Monday, 28 February 2011

Big Bang UT !

Woke up at 5.40am in the morning to Big Bang's Tonight. Yes I set it as my alarm in hopes that my sleepy self would become motivated to get up and order the swag...but alas no. I started to whine again upon why Uniqlo UK chose a morning where most fans, who are students, head back to school after half term as well as why the fuck did set they challenge of "will they be there after 14 minutes?" *cries* If only they removed that I wouldn't have to fight over the hoodie perhaps...
Anyway, I edged my way down the ladder of my bunk bed, plugged on the internet, grabbed the laptop, hauled up the ladder to my bed King Kong style and turned on the laptop - luckily it loaded in 3 minutes! Fast! Yet that meant I have a whole 15 minutes to wait...could've spent it sleeping! Rawr! But I ended up looking at pics of the shirts and hoodies again, still undecided upon what to get - bad.

6am came, but what is this? ERROR?! PAGE ERROR? COULD NOT FIND PAGE?! NUUUU!! REFRESH REFRESH! (for a good minute) WAHEYY IT WORKS! *clicks hoodie A1* WTF?! ONLY IN SIZE M LEFT?!
It was then that I realised that I was up against fierce competitors (BB fans) across the UK with faster internet speeds compared to mines. Fuck you Virgin Media. Oh and fuck you too Linksys router.

Hurriedly I picked shirt G (one that TaeYang wore) after TaeYang pics convinced me to get one. Checked out shirt B too, simply because it had the member's names on it in huge font! Wanted one with their names on it anyway so that people don't mistake my shirt for some random shirt with a piece of physics on it. But holy, the black versions were pretty much sold out! So I ordered the white one - less popular seeing as all sizes were still available. Headed over to the hoodie section and clicked hoodie C, simply because GD looked adorbs in it ♥ ("originally wanted A1 (sorta) cos it looked bad-ass" - says my sleepy self) . Oh and the coloured stripes as seen on shirt F were featured on the back of the hoodie. Awesome!
Ordered all 3 items in L (large) since I like my clothes baggy and not too tight fitting. Headed to pay section, noticed discount code box, realised I should Google for one since the total was £50.97 (HOLYSHIT) and found on in the first link - £10 off! Entered it and headed to card details. Oh boy. I entered it wrong. Tis okay, I'll just hit the back button...*click*CANNOT GO BACK? WHY IS PAGE BLANK?! NUUUUU!!! FFUUUU!!!
Alas, I must re-bag all 3 items....FFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

*Re-bagging the 3 items and clicks hoodie* SIZE L NO LONGER AVAILABLE?! ONLY M?! WTF?! NUUUUUU!!! *checks if hoodie A2 and B are available* OUT OF STOCK? WTFFFFFFF?!?!
Sober part of mind: Okay calm Joo. Head back to hoodie C, order M quick before that too becomes out of stock...
Sleepy part of mind: NUUU! BUT I LIKE BAGGY! ; - ;
Sleepy part of mind: ...Okay...sorry ; - ;

Bagged 3 items. Entered discount. Carefully input the card details. 6.18am. Done. £40.97 off my card.

Well that was the most eventful morning of 2011 so far.

I later returned to the page to find out that hoodie C had like 1 L size left (I guess that fan girl also entered her details wrong out of sleepiness and hurry). Got kinda angry that I could have gotten that last L size...but I won't risk it. Besides I just ordered my merch.
Later I found out that shirt B was all sold out (in school). I didn't think it would get sold out, it didn't look amazing or pretty compared to the other shirts (then again all shirts weren't exactly amazing, just average...) but I guess other fans had the same thought in mind - "MUST GET SHIRT WITH MEMBER NAMES ON IT TO SHOW THAT IT IS A BAND! NOT PHYSICS. NOT THE BIG BANG THEORY TV PROGRAM EITHER!"

...Actually looking back this makes me appear to be a hardcore/dedicated Big Bang fan girl...even though I'm not really one. I just love their music and totally admire them for being more proper musicians than other idols. I'm just an average Big Bang fan girl. Not totally obsessed about them. It's not like I ever stalked them like I did with DBSK, SHINee, Infinite and U-Kiss - now if they released Uniqlo shirts I would probably go even crazier.
I believe the epicness of SBS's one hour Big Bang show special that I watched live yesterday totally brainwashed me.
Well done Big Bang. Well done YGE. *claps*

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New hair new hair!

...Not really. It's just a similar hair cut, with layers. Just not as styled as before.
My usual hairdresser took a day off today ; ^ ; Hence why it's not styled...
Got this new hairdresser to do it for me, it's not bad. Tis okay.
I regretted not taking the reference pic with the heck was I meant to know that my hairdresser wasn't there today?
Hours after I come back to Ipswich, in my auntie's house, I flip through my phone pics. And guess what I find? The hair style reference pics that I used for my previous cut...


But whatevs. It still looks nice. Just that I need to style it. Things are gonna go horribly wrong after I wash it on Thursday;;;
I'm sure I can style back to Jap style! Reminds me, I need to get curling tongs soon...
*is getting fed up of using rollers all the time*

Oh this also reminds me to make a hair tutorial on creating fluffy hair without teasing or using straighteners...


Oh and and. Encase you guys don't know yet...
Check out the site here!
Look up for more updates and info on their FB.
Dunno whether to get 2 shirts or 2 shirts and a hoodie or 1 shirt and a hoodie...;;;
Argh too difficult to choose what shirt or hoodie to get. I'm torn between the blue and purple hoodie...
Shirts are just as worse.
*wants 4/5 of the designs*

Who else is excited for Big Bang's comeback single tomorrow?!
♥ ♥ ♥ !!!

Saturday, 19 February 2011


It's been 2 days since half term started, and I have yet to do anything productive. I spent my remaining Thursday watching TV shows on YouTube. Friday on manga and more videos. Today? Whipped out Exam sketchbook (YAY!), laid it out on the floor, vowed to do it, 7 hours later, the sketchbook is still there untouched with experimental pieces waiting to be stuck in while I surf the world wide web...(BOO!)

I painted my nails just now though, that's something produ
ctive right? :D Spent a good hour and a half doing it. Most of it was just waiting for layers to dry whilst I test out on what colours to use on a piece of paper and what design to make. I need those thin-brush nail art stuff...
My right hand looks worse than my left (this pic). Ignore the paint that got onto the skin around the nail...I'm fixing that later...

Getting hair cut in Colindale (North London) again on
Tuesday, I feel like going back to my old hairstyle because having straight bangs are too troublesome...Maybe I'll give it another 3 or 4 months...meh.
...Look I got a late V-day rose!

Guess who my BF is? ;D

...MinWoo 8D !

...Just kidding. Father bought it on Tuesday because it was on sale. Originally £8 (because of the Disney Minnie Mouse plushie) and daddy got it for 40p. BARGAIN!
If only I had a BF who would get me a huge £30 Stitch plushie for V-day ; - ; Would freakin love him to death.

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Julie can now tie a small hair bun at the top of her head *claps*
Never done this properly before in my life! My hair was always too thin and short to even stay up ; A ;
...Then again this bun here doesn't look particularly nice, simply because my hair is still quite layered...but I like layers...
When will I get my perfect bun? ; A ;
Random voice: NEVAR!

In other news my half term started! Woop! Gonna spend it updating my fanfic, which hasn't been updated in like 2 months haha;;; and do some homework for

Oh and I made a cameo in Dream High episode 13...

*fangirls over WooYoung saying my name in his adorable Kongrish*


Monday, 14 February 2011

I will properly blog on Wednesday...or Thursday. But Wednesday if you're lucky.
I just spent pretty much 9 hours of my day yesterday working on my EPQ...cos I suck as keeping up with deadlines. Now I have a art coursework to finish and write a completed first draft of my media studies coursework essay *stress*
Anyhoo I leave you a video on such a joyous day.
*should've really up typed up a new chapter for my fanfiction and its readers;;;;*

Alone once again for 18 years straight on this very day *sigh*

Friday, 11 February 2011

Jesus, WTF happened to you?

Remember back in the days when you were still a kid? Around the age of 10. Frolicking in the fields of your Primary school without a care in the world? You wander towards the football pitch area and perhaps see your crush kicking around a ball with his friends. You get all happy whenever you get paired up with him in class to do work...since you sit right next to him in class...

8 years later. The teenage years. The years of social networking.
You receive a FB friend request from a familiar name.
You click their profile out of interest.
You then see a picture of him.
You recognise him.

...Puberty is a bitch. It makes you regret all sorts.

P.S. Reading University gave me a conditional offer today :DD
Now the only issue left is picking whether to risk choosing Reading as insurance or go for the safer way of picking Coventry who asks for 240 UCAS points (BBC) - just encase I fail this Summer.
...Oh AND I have to wait for Louise to get her replies. Aiyah!

EDIT 23:55
Dear Kpop boy bands:

I would like that.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


I don't want to dream of my old high school, sitting there in lesson on Summer afternoon, across you. You telling me jokes where I force myself to laugh at them. Can't remember what jokes you told me but they must've been really crap for me to have to force a laugh that loud like that.
I think stress from EPQ deadline is getting to me...

Dear mind, please give me a pleasant romantic dream about me and Noh MinWoo tonight. I've been slaving away for 3 hours straight on my EPQ as well ; A ;

EDIT (22:55)
*was hoping to finish it all today*
I still have yet to write the 5 sub topics...had to ditch the endorsement and modelling topics since I waffle too much...oh and I have yet to write a conclusion...MUHHH.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Starsuckers: The Media & Its Lies

Today I have finally finished watching Starsuckers in my Media Studies class.
What is Starsuckers? A documentary film exposing the "shams and deceit involved in creating a pernicious celebrity culture." Mainly based upon the UK.

You: Oh God, a documentary film? From Great Britain? Pft. BORING! Next topic please!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

SeungRi, GD & TOP Bombards My Life.

Okay to be honest with you I wasn't particularly interested in GD & TOP's new album and SeungRi's solo activities. I mean I was anticipating for some funky beats, but it just never really hooked me after listening to their albums/watching their MV's once. But that's just once.
However, because Big Bang has such a large fanbase I'm constantly bombarded with news of GD, TOP and SeungRi, not to mention MV reviews on YouTube and AKP's constant reporting of articles on how certain performances alter. So basically after being exposed to so much of this I end up growing to like the music strangely...Note, I'm still not hooked to High High, but I love Don't Go Home, Knock Out and VVIP.
Knock Out sounds perfect for those hangover days or when you feel slightly thug.
VVIP was dazzling after listening to it for the THIRD TIME. I watched it the first time when it came out, second when LinzerDinzerTV reviewed it and third when Simon and Martina reviewd it. ASDFJKL; YG you lucky man, you have all these YT-ers doing the viral marketing for you. Fuck the whole idea of catchy and easy dance moves like Gee and Nobody.
It only only today that I actually became interested in Don't Go Home. Simply because I saw this article off AKP, thought it was adorable, clicked it, clicked play and wallah! Fangirl squealing starts.

Sulli you lucky gal.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

UG Backcomb In A Bottle, Fail?

I attempted to try out UG's backcomb in a bottle today...It was fail. Didn't poof my hair at all. Maybe my hair is too Asian straight/flat for this product that was most likely tested on cuacasians only. Or maybe I'm just being pessimistic and need to Google on whatever the fuck "jujj" means...
Oh Umberto Giannini. Why must you use words that I don't understand and slap it on the directions section of the bottle? Honestly. Jujj is a verb? Is jujj even a word?!

BRB while I go hunt down some How To videos on YT.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Reading University & Kpop CDs

Okay I won't go into full detail about my day at Reading. I'll keep it brief. Pointing out the highlights. Simply because I can't be bothered...

I woke up i
n the morning cursing U-Kiss (Kevin in particular) because I set the Finally chorus as my alarm sound. Just before it went off I remembering waking up slightly to turn to the other side on my bed, adjusting myself, and seconds after I got comfortable the phone went off. Oh why did I book the 6:14 train? I should've known weekday trains won't have terrible delays that would make me 1 hour late...
I was already in a bad mood. It didn't h
elp later on when I was applying mascara that the bristles touched my eye, in like any other natural reflex the eyelid closed, thus leaving horrible bristle marks on the lower part of my eye and getting some fibers on my waterline ASDFJKL; 5 minute operation to clean it all up. Waste of time. I had a feeling from then on that things would go terribly wrong.I arrived in London with plenty of time to spare. So I headed to Paddington Station, went into Sainsbury, bought myself a cheese and tomato sandwhich and ate it slowly while waiting for the train to come...
Reading.I was lucky to have arrived at Reading in time to wait for the 22 bus to come and take me to Earley Gate - the area where the Typography Dept. was located. This was the most worrying part of my journey because the earliest off peak train to Reading was at 9:21am, thus I arrive in Reading at 9:52am, 22 bus leaves for Reading University at 10:10am, 18mins to get to the bust stand (not far really, just outside) but what if there were delays?! Dear God, it might've ended up like that time back when I was heading home from Sheffield to Doncaster then horror struck when Doncaster train to Peterborough was delayed!
Note, buses in Reading are nice. Very nice. They look brand new and so clean!
Reading University.The department looked...old. Ground floor only. Didn't look that modern. Not that appealing visually, but I'll put that aside simply because I'm in for the course.
The course itself sounded nice. Although slightly different to Graphic Design - lack of emphasis upon Illustration and Advertising in which I'm intereste
d at. So currently I'm a bit unsure about the course. The only thing keeping my interest in Reading is that it's one of the best University's for art and design. There must be something amazing about the course that I have yet to realise...
Do take note that I was in a terrible state all day yesterday (as well as today) simply due to the lack of sleep. My attention span was...dimin
The campus itself was very green, as Google Maps had already shown. A lot of walking on grass involved. The campus was huge.
Took us like 15 minutes to get to the cafeteria for lunch from the department...Wow. The cold weather and depressingly grey sky didn't help either.
Soon enough it was time to
leave. I began to dread again as I realised that the Reading Bus website told me (on the day before) that the bus back to the train station from Earley Gate would be at 15:17 - it comes hourly *facepalms*. So I waited, in the cold. But then to my surprise bus 22 came to pick us up! It was only 14:55, why so early? I won't complain. I'm thankful! During the journey to the train station I kept looking out of the window, in love with the town centre - particularly the shopping centre (yum).

ndon - Paddington.
Arrived back in Paddingtion around 16:00. I needed to get to Liverpool Street station in order to meet Nikki. So I hurried off to the place with the big glowing UNDERGROUND sign. Hah, wrong choice. I went to the wrong one. Most trains that leave there take forever to get to LST. I should've taken the Hammersmith line, the one that I took earlier that day to
get to Paddington from LST. Hammersmith line was ALL the way at the OTHER END of the station. Great. So I wasted 20 minutes already.
Eventually got there, train had issues, this short foreign sounding guy kept swearing because the train wouldn't move.

Central London.
Eventually reached LST, met up with Nikki at Left Luggage area. Both headed off to Trocadero because she wanted to take photos for her the end she just ended up playing DJ Max Technika. And then left because she was hungry for a bun from Chinatown. And this was when I started to record footage for my newly uploaded video of today:

We eventually forgotten all about our aims of the day - to take photographs for our school art work. We spent most of our time at the PuriKura booth, in JP books, Japan Centre, watching this woman take all 4 of the bubble teas off the shelves in one of Chinatown's bakery's...the bitch *should've snatched all 4 cups when I got in there first*.
Some guy near HK Diner approached first he looked like a normal guy who may be lost and in need of directions to get to somewhere or was simply
asking for the time. But no, after a few exchanges of interactional language (small talk) I notcied that he had a black badge on, and upon it JESUS was in large white font. Oh dear loard, a preacher. And indeed he was one. He started to ask me about beliefs and stuff...I took a glance back at Nikki who had already stepped away and occupied herself with a certain poster at a nearby window - thanks Nikki, I needed help. He eventually fished out a card and told me to visit a website, in which I replied calmly that I didn't have internet. He shrugged it off and left me alone. Phew.She had to leave me at 19:30. And I was left alone, to roam around under the light polluted skies of London. Took lots of photgraphs though. Trafalgar Square is gorgeous at night. While taking photos two european men came up to me, one asked how far is it to travel to Buckingham Palace. After hearing me say it might take 15 minutes, he then proceeded to ask about night clubs in Soho because he was going to meet a friend later to go drinking and stuff. Not that I was of any help, I wasn't a local.Later I got myself a subway, my dinner. A toasted Spicey Italian with cheese, cucumber, lettuce, sweetcorn, Chipotle Southwestern sauce and BBQ sauce. My favourite combeo. Habe not eaten one since...last year. Ordered a footlong - expensive £5.59, which was unnecessary since I couldn't even finish it. I got a bit queasy while eating a 1/4 on the train back to Ipswich. Ate 1/2 before I got on the train.

Received an email from one of the staff people at the Reading Typography/Graphics dept. I was surprised to read "we were really impressed with your work, particularly your mannequin project", simply because I had no confidence in my mannequin project (in reality it was themed upon Distortion). Plus I didn't really expect to get much of a reaction with my 4 projects of work in my portfolio. My portfolio for Reading was half the size that I took with me to SHU and Coventry! I had to take out a few pages from my first AS Level coursework art sketchbook and put it into the portfolio in order to avoid carrying all 3 sketchbooks (I took 2 to Reading)! In which the pieces were merged in with my life drawing pieces (one of which that I'm very proud of). So basically I took my AS Level exam sketchbook (most proud of this one), A Level coursework sketchbook + loose bits of work (mannequin), AS Level Media Studies coursework folder and Life Drawings + Oberservation Landscape - they might've found it odd to find a sudden landscape drawing amongst figurative and floral pieces of work.
...So baically this means that I took most of my work with me to SHU and Coventry for nothing when Reading was super pleased with my limited amount of work?! D8 Damn. I killed my hands and arms for nothing...
Things got better when I then read "I am delighted to inform you that I have recommended that the University offer you a place. You will receive formal notification in due course." I'm delighted to know that you're delighted to inform me that you have recommended that the University should offer me a delightful place :]
Oh and my CD's from AllKPop's Xmas Giveaway came in today, FINALLY! I screamed with joy when I saw two packages after returning home from school today - the other was my Norton 2011 (still yet to open). But when the CD's came falling out of the ripped package for a few seconds I was like "Oh...." because I got SNSD's Run Devil Run album and Buzz's Fuzz Buzz album. Initially I strongly hoped that I wouldn't get a girl group's album, especially SNSD, but low behold, in the end I get the one I don't want and don't get the one I really want - SHINee's Lucifer album. Oh well, at least I won a giveaway and got 2 free CD's. I was a bit sceptic when I saw Buzz's less extravagant album. I thought AKP accidentally sent me a random English CD for a moment there until I remembered that there was an underrated band called Buzz! Hah...
Currently I listened to Buzz's album twice. And have SNSD's on pause. Really enjoyed Buzz's album, I'm glad to have received a copy :]

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Fan art..?

I don't dare scan these. Why? I used make up to colour and outline these.

See, make up isn't just for painting the face. Cheap make up that sucks on the face can actually be pretty good for art.
I smeared Outdoor Girl's foundation on the paper to colour in the skin. Superdrug's lengthening mascara (BeautyUK) to colour the hair. W2 liquid liner to add detail to the hair - add hair strands. Boots' Natural Collection liquid liner to outline the image. 2true red lip tint for the lips (made JaeJoong look like a woman). And of course, pencil (in grade B) to add shade.
...Okay I cheated a bit by placing paper on top of my laptop screen to trace out the image. Otherwise JaeJoong and YunHo would look deformed.

Couldn't finish YunHo's pic because I realised that I need blue and black foundation for the shirt and hoodie...yes I accidentally dripped the red lip tint on the pic as well...
Maybe I should try using eyeshadow for the shirt and hoodie...then again I don't have eyeshadow that I no longer want to use...eurgh. No way am I using my Sleek palettes! Sleek palettes are expensive now ; - ; Maybe I should head out to get a cheap £1 palette from TJ Hugh's...

These are totally unrelated to my school work LOL;;;;
But hey, I just prepped up more paper for my art gallery visit on Saturday 8D;;;


I-OH leaves LEDApple due to Tuberculosis.


Damn, I wanted to see him perform on stage again with another song...with another funny-swaying-girl-who-can't-dance dance. Not that I'm hating on him or anything, but he amuses me when he's on stage. His attempt at dancing while singing at the mic is adorable.

I'll be heading off down to London and Reading tomorrow. Chugging down coffee on the way there to stay awake. Eating a stupid breakfast meal again at McD's - knowing my stupidity in the mornings. Hurrying for bus 22 in Reading. Attempting to befriend people at Reading Uni. Panicking about getting into London ASAP. Weeping over my poor wallet having to pay £8 for left luggage. Karaoke-ing with my friend and her friends (maybe) and looking/sounding like a fool because there's no romanji on the screen, only Japanese. Walk around China Town in awe. Recording a clip to show my subscribers where the fuck can they get Palty/Prettia hair dye in London. Hunting down a Subway and Starbucks that's still open before I head home. Chugging down a large cup of coffee on the way back home in hopes to stay awake...