Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Etude House Membership Card

The haul!
If you're a student studying abroad in Korea, who is also a skin care fanatic like me, get your ARC (alien registration card) ASAP so you can pop into Etude House and set yourself up with an Etude House membership card!

With the Etude House membership card you can take advantage of their random sales.
Etude house sometimes sets up a large 'up to 50% off' poster outside their store, meaning that a majority of their products are on sale. Inside you'll see sections and shelves marked with stickers on them tellng you how much % is being taken off. The 20% and 30% stickers are more frequently seen.

Of course, this discount sale is only available for membership card owners. Visitors without a Korean ID card or ARC unfortunately cannot set  up a membership account.

This membership card is going to be like the Body Shop card for me, fantastic but lethal to my bank account.

Anyway, I discovered this after having lunch last Thursday. I just so happened to walk past the store with the 50% poster stuck on it and lots of people inside in for once. I was determined to get the Aloha V-Line bronzer with this discount opportunity. But at the same time, I was scared that there would be some catch to getting the discount. I had a feeling that I needed a membership card in order to take advantage of this deal. So I asked one of the Etude House staff members (luckily the Anam branch has an English speaker!) if I needed one or not and she said yes. Apparently I needed either a Korean ID card to set it up, I only had an ARC at the time and she said it would be fine. So I was taken to the counter where this other staff member opened up the store's iPad and started setting up the account for me, all she needed was my ARC and phone number, then wallah! Done.

So I went absolutely crazy in the store. I grabbed a basket and started piling in stuff that I had been eyeing on for ages, such as the Aloha V-line Bronzer and a few of the ice cream bottled nail polish. In the end the total came to around 55,000won (without discount: 77,000won).
My wallet hated me that day.

Items bought:
  • Brush Shower Cleaner
  • Nail Remover: Acetone Free
  • Ice Cream Nail Polish in #GR701 and #OR201
  • Help Mt Finger Art Gel Coat
  • Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails #2 Kiss of Fire
  • Rosy Tint Lips #8 After Blossom
  • Aloha V-Line Slim Maker #1 Sun Gold/Wood Brown
  • Collagen Moistfull Water Filler
  • AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot set
I also bought 2 other products the week prior to this which I may also do reviews on in future:
  • Real Art Cleansing Oil Light
  • Baking Powder BB Cleansing Foam


  1. Hi Joo! May I ask you how you got this card? I dont know where to get it...and I've been spending more than 200.000w at etude since i've been here I think >_> I really need it!
    Have a good day!

    1. I mentioned it in the blog post...
      Just bring your alien registration card and ask for an Etude House membership card at the till.