Friday, 31 December 2010

Farewell 2010

Jung YunHo suffered from depression when the group's controversy broke out? I can clearly see why. Kim JaeJoong broke up with him, he couldn't stand being near YunHo anymore let alone sing on the same stage.
...Okay I wasn't serious. That's just my YunJae fan girl side kicking in. Dramatised it as well. Would make an epic fanfic right? Not that I plan to write it...


Maybe I'll plan it when I'm on the train to Sheffield on Tuesday...

Hah I just started off the last post of 2010 with something TVXQ related.

So why am I home typing this blog post in the last 15 minutes of 2010 (GMT)? Shouldn't I be out partying, getting drunk and blah? Well I had to work at the takeaway t
oday. Even if I didn't have work today I wouldn't go out partying, I have over protective Asian parents. Maybe next year...

Any new year resoultions? None. I don't bother. Never keep them anyway. I remember back in the days when I always did and always have "cut down on chocolate/eat less chocolate" on my list. Simply because everyone had it as their resolution, it was a popular one yet a stupid one. Why? Hardly anyone ever kept it. Let alone all the other resolution people make.

Oh and I just saw
this. Ayumi Hamasaki is getting married! Not to a Japanese man. AN AUSTRIAN! I expect lots of pretty mixed-race babies Ayu! Mixed-race babies are so damn pretty * 3*

Oh and PSSSHT. Yoo AhIn & Song JoongKi couple is farrr better than the Park MinYoung & Park YooChun couple. Not because YooChun is my bias and I want to marry him or anything, simply because gay couples are the best LOLOL!

Geoloh and Yeorim yongwonhi!!! xDDD

Anyway, what else can I say?
2010 it was nice hanging around with you. It was only this year that I travelled to Hong Kong for the first time ever, only this year that I been on a plane for the first time in like 10 years, only this year that I saw my relatives (mothers side) in Vietnam again for the first time in 10 years(?)!!!
Basically the highlight was going to Hong Kong and Asia haha~
Oh and meeting all my best online friends within this year. Don, Lisa and Nikki at London Expo and Louise at Hong Kong :3 Even though I met Lisa and Nikki way before this year bwahaha~
Hmn, what else? Getting a post/comment read out by Eli on Pops in Seoul and then becoming a hardcore U-Kiss fan? Winning TWO Kpop CD's recently by sheer luck in Allkpop's Xmas Giveaway.

Wow what an awesome year = 3= ~

I hope 2011 gets awesome-er. Starting university life next year in either September/October! Can't wait for freedom from parents! Booyah!

I'll see you guys in 2011 ;]

PEACEEEE! (Last photo of the year, me an my oily self LOL)

Thursday, 30 December 2010


I would like to start this post off with this.
I hope they're all wearing wigs. Seriously, I can't even bloody tell who is who thanks to their hair and outfits. Muh!

I'm sorry this is just going to be a blog about the recent special Kpop perfs. Quick update on my life as of today.
I bought £66.65 tickets for my Sheffield Hallam interview (FFUUU!!!) and dyed my hair with Kao Prettia's Foam Hair Dye in Chiffon Beige (not much of a difference, can still see highlights).

Anyway carrying on.

JoKwon's Justin Beiber Baby Baby perf? Better than the freaking original!

Maknae special? Only had eyes for TaeMin and Sulli LOLMYSMBIASNESS;;;
TaeMin looks damn fine in this. DAYUUUMMM FIIIINEE!
True, Sulli shouldn't be in this, Krystal should. But if you think about it, who cares, they're born in the same year, Sulli's clearly much more popular = more viewers = kaching kaching! Not that I hate Krystal or anything. Just saying!

Whoever done the high note *stares at ChangMin and YoSeob* at the "Galileo" part made me LMAO. Have a strong feeling it's YoSeob...Whatevs. Epic perf! Love the guitar part done by JungMo :D !!!

Oh YoSeob, such a cutie ; - ; ~
I kinda expected them to crossdress when I read about this on AKP, but oh well. Despite the surprise being all an act (staged) I don't care, still makes me lol!
The hip movement as "Hah hah" was cute. Teehee

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Starry☆Sky, Megamind, & Secret Garden

In the early hours of today (12-1am-ish) a friend (Nikki) introducted me to something called an 'otome game' (video games targeted at a female audience), the game itself is called 'Starry☆Sky'.
I didn't show signs of interest at all until Nikki asked what star sign I was and then said "Saggitarius is in Summer", which confused the hell out of me when Saggitarius is part of Autumn/Winter. She then proceeded to linked me to a video saying that my guy was the blue haired one. The video game character who 'represented' Saggitarius appeared last out of the three characters in the video, and it just so happens that the 2 guys shown before the guy I was looking for were HOT HOT HOT! Okay that's not a very accurate word to describe them, but they were SUPER PRETTY! Why are manga characters drawn
so pretty? ; - ; ? I love you Japan. I love your amazingly talented creators who designed such super characters. The guy who represented Saggitarius wasn't too bad, odd hairstyle though, but cute, he does archery...Heh.
So after being hooked to the amazingly pretty characters I hunted down other videos on YouTube and information on Wikipedia. Turns out that there are 12 HOT/PRETTY GUYS in this former all-boys school, 1 girl in the entire school who is somewhat 'romantically involved with one of the 12 hot guys once every season. Basically she gets with a new guy in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The whore. Nah just kidding. Since it's an otome game it means YOU become the girl and experience this high school life stimulation with the 12 hot guys. SCOOOOORRREEEEE!

Don't know if I'll download this game in the Summer yet, I don't like the fact that it contains a lot of dialogue and not as much interaction that I desire. Muh. I'll just make do staring at the fan art on deviantART.
Here are the YT videos that introduces the characters.

Characters featured in Spring

Characters featured in Summer

Characters featured in Autumn

Characters featured in Winter

Nikki, I love you for sharing this with me ♥


Went to see Megamind with another friend today (Gina). I was reluctant to watch in the past, merely because the banners I saw on the buses that were promoting it looked stupid. But oh I was wrong.
I planned to go watch Chatroom with my friend today but found out yesterday on Cineworld that Chatroom was only screened at selected cinemas, our town's one wasn't on the list sadly. I didn't like the other movies that were showing at our cinema, apart from Gulliver's Travels, however my friend doesn't like Jack Black. Muh. I stumbled across Love and Other Drugs, watched the trailer and thought it looked lovely. But then noticed it was released today = crowded screening rooms with inconsiderate assholes sitting behind that may put their feet on my chair or kick it. So I gave Megamind a shot since it was given 72% on Rotten Tomatoes. Didn't really want to watch Harry Potter, never really got into it, The Way Back doesn't seem like my kind of thing. Anyway, I YTed the trailer and loved it.
After leaving the cinema today I felt that it was a really good movie. Love the narrative, it feels like a lot of thought has been put into this movie and therefore made it seem realistic - apart from the 3D LOL. I like how the characters remember their stereotypical roles of being a hero, citizen and villain.
Metro man, the hero, was a fantastic character at the end - he was pretty damn annoying at the beginning. A hero who realises that being a hero just because the public expects you to always be a hero doesn't make you happy. A hero is unable to do the fun and normal things that citizens can do, a hero receives pressure on keeping the city safe, a hero must take responsibility over a city. If you were a hero wouldn't you get fed up of that? That's what happens in the movie, the hero fakes his death in order to live a life that he wants to live.
Megamind, the villain, he exists because a hero exists, his existence is to fight against a hero. If the hero dies the villain has no one to fight with, the villain is no longer a villain. Most narratives require a hero and villain, without one or the other the narrative can't really move on. Hence why Megamind must create a hero to fight him, to resurrect his existence. Of course in the movie that plan failed as I will go onto the next character...
Titan man! Supposed hero who turns villainous thus causing the villain to become the hero. The discrete switch in roles is perfect here.
Love it when Roxanne reminds Megamind that the villain doesn't get the girl - obviously he will since his name is the movie title, has a strong interest in her and happened to bond with her while in Bernaaaard's form (Bernard, I just love the way they pronouced his name in the movie. Shall name my son Bernard and pronounce it as Bernaaaard). This little reminder probably strengthened the hope/foresaw the future that Megamind will become the hero. When Metro man was found alive in his HQ I was shocked, a twist there. When Metro man supposedly came to save Roxanne from Titan man I thought he was the real Metro man after Megamind and Roxanne had that talk with him - this sort of narrative strongly hints Metro man's return! But alas no, Megamind transforming into Metro man clarifies that he is the hero now.
Once again the narrative, like other typical narratives, ends by creating a full circle. The celebration of a hero at the beginning happens yet again at the end with a different hero - it makes everything satisfying.
BTW minion is just DAWWWW

Secret Garden 14

Freakin' loved it. That's all I say for I am too lazy to type a long ass summary now that I typed all that *points at the text above*. Surprised you even read all of that to get here. Hah!
Can't wait for episode 15, can't wait to see how JooWon and RaIm will explain their situation or squirm their way out of it and simply can't wait to see their future cohabitation (*≧▽≦) !!!
Watched this episode while drinking Starbucks Peppermint Mocha and some beer that my dad gave me.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Skin Test & Secret Garden 13

After spilling the contents of the Prettia foam hair dye box all all over the floor, grabbing the English instructions and skimming through it I realised I needed to perform a skin test. Why? Because I had eczema recently = skin change. Now if I didn't have eczema I would've gone straight to dying and have beautifully coloured hair now - never had any issues with hair dyes.
Oh well. Better to be safe than sorry. I really don't like the thought of getting an allergic reaction where eczema would infest my face. I already couldn't stand the look-a-like-badly-applied-24/7-red-eyeshadow patches that had sat on my eyelids for 2 weeks.
I was amazed when the solution started to foam on the skin of my arm, even more amazed than when I found the piece of card provided in the Prettia box that would allow you to mix the solution! Can't wait to use this dye tomorrow...yes tomorrow. I don't want to wait...or maybe I should because of my eczema...meh, we'll see if I'm in a lazy mood or not tomorrow.

Watched Secret Garden episode 13 English subbed with a friend today. Really want to watch 14 now, although I already have a rough idea what would happen in the next episode - I have a thing for hunting down unsubbed raws and spoiling myself out of impatience.
I personally dislike how RaIm's hair is pulled back into a tight bun in the last scene.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Decisions Decisions

On Christmas day two of my aunties happened to make a comment about my hair, hours later after uncle said I look Korean. That comment being "the roots need to be dyed soon", in Cantonese of course. I agree, my hair needs to be redyed, the black roots are probably around 4cm long now - it's been 4 months since I had it dyed in Vietnam with highlights for around £25 - FREAKING CHEAP YO! To be honest I'm reluctant to dye over this current color, simply because my current hair has highlights! For the first time in my life! Makes it look like my hair is blonde.
Why not dye your hair entirely blonde then?

I would if only my hair was thicker, stronger and virgin black.
The professional
at the hair dye salon in Vietnam told me it would be bad for me to bleach my hair at its current thin and sparse state, in which I already knew. Yet still I asked for that blonde hair, somewhere in my mind, in a secluded corner, I wanted there to be a possiblity for me to become blonde.
Alas, I will only ever be able to dye my hair brassy brown.

Back in Hong Kong, 5 months ago, I was on the hunt for Japan's Dariya Palty hair dye.
When I arrived I realised it was not possible due to our 3 day stay. We were staying in Mongkok, the only place that sold Palty was on the other side of Hong Kong, further south.
I could have taken the trains but as I said, too little time. Arrived at 4pm on 28th, met and shopped with friend on 29th in jet lag state, spent most of day hunting for Grand Century Place on 30th to then get slightly lost, spent all of 31st at the Big Buddha and headed to Vietnam at 8am on 1st August.
Luckily I found a substitute, Kao's Prettia foam dye. Another Japanese hair dye brand that I wanted to try, but not as badly as Palty's 3 new colours.
So now I have one box of Chiffon Beige and two boxes of Milk Tea Brown (I freaking loved Palty's Milk Tea Brown!). Both colours are pretty much the same in terms of lightness, however Chiffon Beige is more of a yellow tone - possibility of going blonde here?! Nah.

Okay I swear everything that I just typed sounds pointless right now. Meh. Hopefully some of you skim read all of that before arriving here where you'll go "ah, bolded text, the main focus of this post perhaps?"
Basically the decisions I must make here are:

hould I dye my hair tomorrow so I can attend my university interview (4th Jan.) with lovely hair?
What colour should I dye it to? Chiffon Beige or Milk Tea Brown?

Note, my hair feels way too nice right now to only get dyed tomorrow :"[

Then again it would go greasy by the end of tomorrow...Plus the dye isn't difficult to use compared to Palty, it's foam! Simple and fast!

Yet...I'll miss these precious highlights that I got done for a cheap price ; - ;

Oh and I'm a lazy sod. Always take note of that.

For image references of my current h

Oh and another thing.

Dear Britvic.
What is this brown patch doing on the bottom of my Apple and Raspberry J2O bottle?!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Hello! TVXQ 7th Anniversary,

Hello world.

My name is Julie, but if you're too lazy to type a few extra characters or speak an extra syllable just call me Joo.
I live in England and turned 18 twelve days ago. Now that I've put these two facts in one sentence you'll probably think I have the ability to drive and go clubbing every weekend. Sorry to disappoint but I'm a lazy person, I just can't be bothered to book a driving lesson, let alone fill out a form for my provisional. So I don't really have ID to show to the bouncers to enter clubs, not unless I take my passport around with me, but who would use their passport anyway?
I speak two langauges, English and Cantonese. Yes I am a British born Cantonese Chinese. I can't say that I'm amazingly fluent in both langauges thanks to my parents. I'll explain the reasons why later in this blog.
I attend Sixth Form, A levels in Art, English Language and Media Studies, also carrying out an AQA Extended Project. Done Economics in AS level, that was fail.
I'm a fan girl of K-pop. Love TVXQ, SHINee, U-Kiss, Big Bang, CN Blue, 2PM, One Way, Epik High and etc. They're just so...YEPPUDAH!
My other interests include surfing the internet, killing time on MSN, investing on make up and skin care products, watching K-dramas, stalking K-idols on Twitter, stalking on AllKPop, writing fan fiction, watching YouTube videos, creating YouTube videos and...blah. Can't remember them all.
I like food and beverages also, yummy Asian food like sushi and bubble tea. Hong Kong's bubble teas are simply the best! They actually have the taste of tea in them!

Okay I'll stop now. It's almost 27th Dec...

So as you can see my life revolves around the world wide web and Korean entertainment.

Let's end this post off with something Kpop related.
As many Cassiopeians know, today is TVXQ's 7 year Anniversary.
I hope they share that cake with JYJ.
In secrecy of course.