Thursday, 21 April 2011

JE SUIS going to travel to LE FRANCE!

SME has finally drawn the European continent on their world map in the middle of America and East Asia. Well, to be more precise, SME has discovered France.


My original plan to revise and work hard on my art sketchbook all day had been ruined thanks to such a mind-blowing event. Most of my day was spent on the internet, Facebook-ing and searching up travel costs to Paris. Wow, I never knew traveling to other countries would be this time consuming.

So yes, I am willing to spend £300 very soon for this once-in-a-life-time event.

I would go apeshit if SME suddenly went: "BETCH'S, WE'RE COMING TO LONDON NEXT!"
Cos yes, that's how submissive we fans are, even the most intelligent ones will succumb to SME's powerful methods of marketing. SME be trollin' like a monopoly like Apple.

And what's even worse? If YGE goes: "BIG BANG IS COMING TO THE UK!"
*wallet cries*

On other news, B1A4 released their OK MV!

I love youuuu-uuu-uuu-uu-uu-u!
Lub me lub me lub me lub me lub me lub me babeh~

I believe my ovaries exploded while watching this MV. Pretty boys, sunshine and happy music, 3-in-1, tis what I've been wanting all along.
No I do not want wannabe sexy-looking 14 year olds in suits singing about the hardships of love and break up, in which they have yet to experience in reality. No I do not want teenage hipsters acting thug whilst wearing make up, contradiction much? Neither do I want girls who have been forced to dress like sluts and sing songs which limits their vocal abilities.
I like my traditionally happy and banjak banjak shining boy group, a group that makes you smile uncontrollably.

...I think I jizzed when I heard the song Only One. It was beautiful.

This is a successful debut here guys.
I mean, internationals had to hack the website in order to obtain the images of each member! Doesn't that mean something?

Monday, 18 April 2011


Firm: Leeds
Insurance: Coventry
Declined Sheffield Hallam and Reading.



I don't need KARA to advertise it for me. The very nature and brand itself is enough to make me want it.
Heck, KARA can't ever try selling me PALTY, it's futile when you have a super gorgeous model like Tsubasa Masuwaka in it. HECK! YOU CAN JUST PUT UP AN IMAGE OF THE BOX WITH TSUBASA'S FACE ON IT WITH THE HAIR COLOUR AS THE AD AND I WOULD HEAD STRAIGHT OFF TO BUY IT!

Previously I didn't want to go back to Palty that much simply because of it's thick cream formula, which I had issues with whenever I try to scrape the rest out of the bottle, and the comb that pulls out chunks of my hair. However, the results were just amazing!
So I ended up moving onto Prettia because it appears easier to use and it was all the rage at that time for being the first popular foam dye in Japan. Fortunately it didn't make me lose as much hair and was super duper easy to use! However, the results weren't as strong and amazing as Palty's...

But now, PALTY DOES FOAM! So now I'm hoping that the dye would be just as strong as it is in cream formula. Otherwise I'll just dye my hair dark brown and wait for my hair to revert itself back to black.

Sadly I have yet to find any seller online, even on eBay, who sells it ;[

The 10 colours available are:
  • Milk Tea Brown (DEFO GETTING)
  • Mountain Strawberry Jam
  • Creamy Caramel
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Dark Ganache
  • Custard Beige
  • Honey Macaroon
  • Macaroon Brown
  • Cinnamon Churros
Oh nevermind! I has found a pre-order from a random seller on the net complete with pics of the colours 8D
...Not that I'll definitely buy from there.

New fridge tomorrow!!!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Me and deadlines

I can sum it all up in this picture.

It's havoc.

Picture taken on a Tuesday in the week of the Media Studies coursework deadline. Deadline was on the Friday and I was to show my Media Studies teacher the video the very next day.
Editing and filming done in one day.
Cos I'm a procrastinator.

Turns out that the deadline was a mere threat and the actual deadline was the week after. They changed it to a week before encase someone was unable to meet the actual deadline - many do.
And it just so happened that my Media Studies teacher had to head off toe Belgium for some biking so our deadline in reality was extended to the Wednesday after.

I chilled on that weekend.

. . .

London tomorrow.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Today is a good day

First us VIP's get this beautifully filmed piece of work:

Smoother, slicker and artsy version of Children of Men's uprising scene anyone? No? Check it out here. Of course, the uprising scene looks more like something out of Call of Duty with a bit of extra camerawork, but hey these two pieces of media are of totally different genres. One's a music video for a song based on emotions and feelings, and the other is an epic and chaotic battle scene.
I applaud the director of the MV for being daring enough to film this! As you can see, the MV is filmed in one long take, if the members were out of place or something went wrong during the filming, they would have to start all over again! I demand behind the scenes to this!
You don't need translations to understand Love Song now, all you need to do is watch this amazingly produced MV. Don't just focus on the members, look around, it has amazing mise-en-scene. The burning car at the end made both me and my friend (Nikki) LOL, yet it felt somewhat symbolic.
Heck, me and Nikki - who just turned 18 today, waited until 1am for this MV to come out! Watched it like 100 times and eventually came to a conclusion that G-Dragon is a destructive pyromaniac. The amount of guitars he smashed for Big Bang's Tonight stage performances must have equaled to the amount of cars prepared for this MV...or for the very end of the MV where the car drops down out of nowhere and creates this beautiful mushroom cloud as Nikki describes it.
Oh and 'TOP must always wear the Love Song MV suit' should become unwritten law. Seriously, he is HAWTTTTT in it.

And now us underrated-yet-talented band appreciators/fans get this:

Tei, marry me.
Handsome People makes the best relaxing-mood music ever. I don't care whether the band's name is an oxymoron. They make better music than most K-pop idol groups out there.
Tei's voice is just...NOMMMM ♥

And another thing totally unrelated to Kpop, I discovered that Asos could do free delivery for me if I use the StyleSaver code! The longer wait is totally worth it. These babies shall be mine!!! FUCK YEAH FOR 10% OFF STUDENT DISCOUNT!

P.S. Happy Black Day!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Been trolled all night.

Dream Boy flash game.

Basically it's a fan made dating simulation where you can choose to date and eventually marry NichKhun or KyuHyun. Personally I'm not crazy over Khun or Kyu, they're nowhere near my hubbie lists. But hey, its the holidays, I have time, let's do it!
2 hours later I get obsessed over obtaining skill points in strength, charm and intelligence rather than the points I need to obtain in order to further my relationship with Khun and Kyu. I was aiming for Khun initially but then decided to aim for Kyu as well, see if I can actually two-time in this game, heh.

Eventually found a cheat (well a glitch as the creator told me earlier today), you can restore energy points by fighting JYP, the 3 mean girls, or Ryuk (crazy ass choices I know). As long as you have amazing strength points you can easy kill/beat JYP in one hit at first then gradually the 3 mean girls and eventually Ryuk. Just build on strength. So what I done was head to the 'pub' to train on my strength, which took 30 energy points off the 100 that you start the day off with, went to fight JYP, won, and got my full 100 energy points back! So I went off to train on charm, fight again, study at 'school', fight again, train on strength and etc. You can do this as long as you want.

I raged for a good minute when I forgot to save the game at the 40 day mark and accidentally clicked a bookmark in the bar above. So yeah, back to the start!

Now before I say the stuff that I'm going to say, take note, I appreciate the creator for all the hard work that they put into the flash game and was glad to end up playing till 6am last night in order to hit the 40 day mark again (yes I'm crazy, finished it earlier today). But honestly, it was the most cliched piece of media I have ever seen.
The dialogue was immensely cliched and could've killed off a few of my brain cells, and at one point I felt like killing my own character because she was turning into a Bella Swan - only that the dialogue felt more like it came out of a children's book. The cliched-ness of the entire game made me ROFL quite a lot, I guess that could be considered as the good point of the game? Bad because it was incredibly cliched that it was cringe-worthy, but good because the immense cliched-ness of it all made me ROFL.
Oh and the graphics/appearence of the characters themselves might need improving...I thought I was marrying Khun on the 80th day since he proposed me on the day before but I ended up meeting Kyu on the aisle WTF (the dialogue said I was marrying Kyu)...yes the character marries the idol after 80 days. I know it's purposely done because of the nature of flash games, but honestly, you can't just end up marrying an idol in 80 days! The whole marrying Kyu thing must've been a glitch...*clearly had more relationship points with Khun*
Okay I'll shut up about my criticisms now.

If you're interested in trying it out yourself click here!

On other procrastination news...

Rather than sticking to my initial plan of "Oh it's Easter Holiday's! Time to commit myself to early revision!" I managed to find myself raiding through the internet for movies ever since Sunday night...or the early hours of Monday morning to be exact. So far I have watched The Hangover, Red Riding Hood, Paul and Despicable Me.

Short reviews?

The Hangover
Fuckin' hilarious, now where's Hangover 2? May 27th? I'm there!

Red Riding Hood
It felt like the story had been Twilight-ified. Seriously, the director sure loves his landscape panning shots. Narrative was a bit boring.

Do you know who Peter Parker is? No? Okay then you can forget about watching this film to catch most of the humour. Narrative didn't have a climax, it was dragged out, ending was sweet though.

Despicable Me
FUCK! THE ENDING! FUCK! I LOVED IT ; A ; !!!!!!!!!! Minions were hilarious. I demand more video clips based on the minions crazy antics...

Oh don't worry, just an hour ago I committed myself to 2 hours of art work...Yeah, I know that's not really revision...But hey, I want an A* in art!

Reminder to future self, revise each module an hour a day at least. Oh and make a video about how amazing the egg facial mask is...and finish your JUJU face wash review video...AND STOP READING MANGA.


P.S. Why you people no likey Handsome People?

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Betch, don't judge a book by its cover.

Just because the women look like transsexuals and the men are in gay-wear it doesn't mean that they're transsexuals or gay.
Not everyone in the world was born perfect. Nothing wrong with looking a little bit manly, nothing wrong with looking a little bit fem. Don't hate people just because they were born that way.
What you wear shouldn't effect how people see you. You should be able to wear whatever you freaking like without being judged. Heck, am I a goth/emo if I wore all black with heavy eyeliner? Am I chav for wearing sportswear simply because it's comfortable?
No, the media conditioned you to think this. Oh stereotypes.
Can't guys have fun too dressing up in PVC and hot pants?

The lyrics are ingenious, it makes even more sense than NU ABO and A~ing - no offense Wheesung, that's saying something.

Which leads me onto the next topic. FUCK, TEDDY RILEY YOU DONE WELL!

Are Raina sluts because they wear lingerie on stage? No, its only for visual eye candy, just like Asobi Connection had done.
Why you ladies hatin' on Raina? You're okay with your oppas stripping like manwhores on stage but aren't okay when your fellow ladies are displaying rauchiness on stage?


Anyway I shall be on the look out for Asobi Connection in the club districts of South Korea when I go in future. Would probably be one of the best clubbing experiences ever.
Fuck, I would scream with joy if they came to England.