Wednesday, 22 January 2014

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour: Extra Light Ash Blonde 10A Review

Late hair dye review post, but I think it's necessary that I tell you all about my lovely experience with John Frieda's Extra Light Ash Blonde foam dye. In short, I love it just as much as Prettia's foam dyes!

John Frieda: Extra Light Ash Blonde 10A. Mini picture on the right is the foam solution.

I bought the box from Boots back in early June 2013 when it was on sale for around £6, and ended up using it in early August before my 1 year-long study abroad adventure in Seoul, South Korea.

Just like Prettia, the dye is mixed by pouring bottle 2 (colourant) into bottle 1 (developer), tilt a couple of times to mix, replace the cap with the pump and you're ready! It's super easy to apply and distribute evenly throughout the hair.
In have in fact used this brand of dye on my parents' hair before, and it's such a breeze to work with and covers white hairs very well. My parents are also very satisfied with the results.

Note that I always use hair dye on (almost) 2 days old hair to prevent serious hair damage.

As usual, after I finish applying it to my hair, I cover it with an old shower cap, blast some heat into it with the hair dryer, and wait for 1 hour 30 minutes before washing it off.
I did experience a few moments of stinging during the application process, but they only lasted for 30 seconds at most and faded soon after.

Before and after: roots area

As you can see the roots has been dyed over very evenly and blends in very well with the rest of the hair, despite it originally being many shades darker. This shows that the dye has a really good lightening properties - strong developer perhaps?
So if you're using this colour on virgin black hair, the area where my roots once were is basically the result you would get after leaving it in for 1 hour 30 minutes!

Before and after: pre-dyed L'oreal Absolue Mousse in Very Light Frosted Blonde 1021

As expected, my hair colour does turn slightly brassy months after a dye job, it's only natural. The John Frieda dye has done a great job in re-applying the ash to my hair to make it less brassy!

Before and after: dip-dyed tips with La Riche Directions in Turquoise

The dye had lightened my 1.5 months old dip dye job (in turquoise), as expected. Because the dye itself is essentially yellow in colour, it made the dye turn a tad green and faded.

  • Adds ash tone to hair (balances out brassiness)
  • Even coverage
  • Blends roots with rest of pre-dyed hair
  • Works on natural black hair
  • Easy application
  • Hair doesn't feel dry post-dye job
  • Covers white hairs (parents approve!)


5/5 ★★★★★
The best alternative to the Prettia foam dye. Definitely recommended and will repurchase!

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