Saturday, 30 March 2013

L'oreal's Mousse Absolue: Very Light Frosted Blonde 1021

After having seen L'oreal's Mousse Absolue hair dye being advertised on the Boots website a week prior at an introductory price of £8.99, I decided to give this a try.
Yes, I gave up the idea of getting Prettia's Rose Tea Brown despite it only being a few pounds more expensive at around £11, which is basically how much Mousse Absolue would retail at starting from mid-April - £10.99.

L'oreal Mousse Absolue is marketed as an 'innovative' re-useable hair dye. I had to visit the main website for a more detailed explanation since Boots wasn't in-depth enough. In sum it's basically foam hair dye in a spray can. Almost like hair spray: you spray on the necessary amount required (obviously enough to cover your hair), clean the nozzle, pop the lid on, and leave it on your bathroom shelf until you need it again for future touch ups. 
Very handy and convenient. Far less tedious and time-consuming in comparison to other dyes out there which would require you to squeeze the tube of colour into a developer bottle - I always spend a good minute or two making sure every little bit of colourant comes out.
Looking at the diagrams for the Mousse Absolue, it hold two canisters - a developer and colourant, and mixes the two together within the nozzle once it's pressed. Meaning the developer and colourant is kept separate for future use - no product wasted! 

Went for colour 1021 purely because I wanted lighter brown hair whilst making sure to avoid going too ginger. I tend to go for blonde colours if I plan on dying my hair to a light brown with Western dyes.
Referring to L'oreal's Q&A on their website (what do the shade numbers mean?), I found out the lower the second/third numbers are the ashier the tone of the dye is. 1021 being a 2 meant "Irridescent/mauve ash", perfect - there was no 1 (blue ash) in the blonde category unfortunately. There was 1000 but I'm assuming it has no tones to it since it's described as natural light blonde - I need ashy blue tones to tone down the ginger!

Being a fan of foam dyes for it's ease of application, this product is most definitely suited for me.

Before I was tempted to try out the Excellence Creme range or retry the Recital Preference again. 
The former wasn't desireable since I find cream/liquid dyes to be too heavy and gunky for my hair, meaning I pull out more hairs whilst rinsing - this happened when I was still using Palty. 
Whereas with Recital Preference, I didn't actually use it to its full potential because I was scared that too damp hair would make the colour not sink in too well. Of course I was probably wrong, because having damp hair meant the liquid dye would then lather up into foam which therefore ensured a more even application - then again the colour did end up turning out even despite being un-foamed. 
I would definitely try Recital Preference again if Mousse Absolue turns out to be a fail.

Dying my hair with the Mousse Absolue sometime next week, stay tuned for a review!

Review Here

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