Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Skincare Routine for Oily/Acne Skin (2010-2011)

Aug 2010 - Sept 2011

Featured Products

Juju Aquamoist Wash Foam
Boots Botanics Purifying Scrub
Juju Aquamoist Moisture Lotion (Toner)
No7 Beautifull Balanced Toner Combo/Oily
Nivea Visage Oil Free Moisturising Fluid
Boots Botanics Pore Perfecting Day Moisture Lotion
Holland & Barret Aloe Vera Gel
The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask
Boots Botanics Night Shift Moisture Cream
Skin Food Rice Mask
Skin Food Black Sugar Mask
Skin Food Aloe Vera Pack
Cosline Tomato Fresh Pack
Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover
Kose Softymo Cleansing Oil White
Superdrug Natural High Eye Cream
Garnier Ultra Lift Eye Cream
Nivea Visage Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

So far I have filmed 2 reviews of the mentioned products:

Nivea Visage Oil Free Moisturising Fluid

Boots Botanics Night Shift Moisture Cream Review

I'm still working on the reviews, won't be able to review some until I get back home in December seeing as I only took around half of the said skincare products up with me to Leeds.

Ever since I moved to Leeds I have changed a majority of my skincare routine - either because I started running out of the said products or because I bought new products to try out. So I'll be making a new skincare routine video maybe next year in the Summer, or even Easter if my skin drastically changes (I doubt).

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Months ago before I even knew whether I got into university or not - heck ever since I began to select universities for my UCAS, me and a friend (Louise) had always discussed about how perfect our university lives would've been with each other if we managed to get into the same university.
One of the mains reasons is because we're pretty damn similar, meaning that I would finally have a shopping buddy who wouldn't moan of boredom while I browse/shop for clothes and someone who would give decent advice/feedback before I even purchase an item - even though we're both very indecisive.

Fast forward in time, we're both attending the same university, went out shopping a number of times, and now my bank account's balance is rapidly decreasing.
Never had I spent so much in such a little time.
It's almost been a month and I believe that I had already spent £300+ on items that I don't necessarily need but were bought out of impulse.
Normally, at the most, I would spend perhaps around £100 in a month. Maybe £50 would've went to clothes and the other £50 would've went to other trivial things like random items from eBay, the odd skincare product here and there...

Well here is my haul from Friday and Saturday...

H&M Long Blouse: £3 - sale
Republic Miso Plum Dress: £15.99 - student discount (RRP £19.99)
Miss Selfridge Golden Leaf Necklace: £3 - sale
Miss Selfridge Heart and Lock Waist Belt: £3 - sale
New Look White Top: £7 - sale
New Look Textured Top: £7 - sale
New Look Stars Top: £3 - sale
Superdurgs Sleek Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palette: £6.49
Superdrugs Olay UV Fluid SPF15 Normal/Oily 100ml: £5.10
Superdrugs Aveeno Hand Cream: £3.06 offer (RRP £5.06)
The Body Shop Tea Tree Lotion: RRP£7
The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator: RRP£8
The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream: RRP£10
The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil: RRP £10 (freebie)

The Body Shop haul was discounted to a total of £13.50 - bargain.
Used £10 off when you spend £25 voucher, freebie when you spend £15 on skincare offer, and 10% discount Body Shop card.

Yes I finally got Sleek's Nude Collection Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palette woop! It was the last one on the stand plus the box looked like it had been opened a couple of times, so I got really paranoid that the mirror was either cracked or that the eyeshadows were swatched. But when I opened it everything looked fine, phew.

I was so damn determined to get the palette, and huzzah! I got it :"D
I think I'll stop buying eyeshadow palettes for a couple of years now, I mean I do have 4 Sleek palettes now, I'm not a daily wearer of make up either. Having a natural based palette like this one is perfect for me since I prefer natural looking eye make up as opposed to bright/random colours *looks over at Sleek Original and Bohemian palette*

My shoe collection is increasing.
Since I moved to Leeds I have already bought 3 pairs of shoes! GAH!!!

Two heels and one pair of hi tops.
Black suede brogue heels were RRP£22.99 - 20% student discount applied = £18.39
Brown brogue heels were RRP £19.99 - 20% student discount applied = £15.99
Fila Hi Tops were RRP £49.99 - on sale for £18 at Sports Direct

3 shoes within the time span of 1 month.

I'm banning myself from impulse buying/clothes&skincare&makeup shopping until I return home to Ipswich in December.
And now I'm sticking to my £20 weekly grocery shopping.

Oh Leeds, you're killing my wallet.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Just copying and pasting what I posted on tumblr. Kpop fans and Allkpop.

All this bashing towards Allkpop shows how unaware people are of the media and their ways.
Guys, Allkpop is a site that TRANSLATES Korean article for YOU to read. It is a service. Translators select articles for you that you would likely be interested in reading.
Whether you go apeshit over an article or not basically shows your level of intelligence.
Going apeshit over Allkpop is not the way to go. Allkpop are NOT the ones who originally writes a majority of the articles featured on the site. They are merely translations of KOREAN sites. If you’re going to go apeshit over someone or something, go apeshit over the ORIGINAL article writer.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

End of freshers...

Dear fellow freshers who are still waiting for their freshers week to begin.
This is how many flyers - and freebies (don't forget the pens especially when you forgot to bring some!!) you should accumulate by the end of the week by attending the freshers fair on a daily basis:
And remember to sign up to as many societies as you can. Ones that interest you. There's no harm putting down your email address on their sign up list, you don't have to pay anything yet. Attend their first meet up. If you like what they offer then pay!

These flyers also come in handy when you feel like going out randomly one night. Some flyers may even give you free entry to an event if you bring it along with you! Or even free drinks! All freshers love their drinks...well most.
I don't love drinking, but I don't hate it, I do like cocktails like Pina Colada though...Not that most clubs offer it so it seems...

Some flyers may even offer you discounts on food! Noms! Especially Dominoes.
Always look out for Dominoes at freshers.

Again I ventured on my own to the unknown today...well not exactly the unknown, I walked all by myself for 12 mins to the Crown Point, a retail park close to my accommodation in Leeds. Had to walk through a slightly dodgey/isolated area to get there...well that was the faster way, the other way is slightly longer by a few minutes and involved walking along the busy main roads.

They had Poundworld there, perfect, I needed to stock up on my cold meds (Beechams in particular) anyway.

Popped into Boots and got me some Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) for £2.60 at the pharmacist. An essential when you're a self conscious teen who cares about their acne prone skin. Heck I went off this for a week thinking that my HadaLabo Tamagohada Daily Face Wash with BHA & AHA would do the job but sadly not. My slightly poorer and lighter diet fucked it all up.

Went into TK Maxx, remembering that they sell discounted designer-y bags which I needed for university. Not that I was aiming for a designer one, I just wanted a durable and nice looking one. Eventually left the store with a SASHA New York Mat handbag and Bueno Collection's satchel style computer case.
The latter will be my university/school bag since it's the right size to fit my A4 notepad in, sadly I find it too sqaure, if only it was more rectangular...oh well. The 'leather' part feels sturdy and thick, I doubt it's real leather though, not that any label mentioned so (even online!), whatever it was £24.99 which is pretty damn cheap for this style of a bag. The other handbag (£12.99)...let's just say that was an impulse buy...but hey, it's A LOT nicer than my black one which is of a similar style. This one actually can keep a rigid shape and the material feels smooth and plush. My black one is made of some cheap-feeling material, loses a rigid shape and can be scratched easily.
Also passed by an expensive looking eye cream, Danielle Laroche Eye Cream with Immediate Tightening Effect - slightly weary about IMMEDIATE TIGHTENING. It sounds like my skin's going to creepily tighten A LOT, for £5.99. Tried Google-ing it on my phone for reviews, no reviews found. So I though screw it, it sounds nice, buy it.
Now to hunt down if any of the ingredients are dangerous...

....I should really stop shopping all together shouldn't I?
Damn you Leeds, damn you.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Someone stop me please...

New Look: Parisian Wavy Line Mini Skirt £11.69 (20% student discount applied, RRP £12.99)
New Look: Madam Rage Frill Cream Dress £10 (sale, RRP £25..?)
Miss Selfridge: Smart Separates Mini Skirt £4 (on sale for £5, 20% student discount applied, RRP £32)
Total: £25.69

Normally I don't spend this much on clothes in one day. Only very rarely. It must be because I know that I now get roughly get £70 a week through student grant. Already planning to have a budget of £20-£30 on weekly groceries.
The rest must be saved...but it's not working.
Just spent £99 on a bus pass for this term as's way too cold and windy up here to walk to university for 40mins for 3 days a week...shut up. Don't judge me. The winds up here are strong as fuck. It feels like winter here already.

And the very fact that there's a Greggs in like every street in Leeds...FFFFFFF
It's like a must have for lunch. Seriously.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hello Leeds.

Moved in on Thursday, 3 nights have passed, so far everything's okay. Not fab, but okay.

Most of my stuff have been organised in my room, the stuff that I have yet to take out of the boxes...I don't know what to do with them. They're basically cleaning and laundry stuff.
OMG I just realised that dad didn't bring detergent *twitch*

Let me show you my university room in Clarence Dock.

I thought it would be bigger, not that I mind too much. The room's size is okay, but as for the bathroom...dear God. The shower is a freaking small cubicle so I can't even bend over to wash my hair - I never stand up straight to wash my hair, it just doesn't feel right. Plus it's difficult to do part of my skincare in that shower, there's just not enough room. So now I have to adapt to it, no me gusta. Another complaint, the knob that you turn in order to let water run from the shower is stiff as fuck. My other flatmates also have this problem. On the first night I ended up getting attacked with a heavy spray of hot water because of this! I forgot my shower cap as well...of all the things...I had to forget that.

Here's the lovely view that I get from my bedroom window...
Not as bad as my friend's view, but I hear all sorts of stuff from the road during the night, not to mention a rainbow of lights that manages to illuminate my curtain. Because there's a bloody tree next to my window these bits of orange seedlings manage to find it's way into my room if I leave the window open.

Now let's talk about the city center itself and the people.
The city centre is awesome, has that northern feel to it, plenty of shops and huuuge. Spent 10 hours (I think) in the city center with 2 other friends on Friday, oh my legs...
The people...well. Some are just bizarre and some are just plain nasty.
Already received 3 racist remarks on that one day, I have never got so much racist comments in one day in my life, even in London and Ipswich I never got that much abuse in one day. At the very most it only occurs once in a day. But as my Leeds friend said, it's an everyday occurrence up here in Leeds. Well there goes my perfect vision of Leeds.
While waiting at the bus stop a seemingly drunk guy came up to us with a flyer (advertising some unknown 'celebrity'), pointed at it and spat: "They think I would come to see this guy? They must be taking the piss!" and then proceeded to throw the flyer down on the floor in front of us before storming off.

Moving on.

I came back to the flat at 3am something last night, cos I went out partying/clubbing at the Student Union for the very first time - yes I've never went out clubbing before because of overprotective strict Asian parents.
I probably smelt like vodka and sweat.

Mother and father would disapprove.
I spent 1 hour last night walking around shoeless (thank God I wore tights) and stepping into puddles of split vodka before I was told to put my heels on again, otherwise I would've been kicked out. I spent the rest of the night in pain, damn 4 inch heels. I should've bought gel pad/insoles, maybe it wouldn't have hurt so much...Forever wearing flats to clubs...until I get new COMFORTABLE 3 inch heels.
Got hit on 2 or 3 times e_e
Oh and had my ass slapped my someone when I wasn't looking ಠ_ಠ

Friday, 9 September 2011

Day Out In Norwich.

I've been pretty much a 'hikikomori' (a shut in), all summer now and decided it's time to live life again. After all, we only live once, why not make the most of it rather than tumblr all day?
Do something for a change.

So I ventured to Norwich with two other friends who are going to university as well. Only that I leave next week and they leave...later. Lucky bitches.
Met up with Norwich friend, ventured around Norwich city centre aimlessly, not really knowing what to do.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

I did it again OTL

Asos emailed me last week about them having a further 20% discount in the Summer Sale.
I browsed, half hoping that I wouldn't be able to find something that would interest me.
And them BAM. I ordered two things, simply because they were branded, from higher end brands and were reduced from expensive prices to affordable prices.
I just couldn't resist...
Plus I haven't bought anything peachy/warm/neutral/earthy-brown coloured in ages. My wardrobe consists mainly of white, grey and black.

Vero Moda Frill Front Mini Dress - Cream / L: £9 (RRP £35)
Mango Nude Skinny Jeans - Nude / Size 42: £11 (RRP £39.90)
Sub Total: £20
20% Discount: £4 off
Super Saver Delivery (Free)
Total: £16
What a bargain.

Leave me alone, I never owned such high end branded clothes in my life.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Leeeeeeds ♥

On the 17th I spent most of the afternoon waiting for the clock to strike 5 just to check if University of Leeds had vacancies on Graphic Communication.
When it struck 5 the course was not on Leeds' vacancy list. Meaning the chances of me getting in was slim seeing that I felt that I didn't perform too well at all in my English Language exam.

On the 18th, roughly 7.30am in the morning on Twitter I had already read that my friend had gotten into Leeds for Graphic Communications - she woke up at 6am to check, lucky betch. So I rushed to UCAS Track to check, but alas, every other teen in the UK heard of UCAS Track opening since 6am and therefore everyone had rushed to the site, crashing it. So I was sitting there for an hour in anxiety before I decided to leave the comp to carry out my morning rituals.
I needed to get my A-level results from school before 10.30am.
Around 9am I decided to check again, UCAS Track was down. FML.
UCAS could've at least done something about the traffic, surely before the day even came they would've realised that the site would experience a high volume of visitors coming online to check results. In order to improve its efficiency and to satisfy all university applicants they could've at least improved the site. UCAS fail.

So I left the house to grab the 9.40am bus to town, this little old lady who was also waiting for the bus said that the 9.40am bus already went (FML) and then asked if I was getting my results because she kept hearing about it on BBC News. Luckily the bus wasn't gone yet, it came around was extremely late...
Normally it takes 10mins to get into town, bus people kept getting off at every stop on the way, making the journey longer than usual...I had planned on catching the 10.10am bus from town to my 6th Form, but the late bus arrived at the bus station just when the 10.10am bus to my 6th Form left. Literally, I got off, the bus to my 6th Form was still there, I walked towards it, it closed its doors and drove off FMLFMLFML.
It wasn't a good start to the day, I had a very bad feeling about my results and whether or not I got into Leeds.
So I ended up waiting for the 10.30am bus...*sigh*

Luckily when I got into school at 10.40am they were still able to hand out the A-level results. I took the envelope, quickly ripped it open walked out of the library where the teachers were situated - didn't think I would need to talk to em, and saw a list of codes and grades...which I couldn't decipher. I couldn't tell which were my overall grades since the list had shown my AS level grades as well ==;;;
Quickly I headed back in to ask my head of year to translate it for me.

He underlined an A*, which made me think 'oh my God he must've underlined it wrong'.
But then he went: "The grades next to the GCE codes are your overall grades."
I glanced at the A* once more and noticed that it was indeed next to a GCE code, for Media Studies. Holy shit. I must've been dreaming was what I thought.
My face turned grim when he underlined a B next to Art and a C next to English. He had also underlined a B for my EPQ.

So overall my A-levels were:

Media Studies: A*
Art: B
English Language: C

The head of year commented that I had done very well. He must've been talking about the A*. I don't see how that C is a good thing.
Dear God, that B in Art, it made me feel like shit. Turns out that this year in my art I got two C's...Therefore it cancelled out my two A's from last year into a B *creys* I worked so hard this year for my Art as well...fuck sake.
English Language was a given. I already felt that I didn't get a B in the exam, perhaps a B- at the most. But no it was a C, didn't help my D for English coursework at all.
EPQ...I didn't really care about, the uni's didn't really care much about it either.

As for media studies...I was chuffed. I didn't think it was possible after getting constant C's in my past media exams (GCSE and AS) - I thought it was a curse. Plus I only got a B overall last year, I thought I needed an A from last year in order to get an A* this year! But I guess not. Studying YouTube paid off.
71/80 on my exam.
77/80 on my coursework.
I thought I fucked up on section A of my exam, I waffled hard on question 1. My answer for question 1 (8marks) was a whole A4 page whereas question 3 (12 marks) was a measly 1/2 of an A4 page...
I was fairly confident with section B as it was based on New Technology - though I felt that I didn't write concisely enough. Cos you see, before I even got into that exam I decided to not even bother answering a representation question (we pick 1 question to answer out of the 2 representation questions and 2 new tech questions), so I revised HARD for new tech. Besides, I loved the topic I chose for New Tech - YouTube, it was my coursework topic as well. Hours before I entered the exam hall I re-written my notes and structured something that contained both facts, evidence and theory. I didn't think that I would end up using it in the exam, but I did. Too bad that the version that I wrote in the exam was an extended/waffle version of the concise one that I had written earlier. The question topic was to do with how new tech encouraged/improve democracy in the media.

Here's the video I had produced for 1/3 of my coursework grade. Apparently my essay (a report about how YT could potentially wipe out the TV industry) was A* worthy *grins*
Yes, the video that took 1 day to film and edit. I am never doing that again.

Called mother to tell her my results, half chuffed and half filled with grief over the C and B. She was happy with the A*.

I visited UCAS Track again on my phone, it still was down. Fuck.

I got into town and decided to go shopping in order to take my mind off it. First stop, Dorothy Perkins. It was a bad idea that I stepped in there, there wasa buy 1 get 1 free sale...FML.
Left the store with these:
Tops: £5 (buy 1 get 1 free)
Waist Belt: £3
Left the store to wander around more, on the way out I saw a pair of flats that looked really nice, but I stopped myself when I saw the £12 sticker, even if it was reduced from £25.
I ended up coming back later to purchase it, it was stuck on my mind ever since I left the store...
Brogue Flats: £12
Total expenditure of the day: £20 *walletcreys*

Before I zoomed back into DP for these flats I already asked my friend to check UCAS Track for me if I got into Leeds. Straight after buying the shoes I got a text from her saying that I got in, but was offered a changed course to do New Media. Not that much of a biggie, I was planning to perhaps ask for New Media if I got into Coventry (insurance) instead.
Cos I loved Leeds that much.

But when I looked at the specs I was devastated. I had to do web pages and HTML *sobs*
Everything else looked okay. I loved Media theory from A levels anyway, it should be fine...
Sadly it appears a lot more harder than Graphic Communication, more written work FML.

Got home, called department for more info.
Decided to go for the course change, sadly there was no option to accept the course change on UCAS Track...another UCAS fail.
Tried calling up UCAS, but I was constantly put on hold and for some reason the phone line kept getting disconnected :X
So I gave up.
Tried later that evening, saw the reply to offers button and BAM.
Everything's sorted :"D

Got my letter of confirmation this morning (more like yesterday *stares at time*).
So yeah, I'm heading off to Leeds next month \( ^ o ^ )/

Sunday, 10 July 2011

I haven't died.

I've survived SM Town Paris and the SHINee at Abbey Road Studios fiasco. Although the possibility of me being run over/injured by a van was immensely high in the latter event.
I've uploaded all the pictures onto my Facebook, uploading them onto Photobucket and providing links later.
Uploading videos soon.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


...for SM Town Paris.
Tomorrow, 5am.
Staying over at St Pancras Intl. in London from 11pm-ish?
Watching Hangover 2 with Nickford first ;D
Leaving house at 6.40pm for train station.
Getting matcha bubble tea.

Hiding camcorder in bag of feminine stuff so I can sneak it into concert...I'm not going to film the concert. My arm will ache. I'm just filming the atmosphere outside Le Zenith ; A ;

First pic: my 'airport' fashion LOOOOL. Minus sunglasses.

Second pic: SM Town Paris outfit. I don't know why. It's not like Onew will see me. The only way for that to happen is to wear a chicken drumstick costume or some glow brightly in the dark outfit.
Like a neon sign.

Luckily I can just bring one pair of shoes with me that wouldn't clash with my outfits.

Just encase my camcorder gets confiscated.

*moves shit load of Kpop off phone*

Thar 8D

....*moves shit load of Zico and Kyung's pre-debut music onto phone*

My luggage is 10kg ; A ;

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Strawberry & Cream

Nom nom nom.

Friday was officially FAT FRIDAY for me. Well...sorta.
I had cream on my Frap, but I asked for semi-skimmed milk just in case full fat milk makes me nauseous...don't wanna puke during work now do I. That'll just scare away all the customers.
Friday and Saturday was already dead quiet...
But hey, I felt like a pro at work, doing everything swiftly heh...*still gotta master on how long I should fry fish, sausage, burgers etc. for*
Accidentally fried the battered sausages for too long and they went light brown rather than golden light grown;;;
How the heck am I supposed to know when they're done?! D8

Saturday, 21 May 2011



The mystery of the MV has been revealed, how the car dropped and exploded at the end. A crane! I know it was an obvious answer, but still! Can't believe it produced that beautiful ploom of smoke! It took one take...or so it appears...
Surely other K-pop fans who are media students must've been intrigued as to how the MV was done. Everything was just so God damn beautiful ; A ;

Pushing this all aside this BTS video also revealed that TOP is a smoker - found out when people started talking about it in the comments section.
Hit the 8:06 mark and you'll see him light a fag.
TOP you just lost hawtness points ಠ_ಠ

But then Nikki goes off and tell me that G-Dragon smokes too.
Google hunted down some pics and G-Dragon does indeed smoke.

Le sigh.

At least they can be smoking buddies. Heck they are now dubbed at the smoking couple in my book.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Being Cheapo Asian.

Starbucks in the UK are promoting a Happy Hour Half Price discount on Frappucino's from 13th May till 22nd May.

So being the cheapo Asian that I was born and raised to be I headed off to Starbucks today to grab a Caramel Frappucino for £1.85, Venti. Didn't realise that I could've added extra caramel/coffee shots. Damn, wasted my chance for the perfect Frap.
Note, I have not had a Starbucks for 6 months. Last time I had it was around Christmas time I think, when Starbucks launched a series of 'Festive' blends.
Peppermint Mocha was orgasmic.

The Frap was filling. Very filling. Plus, the British weather did not match the occasion at all. It was cloudy and colder than last week...So yes, my hands were freezing. The large cup was an inconvenience when it came to taking out my wallet and ticket to get on the bus.

Why does this sound like some Starbucks coffee review?

Arrived home to some Vietnamese cuisine. 'Mung'...? 'Mong'...? Whatevs, I don't know how to type Vietnamese. Despite it all being vegetarian based - father is going on an experimental vegetarian cuisine spree, it was all good. Spring rolls and Starbucks helped.
The pic shows how the West meets the East...well half of the West managed to get home in time for this meal.

...I don't know what I'm talking about anymore.

I leave you with BEAST's new MV, Fiction.
So fricken' addictive.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


According to YouTube's statistics section, 2ne1's 'Lonely' MV appears to have become just as popular globally as it has in South Korea. In just 4 days the video has accumulated to (almost) 4 mil views! That's 1 mil views per day!
(As of today around 7pm GMT.)

Never have I seen so much green zones on a YouTube statistic map before *__*

Perhaps I should go hunt down the other K-pop MV's now and see if they got similar results as well...*doubts*

...Back to art coursework.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011



Song is unf too.

Block B is hilarious. Cold busan man JaeHyo, 4D Taeil, Hello Kitty loving Zico, smexy U-Kwon, manly voiced P.O (I shall call him Popo in this blog, his plushie is called Toto, adorbs)...B-bomb and Kyung (no outstanding personas for them yet).

I need their MTV reality show, now.
And their mini-album.

I love you Cho PD for making Block B possible.

A Korean idol (?) group that produces their own music and album? Fantastic. I like. Wait, should I even call them an idol group? Nah, I'll just call them the underrated hip hop group that most biased VIPS dislike because Cho PD dissed GD YEARS ago.


Sunday, 8 May 2011

The SM Town Paris Fiasco.

Long story short. In bullet points.
  • Woke up at 8.30am, thought I might as well join the ticket buying just encase friend couldn't get tickets herself.
  • Logged in, phoned my friend, talked to her all the way while getting the tickets.
  • 9.02am, IT WORKS FINALLY! . . . Wait, why am I on the French site?!
  • Whatevs, I'll just use whatever French I could remember from High School...
  • Clicked for 4 VIP tickets and then clicked 'Valider' - used common sense
  • Took forever to load page
  • 'Connection Lost'
  • Refresh
  • *repeated 5 times and always failed* FFFUUUU
  • Clicked back and added the 4 VIP tickets again, clicked 'Valider', waited...WORKED! WOOP!
  • ...Shit, I have to put in my details, now WTF does this French phrase mean...
  • 5 minutes passed, finally finished the personal info, clicked 'Valider' and waited...
  • WOOP! GOT THROUGH! *cheers to friend on phone*
  • ...Wait...WTF. 700+ EUROS?! *stares at amount of tickets* 8?! EIGHT?! I DID NOT ORDER FOR 8!
  • *panicpanic* Posted on FB is anyone was interested in 4 VIP tickets *gets over 20 ticket demands*
  • Tried hard to convince mum to lend me £200 to put in bank so I could pay £700+ for VIP tickets (my bank account had £300+ and I already have £200+ in cash). Successful.
  • Begged dad to drive to the bank in an instant and deposit the money into my bank account. Successful.
  • Dad loiters around downstairs...FFFUUUUU!
  • Dad deposited money into bank like 20 mins later...
  • Clicked 'Valider' on payment page...
  • Friend goes: "Don't worry I just bought 4 CAT tickets!"
According to mother, apparently my face was red when I ran downstairs to beg her for £200, at first she thought there was something wrong with me, healthwise. Oh mother ♥
Note: Reason for me buying 4 tickets is because I'm going to SM Town Paris in a group of 4.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

JE SUIS going to travel to LE FRANCE!

SME has finally drawn the European continent on their world map in the middle of America and East Asia. Well, to be more precise, SME has discovered France.


My original plan to revise and work hard on my art sketchbook all day had been ruined thanks to such a mind-blowing event. Most of my day was spent on the internet, Facebook-ing and searching up travel costs to Paris. Wow, I never knew traveling to other countries would be this time consuming.

So yes, I am willing to spend £300 very soon for this once-in-a-life-time event.

I would go apeshit if SME suddenly went: "BETCH'S, WE'RE COMING TO LONDON NEXT!"
Cos yes, that's how submissive we fans are, even the most intelligent ones will succumb to SME's powerful methods of marketing. SME be trollin' like a monopoly like Apple.

And what's even worse? If YGE goes: "BIG BANG IS COMING TO THE UK!"
*wallet cries*

On other news, B1A4 released their OK MV!

I love youuuu-uuu-uuu-uu-uu-u!
Lub me lub me lub me lub me lub me lub me babeh~

I believe my ovaries exploded while watching this MV. Pretty boys, sunshine and happy music, 3-in-1, tis what I've been wanting all along.
No I do not want wannabe sexy-looking 14 year olds in suits singing about the hardships of love and break up, in which they have yet to experience in reality. No I do not want teenage hipsters acting thug whilst wearing make up, contradiction much? Neither do I want girls who have been forced to dress like sluts and sing songs which limits their vocal abilities.
I like my traditionally happy and banjak banjak shining boy group, a group that makes you smile uncontrollably.

...I think I jizzed when I heard the song Only One. It was beautiful.

This is a successful debut here guys.
I mean, internationals had to hack the website in order to obtain the images of each member! Doesn't that mean something?

Monday, 18 April 2011


Firm: Leeds
Insurance: Coventry
Declined Sheffield Hallam and Reading.



I don't need KARA to advertise it for me. The very nature and brand itself is enough to make me want it.
Heck, KARA can't ever try selling me PALTY, it's futile when you have a super gorgeous model like Tsubasa Masuwaka in it. HECK! YOU CAN JUST PUT UP AN IMAGE OF THE BOX WITH TSUBASA'S FACE ON IT WITH THE HAIR COLOUR AS THE AD AND I WOULD HEAD STRAIGHT OFF TO BUY IT!

Previously I didn't want to go back to Palty that much simply because of it's thick cream formula, which I had issues with whenever I try to scrape the rest out of the bottle, and the comb that pulls out chunks of my hair. However, the results were just amazing!
So I ended up moving onto Prettia because it appears easier to use and it was all the rage at that time for being the first popular foam dye in Japan. Fortunately it didn't make me lose as much hair and was super duper easy to use! However, the results weren't as strong and amazing as Palty's...

But now, PALTY DOES FOAM! So now I'm hoping that the dye would be just as strong as it is in cream formula. Otherwise I'll just dye my hair dark brown and wait for my hair to revert itself back to black.

Sadly I have yet to find any seller online, even on eBay, who sells it ;[

The 10 colours available are:
  • Milk Tea Brown (DEFO GETTING)
  • Mountain Strawberry Jam
  • Creamy Caramel
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Dark Ganache
  • Custard Beige
  • Honey Macaroon
  • Macaroon Brown
  • Cinnamon Churros
Oh nevermind! I has found a pre-order from a random seller on the net complete with pics of the colours 8D
...Not that I'll definitely buy from there.

New fridge tomorrow!!!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Me and deadlines

I can sum it all up in this picture.

It's havoc.

Picture taken on a Tuesday in the week of the Media Studies coursework deadline. Deadline was on the Friday and I was to show my Media Studies teacher the video the very next day.
Editing and filming done in one day.
Cos I'm a procrastinator.

Turns out that the deadline was a mere threat and the actual deadline was the week after. They changed it to a week before encase someone was unable to meet the actual deadline - many do.
And it just so happened that my Media Studies teacher had to head off toe Belgium for some biking so our deadline in reality was extended to the Wednesday after.

I chilled on that weekend.

. . .

London tomorrow.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Today is a good day

First us VIP's get this beautifully filmed piece of work:

Smoother, slicker and artsy version of Children of Men's uprising scene anyone? No? Check it out here. Of course, the uprising scene looks more like something out of Call of Duty with a bit of extra camerawork, but hey these two pieces of media are of totally different genres. One's a music video for a song based on emotions and feelings, and the other is an epic and chaotic battle scene.
I applaud the director of the MV for being daring enough to film this! As you can see, the MV is filmed in one long take, if the members were out of place or something went wrong during the filming, they would have to start all over again! I demand behind the scenes to this!
You don't need translations to understand Love Song now, all you need to do is watch this amazingly produced MV. Don't just focus on the members, look around, it has amazing mise-en-scene. The burning car at the end made both me and my friend (Nikki) LOL, yet it felt somewhat symbolic.
Heck, me and Nikki - who just turned 18 today, waited until 1am for this MV to come out! Watched it like 100 times and eventually came to a conclusion that G-Dragon is a destructive pyromaniac. The amount of guitars he smashed for Big Bang's Tonight stage performances must have equaled to the amount of cars prepared for this MV...or for the very end of the MV where the car drops down out of nowhere and creates this beautiful mushroom cloud as Nikki describes it.
Oh and 'TOP must always wear the Love Song MV suit' should become unwritten law. Seriously, he is HAWTTTTT in it.

And now us underrated-yet-talented band appreciators/fans get this:

Tei, marry me.
Handsome People makes the best relaxing-mood music ever. I don't care whether the band's name is an oxymoron. They make better music than most K-pop idol groups out there.
Tei's voice is just...NOMMMM ♥

And another thing totally unrelated to Kpop, I discovered that Asos could do free delivery for me if I use the StyleSaver code! The longer wait is totally worth it. These babies shall be mine!!! FUCK YEAH FOR 10% OFF STUDENT DISCOUNT!

P.S. Happy Black Day!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Been trolled all night.

Dream Boy flash game.

Basically it's a fan made dating simulation where you can choose to date and eventually marry NichKhun or KyuHyun. Personally I'm not crazy over Khun or Kyu, they're nowhere near my hubbie lists. But hey, its the holidays, I have time, let's do it!
2 hours later I get obsessed over obtaining skill points in strength, charm and intelligence rather than the points I need to obtain in order to further my relationship with Khun and Kyu. I was aiming for Khun initially but then decided to aim for Kyu as well, see if I can actually two-time in this game, heh.

Eventually found a cheat (well a glitch as the creator told me earlier today), you can restore energy points by fighting JYP, the 3 mean girls, or Ryuk (crazy ass choices I know). As long as you have amazing strength points you can easy kill/beat JYP in one hit at first then gradually the 3 mean girls and eventually Ryuk. Just build on strength. So what I done was head to the 'pub' to train on my strength, which took 30 energy points off the 100 that you start the day off with, went to fight JYP, won, and got my full 100 energy points back! So I went off to train on charm, fight again, study at 'school', fight again, train on strength and etc. You can do this as long as you want.

I raged for a good minute when I forgot to save the game at the 40 day mark and accidentally clicked a bookmark in the bar above. So yeah, back to the start!

Now before I say the stuff that I'm going to say, take note, I appreciate the creator for all the hard work that they put into the flash game and was glad to end up playing till 6am last night in order to hit the 40 day mark again (yes I'm crazy, finished it earlier today). But honestly, it was the most cliched piece of media I have ever seen.
The dialogue was immensely cliched and could've killed off a few of my brain cells, and at one point I felt like killing my own character because she was turning into a Bella Swan - only that the dialogue felt more like it came out of a children's book. The cliched-ness of the entire game made me ROFL quite a lot, I guess that could be considered as the good point of the game? Bad because it was incredibly cliched that it was cringe-worthy, but good because the immense cliched-ness of it all made me ROFL.
Oh and the graphics/appearence of the characters themselves might need improving...I thought I was marrying Khun on the 80th day since he proposed me on the day before but I ended up meeting Kyu on the aisle WTF (the dialogue said I was marrying Kyu)...yes the character marries the idol after 80 days. I know it's purposely done because of the nature of flash games, but honestly, you can't just end up marrying an idol in 80 days! The whole marrying Kyu thing must've been a glitch...*clearly had more relationship points with Khun*
Okay I'll shut up about my criticisms now.

If you're interested in trying it out yourself click here!

On other procrastination news...

Rather than sticking to my initial plan of "Oh it's Easter Holiday's! Time to commit myself to early revision!" I managed to find myself raiding through the internet for movies ever since Sunday night...or the early hours of Monday morning to be exact. So far I have watched The Hangover, Red Riding Hood, Paul and Despicable Me.

Short reviews?

The Hangover
Fuckin' hilarious, now where's Hangover 2? May 27th? I'm there!

Red Riding Hood
It felt like the story had been Twilight-ified. Seriously, the director sure loves his landscape panning shots. Narrative was a bit boring.

Do you know who Peter Parker is? No? Okay then you can forget about watching this film to catch most of the humour. Narrative didn't have a climax, it was dragged out, ending was sweet though.

Despicable Me
FUCK! THE ENDING! FUCK! I LOVED IT ; A ; !!!!!!!!!! Minions were hilarious. I demand more video clips based on the minions crazy antics...

Oh don't worry, just an hour ago I committed myself to 2 hours of art work...Yeah, I know that's not really revision...But hey, I want an A* in art!

Reminder to future self, revise each module an hour a day at least. Oh and make a video about how amazing the egg facial mask is...and finish your JUJU face wash review video...AND STOP READING MANGA.


P.S. Why you people no likey Handsome People?

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Betch, don't judge a book by its cover.

Just because the women look like transsexuals and the men are in gay-wear it doesn't mean that they're transsexuals or gay.
Not everyone in the world was born perfect. Nothing wrong with looking a little bit manly, nothing wrong with looking a little bit fem. Don't hate people just because they were born that way.
What you wear shouldn't effect how people see you. You should be able to wear whatever you freaking like without being judged. Heck, am I a goth/emo if I wore all black with heavy eyeliner? Am I chav for wearing sportswear simply because it's comfortable?
No, the media conditioned you to think this. Oh stereotypes.
Can't guys have fun too dressing up in PVC and hot pants?

The lyrics are ingenious, it makes even more sense than NU ABO and A~ing - no offense Wheesung, that's saying something.

Which leads me onto the next topic. FUCK, TEDDY RILEY YOU DONE WELL!

Are Raina sluts because they wear lingerie on stage? No, its only for visual eye candy, just like Asobi Connection had done.
Why you ladies hatin' on Raina? You're okay with your oppas stripping like manwhores on stage but aren't okay when your fellow ladies are displaying rauchiness on stage?


Anyway I shall be on the look out for Asobi Connection in the club districts of South Korea when I go in future. Would probably be one of the best clubbing experiences ever.
Fuck, I would scream with joy if they came to England.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Bang YongGuk...


I was bored this morning so I visited AKP and went through all the articles that I have yet to read.
Then BAM! Spotted the screencap of Song JiEun's Going Crazy perf today, but not of Song JiEun and her crazy blue hair, but instead it was her stalking rapper, Bang YongGuk. Looking younger than I thought he was.
When I first watched the MV weeks ago I was too busy doing my art homework to pay attention to the visuals. Only glanced at the screen a few times to see a slightly MC Mong-ish Bang YongGuk (not that I knew his name at the time). So I pretty much didn't bother with the MV, I loved the song though.

Back on Bang YongGuk.
I just finished stalking for his pics myself (stalking a stalker bwahah) and he is pretty dayumm fine ;D
He looks far more badass in old pics - I like. But sometimes he appears baby-faced. Speaking of baby-faced when I watched KBS Music Bank's MV of the song YongGuk reminded me of Thunder and Patrick Tang (HK celeb) during the interrogation scene. And through this video I realised that YongGuk looks far hotter with darker hair. Oh and from today's perf I realised he should stay away from heavy guyliner.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Big Bang Swag

Hmn it seems that I forgot to post pics of my Big Bang UT stuff.

The stuff arrived on Thursday 3rd March in the evening. I thought I would come home to a package that day (normally post arrive in the morning) but no, there wasn't.
Later that evening we received a knock on our door. Mother was on the phone and she doesn't even like opening the door during the night anyway - she fears that the person behind the door would be some psychopath. I headed over to the window in my parents bedroom to look down, a white van in the middle of the street and a man in front of our door. I thought it may have been my Big Bang stuff but I couldn't see if he had a package or not, so I let it pass, after all, it's rare for me to get packages that late into the the evening...
Later, when my mum finished her phone call she checked the door area and found a note that was posted through the post box. She didn't understand so I took a look, it was HNDL, a delivery service. "It could be my package," I thought. So I ran up the stairs, logged onto Uniqlo and found out it was HNDL who were the ones in charge of delivering my package! The card said that they gave my package to the neighbour next door (house number 3), thank God it wasn't the other neighbour (7) because they're not a particularly nice bunch.
So I went out into the cold, knocked my neighbour's door, asked for the package, was handed the package, said my thanks and hurriedly went back into the house to rip open the package from excitement. And wallah, 2 shirts and a hoodie. Mother complained that each item of clothing were overpriced and complained further after finding out that the hoodie was made in Vietnam and the shirts from China, but that's just Asian parents for you.

I have yet to actually cut the tags off the shirts;;; Even if I don't plan to return them as they fit me nicely. All I done so far was wore them a few times and peeled off the stickers indicating the shirt size.
And can I just say that the hoodie is SOOOOOO SOFFFTTT?!?!?! It's amazing. Would seriously buy another one...BUT WHAT DESIGN!? Maybe TOP's...or TaeYang's? OH THE CHOICES!
Might get the hoodies, and an extra shirt perhaps, when they get released in the London store...or become restocked online again.
(I really should use the money to donate towards the Japan Tsunami situation shouldn't I? Why was I trained to become so materialistic by the media?!)

I currently refuse to wear this into school encase I ruin it while I'm in my art lesson experimenting paint and such - I tend to ruin a lot of my clothes with inks, paints and oil paints. Oh God oil paint, I could cry if I got oil paint on my hoodie and shirt!!!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Internet, We're OVER...For 2 months.

So! I got a fucking D for my English Language coursework! (AQA ENGB4) 42 out of 80 marks!
Fuck! Was 2 off from getting an E and 6 from a C. I was really hoping for a C before this, bus Jesus! It's like Economics AS all over again. I regret choosing to investigate on English Language in HK and VN. Should have gone for the totally unoriginal "How does [insert comedian's name] use language to create humour?", at least that would've nabbed me a C. If only I discovered Charlie Brooker earlier I wouldn't have been in this mess. I would've loved to write the creative piece that would attach itself nicely onto the investigation - my own satirical piece.

Internet: "But it's only a D Julie, it's not the end of the world, you got a grade, be happy that you passed."

If I wasn't applying to university this year I would've totally thought that already. But alas no, I'M APPLYING FOR FUCKING LEEDS WHICH WANTS AT LEAST ALL B'S FROM ME. If I got a C I'm fucked. I would be forced to go to dodgy Coventry and expensively posh Reading.
If only it weren't for the Conservatives and LibDem's taking over this tiny rock I would've taken a gap year this year and applied for Leeds next year! Heck if I got a C this year it wouldn't matter, another year of 6th form wouldn't kill me.

Internet: "Then why are we over?"

You're a powerful distraction, powerful enough to destroy my future.
So powerful that I'll leave you next month and return to you once my exams are over at the end of June.


I will write a paragraph every time I take a break in between revision. Whether I post it online or not...we'll see.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Raving to Big Bang and the U-Kiss Fiasco.

Doods, I totally figured out how to upload videos in HD with Sony Vegas on YouTube now...*should've Googled A LOT EARLIER*
Tis crazy how I can now render my videos to such small file sizes and upload them within...minutes! This is a 33 second video in HD and it's only 5mb! Wow, normally when I render a 2 minute 30 second one (like my media trailer) is like 4GB! In 480p...JESUS!
And so from now on my videos will forever be uploaded and rendered in HD. It not only pleases the audience but saves my hard drive ♥

On other stories, U-Kiss.

I absolutely think NH Media are complete assholes but it doesn't mean I'll boycott U-Kiss ever since Xander and KiBum's withdrawal. I just hate their company not the group. Neither am I going to hate the new members. It's not their fault, it's NH Media's. They are just people who wish to showcase their talent as commercially/publicly as possible. They're mere pawns.

I was devastated that they indirectly forced KiBum to terminate his contract with NH Media and U-Kiss. Then again, if KiBum didn't mind then I'm okay with it, I guess. If KiBum felt like he doesn't deserve to be in U-Kiss anymore, okay then, I won't say anymore. If he felt that he was lacking in talent then okay, alright - I did actually question what his position was in the group before, singer? Rapper? Dancer? What? Perhaps he was meant to be a singer yet NH Media never really did give him a chance to show his potential? Or did he not have any talent initially and NH Media used him in order to help U-Kiss's popularity by riding upon KiBum's older brother's fame from SS501 - HyungJun. And now that U-Kiss is steadily rising in popularity (?) they no longer need KiBum and are going to replace him for a new vocally talented member named Hoon? I don't know, there are just mere assumptions.
However, if I find out that KiBum really wanted to stay in U-Kiss and was pretty much bribed/forced to be kicked out of U-Kiss, then people will die in NH Media.
As for the replacement of Xander, I have yet to read or hear anything concrete about his case. I believe I have read something about Xander also being kicked out by NH Media but he was completely fine with it..? Alas, I find it worrying how the U-Kiss members rarely tweet now. And it seems Xander has completely abandoned his Twitter - though it it clear why. Would really like to keep in contact with this amazing boy through Twitter, please keep tweeting Xander! Xander is one of the few 'pistachios'* that exists within the Korean Entertainment Industry, of whom I dearly treasure.

I don't hate you. You look like the average guy on the street version of Park YooChun. You don't look fem but manly. Awesome. Now if you can charm me enough like SooHyun did to YuRa you could potentially be one of my many ideal guys.
Acting and singing? Careful there, I don't want you to go AWOL on us fans like Kim KiBum of SuJu. Just focus on improving your vocals so that you could sing 'Nothing Better' to me and the other fans like Kevin did. The chorus will just do. Perfect high notes are one of the many ways to get a girl's heart. Just do it boy. Do it. You might even charm your anti's.
The same goes for you AJ. Oh God I hope NH Media doesn't kick you out of U-Kiss to join Paran again once your hyungs return from military. Not only you but I would feel used as a fan.


*Pistachio: in Cantonese it's "Hoi Sam Gwo" which literally translates to "happy fruit" and is also used as a metaphor for a happy person. In this case, Xander is an extremely happy/hyperactive guy, his ridiculousness makes me laugh, his positive attitude to most things earns him the title of a Pistachio.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Big Bang UT !

Woke up at 5.40am in the morning to Big Bang's Tonight. Yes I set it as my alarm in hopes that my sleepy self would become motivated to get up and order the swag...but alas no. I started to whine again upon why Uniqlo UK chose a morning where most fans, who are students, head back to school after half term as well as why the fuck did set they challenge of "will they be there after 14 minutes?" *cries* If only they removed that I wouldn't have to fight over the hoodie perhaps...
Anyway, I edged my way down the ladder of my bunk bed, plugged on the internet, grabbed the laptop, hauled up the ladder to my bed King Kong style and turned on the laptop - luckily it loaded in 3 minutes! Fast! Yet that meant I have a whole 15 minutes to wait...could've spent it sleeping! Rawr! But I ended up looking at pics of the shirts and hoodies again, still undecided upon what to get - bad.

6am came, but what is this? ERROR?! PAGE ERROR? COULD NOT FIND PAGE?! NUUUU!! REFRESH REFRESH! (for a good minute) WAHEYY IT WORKS! *clicks hoodie A1* WTF?! ONLY IN SIZE M LEFT?!
It was then that I realised that I was up against fierce competitors (BB fans) across the UK with faster internet speeds compared to mines. Fuck you Virgin Media. Oh and fuck you too Linksys router.

Hurriedly I picked shirt G (one that TaeYang wore) after TaeYang pics convinced me to get one. Checked out shirt B too, simply because it had the member's names on it in huge font! Wanted one with their names on it anyway so that people don't mistake my shirt for some random shirt with a piece of physics on it. But holy, the black versions were pretty much sold out! So I ordered the white one - less popular seeing as all sizes were still available. Headed over to the hoodie section and clicked hoodie C, simply because GD looked adorbs in it ♥ ("originally wanted A1 (sorta) cos it looked bad-ass" - says my sleepy self) . Oh and the coloured stripes as seen on shirt F were featured on the back of the hoodie. Awesome!
Ordered all 3 items in L (large) since I like my clothes baggy and not too tight fitting. Headed to pay section, noticed discount code box, realised I should Google for one since the total was £50.97 (HOLYSHIT) and found on in the first link - £10 off! Entered it and headed to card details. Oh boy. I entered it wrong. Tis okay, I'll just hit the back button...*click*CANNOT GO BACK? WHY IS PAGE BLANK?! NUUUUU!!! FFUUUU!!!
Alas, I must re-bag all 3 items....FFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

*Re-bagging the 3 items and clicks hoodie* SIZE L NO LONGER AVAILABLE?! ONLY M?! WTF?! NUUUUUU!!! *checks if hoodie A2 and B are available* OUT OF STOCK? WTFFFFFFF?!?!
Sober part of mind: Okay calm Joo. Head back to hoodie C, order M quick before that too becomes out of stock...
Sleepy part of mind: NUUU! BUT I LIKE BAGGY! ; - ;
Sleepy part of mind: ...Okay...sorry ; - ;

Bagged 3 items. Entered discount. Carefully input the card details. 6.18am. Done. £40.97 off my card.

Well that was the most eventful morning of 2011 so far.

I later returned to the page to find out that hoodie C had like 1 L size left (I guess that fan girl also entered her details wrong out of sleepiness and hurry). Got kinda angry that I could have gotten that last L size...but I won't risk it. Besides I just ordered my merch.
Later I found out that shirt B was all sold out (in school). I didn't think it would get sold out, it didn't look amazing or pretty compared to the other shirts (then again all shirts weren't exactly amazing, just average...) but I guess other fans had the same thought in mind - "MUST GET SHIRT WITH MEMBER NAMES ON IT TO SHOW THAT IT IS A BAND! NOT PHYSICS. NOT THE BIG BANG THEORY TV PROGRAM EITHER!"

...Actually looking back this makes me appear to be a hardcore/dedicated Big Bang fan girl...even though I'm not really one. I just love their music and totally admire them for being more proper musicians than other idols. I'm just an average Big Bang fan girl. Not totally obsessed about them. It's not like I ever stalked them like I did with DBSK, SHINee, Infinite and U-Kiss - now if they released Uniqlo shirts I would probably go even crazier.
I believe the epicness of SBS's one hour Big Bang show special that I watched live yesterday totally brainwashed me.
Well done Big Bang. Well done YGE. *claps*

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New hair new hair!

...Not really. It's just a similar hair cut, with layers. Just not as styled as before.
My usual hairdresser took a day off today ; ^ ; Hence why it's not styled...
Got this new hairdresser to do it for me, it's not bad. Tis okay.
I regretted not taking the reference pic with the heck was I meant to know that my hairdresser wasn't there today?
Hours after I come back to Ipswich, in my auntie's house, I flip through my phone pics. And guess what I find? The hair style reference pics that I used for my previous cut...


But whatevs. It still looks nice. Just that I need to style it. Things are gonna go horribly wrong after I wash it on Thursday;;;
I'm sure I can style back to Jap style! Reminds me, I need to get curling tongs soon...
*is getting fed up of using rollers all the time*

Oh this also reminds me to make a hair tutorial on creating fluffy hair without teasing or using straighteners...


Oh and and. Encase you guys don't know yet...
Check out the site here!
Look up for more updates and info on their FB.
Dunno whether to get 2 shirts or 2 shirts and a hoodie or 1 shirt and a hoodie...;;;
Argh too difficult to choose what shirt or hoodie to get. I'm torn between the blue and purple hoodie...
Shirts are just as worse.
*wants 4/5 of the designs*

Who else is excited for Big Bang's comeback single tomorrow?!
♥ ♥ ♥ !!!

Saturday, 19 February 2011


It's been 2 days since half term started, and I have yet to do anything productive. I spent my remaining Thursday watching TV shows on YouTube. Friday on manga and more videos. Today? Whipped out Exam sketchbook (YAY!), laid it out on the floor, vowed to do it, 7 hours later, the sketchbook is still there untouched with experimental pieces waiting to be stuck in while I surf the world wide web...(BOO!)

I painted my nails just now though, that's something produ
ctive right? :D Spent a good hour and a half doing it. Most of it was just waiting for layers to dry whilst I test out on what colours to use on a piece of paper and what design to make. I need those thin-brush nail art stuff...
My right hand looks worse than my left (this pic). Ignore the paint that got onto the skin around the nail...I'm fixing that later...

Getting hair cut in Colindale (North London) again on
Tuesday, I feel like going back to my old hairstyle because having straight bangs are too troublesome...Maybe I'll give it another 3 or 4 months...meh.
...Look I got a late V-day rose!

Guess who my BF is? ;D

...MinWoo 8D !

...Just kidding. Father bought it on Tuesday because it was on sale. Originally £8 (because of the Disney Minnie Mouse plushie) and daddy got it for 40p. BARGAIN!
If only I had a BF who would get me a huge £30 Stitch plushie for V-day ; - ; Would freakin love him to death.

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Julie can now tie a small hair bun at the top of her head *claps*
Never done this properly before in my life! My hair was always too thin and short to even stay up ; A ;
...Then again this bun here doesn't look particularly nice, simply because my hair is still quite layered...but I like layers...
When will I get my perfect bun? ; A ;
Random voice: NEVAR!

In other news my half term started! Woop! Gonna spend it updating my fanfic, which hasn't been updated in like 2 months haha;;; and do some homework for

Oh and I made a cameo in Dream High episode 13...

*fangirls over WooYoung saying my name in his adorable Kongrish*


Monday, 14 February 2011

I will properly blog on Wednesday...or Thursday. But Wednesday if you're lucky.
I just spent pretty much 9 hours of my day yesterday working on my EPQ...cos I suck as keeping up with deadlines. Now I have a art coursework to finish and write a completed first draft of my media studies coursework essay *stress*
Anyhoo I leave you a video on such a joyous day.
*should've really up typed up a new chapter for my fanfiction and its readers;;;;*

Alone once again for 18 years straight on this very day *sigh*

Friday, 11 February 2011

Jesus, WTF happened to you?

Remember back in the days when you were still a kid? Around the age of 10. Frolicking in the fields of your Primary school without a care in the world? You wander towards the football pitch area and perhaps see your crush kicking around a ball with his friends. You get all happy whenever you get paired up with him in class to do work...since you sit right next to him in class...

8 years later. The teenage years. The years of social networking.
You receive a FB friend request from a familiar name.
You click their profile out of interest.
You then see a picture of him.
You recognise him.

...Puberty is a bitch. It makes you regret all sorts.

P.S. Reading University gave me a conditional offer today :DD
Now the only issue left is picking whether to risk choosing Reading as insurance or go for the safer way of picking Coventry who asks for 240 UCAS points (BBC) - just encase I fail this Summer.
...Oh AND I have to wait for Louise to get her replies. Aiyah!

EDIT 23:55
Dear Kpop boy bands:

I would like that.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


I don't want to dream of my old high school, sitting there in lesson on Summer afternoon, across you. You telling me jokes where I force myself to laugh at them. Can't remember what jokes you told me but they must've been really crap for me to have to force a laugh that loud like that.
I think stress from EPQ deadline is getting to me...

Dear mind, please give me a pleasant romantic dream about me and Noh MinWoo tonight. I've been slaving away for 3 hours straight on my EPQ as well ; A ;

EDIT (22:55)
*was hoping to finish it all today*
I still have yet to write the 5 sub topics...had to ditch the endorsement and modelling topics since I waffle too much...oh and I have yet to write a conclusion...MUHHH.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Starsuckers: The Media & Its Lies

Today I have finally finished watching Starsuckers in my Media Studies class.
What is Starsuckers? A documentary film exposing the "shams and deceit involved in creating a pernicious celebrity culture." Mainly based upon the UK.

You: Oh God, a documentary film? From Great Britain? Pft. BORING! Next topic please!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

SeungRi, GD & TOP Bombards My Life.

Okay to be honest with you I wasn't particularly interested in GD & TOP's new album and SeungRi's solo activities. I mean I was anticipating for some funky beats, but it just never really hooked me after listening to their albums/watching their MV's once. But that's just once.
However, because Big Bang has such a large fanbase I'm constantly bombarded with news of GD, TOP and SeungRi, not to mention MV reviews on YouTube and AKP's constant reporting of articles on how certain performances alter. So basically after being exposed to so much of this I end up growing to like the music strangely...Note, I'm still not hooked to High High, but I love Don't Go Home, Knock Out and VVIP.
Knock Out sounds perfect for those hangover days or when you feel slightly thug.
VVIP was dazzling after listening to it for the THIRD TIME. I watched it the first time when it came out, second when LinzerDinzerTV reviewed it and third when Simon and Martina reviewd it. ASDFJKL; YG you lucky man, you have all these YT-ers doing the viral marketing for you. Fuck the whole idea of catchy and easy dance moves like Gee and Nobody.
It only only today that I actually became interested in Don't Go Home. Simply because I saw this article off AKP, thought it was adorable, clicked it, clicked play and wallah! Fangirl squealing starts.

Sulli you lucky gal.