Sunday, 10 July 2011

I haven't died.

I've survived SM Town Paris and the SHINee at Abbey Road Studios fiasco. Although the possibility of me being run over/injured by a van was immensely high in the latter event.
I've uploaded all the pictures onto my Facebook, uploading them onto Photobucket and providing links later.
Uploading videos soon.

Here's footage from day 1 of SM Town Paris:

On the day of the concert I chickened out on bringing my camcorder. Left it at the hotel after we went back to drop off our merch. I didn't want it confiscated. Not when I just spent £71 on SM Town merch - SME know's how to strip us fangirls of their hard earned money.
So instead, I used my phone camera in all it's shitty glory. Not doing that again. However, I do own a Samsung Galaxy S2 now after waiting for over a MONTH. 1080p HD baby!

I've been quite lethargic ever since SM Town Paris. Despite having exams. Maybe it's because I've been starstruck from seeing Kpop idols for the first time ever, in the flesh and blood. The feeling is unbelievably...surreal. But I'll leave this discussion for another day.

I'm going to see Dok2 on 24th July. Originally wasn't going to in order to save money, but a friend tempted me. Plus it's a great way to start off my fandom for Korean Hip Hop. Already eying on a couple of underground stars: Olltii, Andup and Crucial Star.

Fucking love Crucial Star's 'New Generation' and Andup's 'We Rise'

I have developed a thing for mixtapes recently.
Honestly, I sat there watching this the other day:

And instantly blurted: "MIXTAPE PLOX."

Back to Dok2.
I actually have listened to him before. Last year when Allkpop posted an article about him and his Thunderground EP. Really liked his tracks and downloaded his EP in an instant. Probably listened to it a few times before some catchy Kpop track pulled me away from it.
Actually Allkpop also posted an article about Crucial Star earlier this year, sadly I took no notice of it. Again it's likely due to the distraction of Kpop. I should really ought to click on more Allkpop articles about underrated talent. Damn you Kpop for being a distraction!

I guess I owe it all to Block B for bringing me to the underground hip hop world.
My love for Block B could even match up to the love I have for DBSK (when they were five). I think Block B is near surpassing SHINee...
Oh my

Will be posting up SM Town Paris and SHINee at Abbey Road Studios fan account. I'll try my best to keep them short.

Oh, and I WILL TRY SEE BATOOST IN NOVEMBER. Cube United is coming to London :"3

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