time as the time listed on the website. Plus I checked the train timetables board which proved that the train does indeed arrive at 4:36pm. They can't fine me for that!
So I waited and noticed that the train was delayed by 3 mins. No biggie, I have 18mins to change at Peterborough, minus 3mins means
I have 15mins, plenty of time. At least that's what I thought.
The screen then changed again saying that the train was on time. So I assumed that the train must've sped up in order to arrive on time. During that time a group of young teenagers came to the platform, they all looked high on sugar since they wouldn't stop screaming and laughing loudly non stop at everything.
4:36pm came, still no train, the screen still said it was on time, liars.
4:39pm, the screen changed to arrived but there was no train in front of us. WTFFF. Waited for a few more minutes and the train finally arrives, hopped on there quick and grabbed a nice seat on coach D.Maybe it's because I've never been on a East Coast train before (I normally go on National Express) but the carriage first class...? (Look at photo) It was so...pretty and new o-o But I already settled myself comfortably in my seat and placed the portfolio nicely above on the rack, can't be bothered moving, plus there were loads of empty seats in that carriage!
To the right there was this rocker kind of guy, and in front of me on the table seats was a guy on his macbook (envy) with 2 cans of Stella Artois...classy. I think diagonally on the other side's table seats were 2 cheery business men...Minus the rocker guy I thought I was definit
ely in first class. But I swear the carriage didn't say first class on it!!!
Anyway the train didn't move for like another 3 mins...great. I was going to be late for the changeover at Peterborough.

The ticket guy came over to the diagonally across table seats businessmen and I think one of them bought the wrong tickets and had to pay a fine - I saw a Barclays debit card being handed over and words of apology *gulp* Sure hope they don't fine me for being in first class when I'm supposed to be standard.
Eventually the ticket guy eventually came over to me, took my ticket, glanced at it, stamped it, handed it back to me without saying anything. Phew. Maybe I was on the right carriage and train..?

During the train journey I relaxed in the peaceful carriage, felt like sleeping but that was a big no no since I have to changeover on the 2nd stop.
I remember passing Newark or somethign (the first s
top) at 5:10pm but left the station 5 mins after arriving...shit. I was getting more and more late. I got worried. I was meant to arrive at Peterborough soon. The time ticked by, it soon became 5:30pm - no worries, 15 mins! We'll get there soon...5:35pm - shit. 5:40pm - AM I EFFING THERE YET?!

5:42pm - arrived in Peterborough, dashed off the tra
in and heard the tanoid announce something about the train to Ipswich. The train that I need?! So I dashed down towards the screen with all the trains and platforms, the train to Ipswich arrived. It ARRIVED AND IT'S ACTUALLY 5:42PM! RUN RUN RUN! It arrived on platform 3 I believe, all the way on the other side according to the signs, great. So with my heavy ass poftfolio I ran for my life, ignoring the growing pain on my hands. Up some steps, through the bridge and down. On the way down there was some stupid slow bitch in front taking her sweet time. Good thing the steps weren't busy so I walked on the other side. The train was in view, doors still open, made a run for it. It was crowded inside. But thank fuck I made it! So then I began to hunt for a seat in this crowded train, walked through 2 carriages to finally give up and settle myself in front of these 2 people on this table seat. Was panting hard.

As soon as I settled myself down the train started to
move. I was safely going to arrive home at around 7:30pm. Hurrah!
Spent most of it in tired zombie state since it was a 2hr 30mins (approx.) journey. I realised now that if it weren't for the train terminating at Ipswich it would've ta
ken me slightly longer to figure out what train to catch. There is a God!
For the last hour of the journey I started feeling sleepy. Like within a minute when my eyes close I would start to drift off in a slumber...which is bad, but it should've been okay since the train terminates at Ipswich, but still bad because I was on my own with £150 in bag, and someo
ne could have stolen something off me while I was asleep! So I decided to text people, the phone going off should keep me awake! And it worked. Hurrah!

The train arrived back at Ipswich station earlier than the original time. Dad was at Tesco's so I had to wait 20 mins for him to pick me up for the train station.
Eventually got home, tired, no longer sleepy strangely, ate one burger, got online to check mail, showered and to bed. Weird how I didn't instantly doze off wh
en I got into bed. At least I slept within 30mins!

And that concludes my day during 4th January.

In other news today...OMFG SECRET GARDEN ASDFJKL; WATERWORKS IN EP 17 ; - ; !!!!

Besides that anyone else notice the JYJ walls in the BG? BTW I loved this scene ♥ Kim SaRang is just too damn pretty.

Oh and Infinite's new MV?
Freaking love the chorus.
Reminds me of my year 7 days when I loved a mixture of rock and rap. The chorus sounds a bit like...Within Temptation's 'Stand My Ground'?
SungJong's voice sounds slightly fem...