Saturday, 19 March 2011

Bang YongGuk...


I was bored this morning so I visited AKP and went through all the articles that I have yet to read.
Then BAM! Spotted the screencap of Song JiEun's Going Crazy perf today, but not of Song JiEun and her crazy blue hair, but instead it was her stalking rapper, Bang YongGuk. Looking younger than I thought he was.
When I first watched the MV weeks ago I was too busy doing my art homework to pay attention to the visuals. Only glanced at the screen a few times to see a slightly MC Mong-ish Bang YongGuk (not that I knew his name at the time). So I pretty much didn't bother with the MV, I loved the song though.

Back on Bang YongGuk.
I just finished stalking for his pics myself (stalking a stalker bwahah) and he is pretty dayumm fine ;D
He looks far more badass in old pics - I like. But sometimes he appears baby-faced. Speaking of baby-faced when I watched KBS Music Bank's MV of the song YongGuk reminded me of Thunder and Patrick Tang (HK celeb) during the interrogation scene. And through this video I realised that YongGuk looks far hotter with darker hair. Oh and from today's perf I realised he should stay away from heavy guyliner.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Big Bang Swag

Hmn it seems that I forgot to post pics of my Big Bang UT stuff.

The stuff arrived on Thursday 3rd March in the evening. I thought I would come home to a package that day (normally post arrive in the morning) but no, there wasn't.
Later that evening we received a knock on our door. Mother was on the phone and she doesn't even like opening the door during the night anyway - she fears that the person behind the door would be some psychopath. I headed over to the window in my parents bedroom to look down, a white van in the middle of the street and a man in front of our door. I thought it may have been my Big Bang stuff but I couldn't see if he had a package or not, so I let it pass, after all, it's rare for me to get packages that late into the the evening...
Later, when my mum finished her phone call she checked the door area and found a note that was posted through the post box. She didn't understand so I took a look, it was HNDL, a delivery service. "It could be my package," I thought. So I ran up the stairs, logged onto Uniqlo and found out it was HNDL who were the ones in charge of delivering my package! The card said that they gave my package to the neighbour next door (house number 3), thank God it wasn't the other neighbour (7) because they're not a particularly nice bunch.
So I went out into the cold, knocked my neighbour's door, asked for the package, was handed the package, said my thanks and hurriedly went back into the house to rip open the package from excitement. And wallah, 2 shirts and a hoodie. Mother complained that each item of clothing were overpriced and complained further after finding out that the hoodie was made in Vietnam and the shirts from China, but that's just Asian parents for you.

I have yet to actually cut the tags off the shirts;;; Even if I don't plan to return them as they fit me nicely. All I done so far was wore them a few times and peeled off the stickers indicating the shirt size.
And can I just say that the hoodie is SOOOOOO SOFFFTTT?!?!?! It's amazing. Would seriously buy another one...BUT WHAT DESIGN!? Maybe TOP's...or TaeYang's? OH THE CHOICES!
Might get the hoodies, and an extra shirt perhaps, when they get released in the London store...or become restocked online again.
(I really should use the money to donate towards the Japan Tsunami situation shouldn't I? Why was I trained to become so materialistic by the media?!)

I currently refuse to wear this into school encase I ruin it while I'm in my art lesson experimenting paint and such - I tend to ruin a lot of my clothes with inks, paints and oil paints. Oh God oil paint, I could cry if I got oil paint on my hoodie and shirt!!!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Internet, We're OVER...For 2 months.

So! I got a fucking D for my English Language coursework! (AQA ENGB4) 42 out of 80 marks!
Fuck! Was 2 off from getting an E and 6 from a C. I was really hoping for a C before this, bus Jesus! It's like Economics AS all over again. I regret choosing to investigate on English Language in HK and VN. Should have gone for the totally unoriginal "How does [insert comedian's name] use language to create humour?", at least that would've nabbed me a C. If only I discovered Charlie Brooker earlier I wouldn't have been in this mess. I would've loved to write the creative piece that would attach itself nicely onto the investigation - my own satirical piece.

Internet: "But it's only a D Julie, it's not the end of the world, you got a grade, be happy that you passed."

If I wasn't applying to university this year I would've totally thought that already. But alas no, I'M APPLYING FOR FUCKING LEEDS WHICH WANTS AT LEAST ALL B'S FROM ME. If I got a C I'm fucked. I would be forced to go to dodgy Coventry and expensively posh Reading.
If only it weren't for the Conservatives and LibDem's taking over this tiny rock I would've taken a gap year this year and applied for Leeds next year! Heck if I got a C this year it wouldn't matter, another year of 6th form wouldn't kill me.

Internet: "Then why are we over?"

You're a powerful distraction, powerful enough to destroy my future.
So powerful that I'll leave you next month and return to you once my exams are over at the end of June.


I will write a paragraph every time I take a break in between revision. Whether I post it online or not...we'll see.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Raving to Big Bang and the U-Kiss Fiasco.

Doods, I totally figured out how to upload videos in HD with Sony Vegas on YouTube now...*should've Googled A LOT EARLIER*
Tis crazy how I can now render my videos to such small file sizes and upload them within...minutes! This is a 33 second video in HD and it's only 5mb! Wow, normally when I render a 2 minute 30 second one (like my media trailer) is like 4GB! In 480p...JESUS!
And so from now on my videos will forever be uploaded and rendered in HD. It not only pleases the audience but saves my hard drive ♥

On other stories, U-Kiss.

I absolutely think NH Media are complete assholes but it doesn't mean I'll boycott U-Kiss ever since Xander and KiBum's withdrawal. I just hate their company not the group. Neither am I going to hate the new members. It's not their fault, it's NH Media's. They are just people who wish to showcase their talent as commercially/publicly as possible. They're mere pawns.

I was devastated that they indirectly forced KiBum to terminate his contract with NH Media and U-Kiss. Then again, if KiBum didn't mind then I'm okay with it, I guess. If KiBum felt like he doesn't deserve to be in U-Kiss anymore, okay then, I won't say anymore. If he felt that he was lacking in talent then okay, alright - I did actually question what his position was in the group before, singer? Rapper? Dancer? What? Perhaps he was meant to be a singer yet NH Media never really did give him a chance to show his potential? Or did he not have any talent initially and NH Media used him in order to help U-Kiss's popularity by riding upon KiBum's older brother's fame from SS501 - HyungJun. And now that U-Kiss is steadily rising in popularity (?) they no longer need KiBum and are going to replace him for a new vocally talented member named Hoon? I don't know, there are just mere assumptions.
However, if I find out that KiBum really wanted to stay in U-Kiss and was pretty much bribed/forced to be kicked out of U-Kiss, then people will die in NH Media.
As for the replacement of Xander, I have yet to read or hear anything concrete about his case. I believe I have read something about Xander also being kicked out by NH Media but he was completely fine with it..? Alas, I find it worrying how the U-Kiss members rarely tweet now. And it seems Xander has completely abandoned his Twitter - though it it clear why. Would really like to keep in contact with this amazing boy through Twitter, please keep tweeting Xander! Xander is one of the few 'pistachios'* that exists within the Korean Entertainment Industry, of whom I dearly treasure.

I don't hate you. You look like the average guy on the street version of Park YooChun. You don't look fem but manly. Awesome. Now if you can charm me enough like SooHyun did to YuRa you could potentially be one of my many ideal guys.
Acting and singing? Careful there, I don't want you to go AWOL on us fans like Kim KiBum of SuJu. Just focus on improving your vocals so that you could sing 'Nothing Better' to me and the other fans like Kevin did. The chorus will just do. Perfect high notes are one of the many ways to get a girl's heart. Just do it boy. Do it. You might even charm your anti's.
The same goes for you AJ. Oh God I hope NH Media doesn't kick you out of U-Kiss to join Paran again once your hyungs return from military. Not only you but I would feel used as a fan.


*Pistachio: in Cantonese it's "Hoi Sam Gwo" which literally translates to "happy fruit" and is also used as a metaphor for a happy person. In this case, Xander is an extremely happy/hyperactive guy, his ridiculousness makes me laugh, his positive attitude to most things earns him the title of a Pistachio.