Saturday, 6 December 2014

Say hello to my new coworker.

The Canon Powershot SX50 HS!

In a situation where I am low on money and in dire need of a new phone - that doesn't take a minute to load up appplications, a new bridge camera was purchased instead.
Take note that at the same time of needing a new phone I was also in dire need of a new video recording device to replace my 5+ year old Sanyo Xacti, which produced below average video quality compared to the standards of today, and was clumsily dropped by my foolish hands numerous times throughout the years. Additionally, the constant change of colour tones most noticeable in my videos agitated me greatly.
Although I dislike the sudden invasion of the American Black Friday sales in England, it was admittedly a great opportunity to scout for my muchly needed discounted technology. And that was how I discovered the new camera.

Sneak peak of future YouTube videos' background (my dorm bedroom walls)!
Arguably, the chances of me producing a new high quality video for my YouTube channel within the next month is pretty slim, thanks to university work and the need for me to constantly bombard companies with tailored CVs in order to get a job. So there was really no rush to buy one. But damn the deal was good (£100 reduction), so why the heck not?

However, in the mean time, I'm pretty sure I can still pump out some blog posts with high quality pictures to make up for it all - like I am now. Before, I have actually been using my phone camera to take all of my pictures, which is pretty sad as a blogger of this day and age. So do expect accurately coloured images from now on. Those phone camera pictures are no more - unless I went somewhere and forgot my bridge camera, then woops I'm sorry.
And pray that I don't lazily edit my photos on Photoshop.

'Marianne' says hi - not our cat. He comes sometimes to sponge off our milk and cover our flat in white fur.
As for my aging 3+ year old Samsung Galaxy S2, which should have been replaced last year before my year-long adventure in Korea, I'm praying it can hold out for another 6 or 7 months at the very least until I get a graduate job and a salary.
Money isn't the great barrier between me and a new phone, but myself. Because hello I am Julie, a fool who can easily get attached to personally owned inanimate objects, especially when said inanimate object now has a groovy Pororo phone case bought from Korea - perhaps the best case ever, and a protective layer of gel on the screen so it's goodbye to screen protectors forever. No matter how often my friends and inner consciousness scream at me that its seriously time to let go, I will remain reluctant and pesevere to find solutions to save my doomed and dying phone like a true problematic fool that I am.
I'll forever futilely complain why my phone (technology) cannot work and last longer against a capitalist consumeristic backdrop that demands for new sparkly things every single damn year, because living comfortably with one working thing is never enough.

And so, I apologise to family and friends in the mean time for another 6/7months of terrible call quality and delayed texts.

And I pray that a phone, designed to last, can be brought forth and be available in the years to come *glances expectantly at Phonebloks*
Because changing a damn phone every 2 years is stupid.

This is 'Joseph', again not ours, another sponger who likes to lick his balls.

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