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The Great Korean Make Up Haul

I think I bought less make up products than I did with skin care. Then again, make up products look smaller than skin care, maybe that's why *shrugs*
Additionally, it appears that I've garnered a handful of Japanese imports too, because sometimes the prices are very decent and not crazily overpriced.

The list of products I bought in Korea/featured in this video is listed in the description box on the YT page.

Before coming to Korea I was also very into Korean make up products.
Having used mostly mascaras shipped from Japan - all the British ones were failures apart from Max Factor's False Lash Effect, I had a feeling Korea would also offer great mascaras for our droopy straight and short Asian lashes! Reason why I never bothered to attempt to online order some Korean make up products was because I saw more online hype for Japanese make up products than I did with Korean.

Korean make up, like their skin care products, rarely disappointed me.

Like I've mentioned in my previous post, the make up products tend to cater more towards the dry skin crowd. Foundations/BB/CC creams were often moisturising and gave a very dewy finish. Cosmetic ads tend to emphasise the 'tok tok' skin (sound of moisturised and plump skin) and 'bling bling' eyes (eyeshadows. Hence why there are more glittery/shimmery eyeshadows than matte in the Korean cosmetic market. Shimmery eyeshadows are more prevalent than super glittery ones since Korean girls like to keep their make up looking youthful and clean.

I recall hearing from somewhere (probably some GetItBeauty video) that Korean girls' make up revolves around a traditional ideal: black hair, dark brows, red lips etc. Something along those lines where the ideal beauty was to have black hair and red lips for sure. Then there was something about the brows and/or eyes being dark. 
Basically, Snow White fits this ideal.

Sure, girls there do wear pale looking BB/CC Creams - unfortunately there's limited choice of skin colours on the store shelves. But this can also be because of the crazy amount of SPF that's added into these creams. Pretty much most of the base products involve at least SPF 20 in them.
When Summer comes around the corner you see the cosmetic stores rolling out the big guns: SPF 50 sun creams/screens/milk/sprays. This is not just because the girls want to look pale all year round, but the Korean sun is unforgivingly intense. After my first 10 days strolling around Korea in August in a heatwave I discovered tan lines! Usually, I burn back in England, but in Korea I got a tan! Even if I did wear my SPF (on some days), regardless my skin still got dark. It happened again during my round 2 of Korean summer 2014: a tan within days. From that experience I've learnt to adore my natural tan, ha! Upon coming back to England I tried my very best to keep it by topping it up with some Garnier moisturiser that has a bit of tanning solution in it.

I'm going on a tangent...

Hot Trends in Korean Make Up

Cushion pacts were very in when I came to Korea. Whenever I see girls do touch ups on their make up in the washrooms I would always see them using a cushion pact of some kind (with some bright lipstick). I often see the IOPE cushion pact a lot. I don't think I've seen a girl whip out a powder pact yet.
Unluckily I didn't end up grabbing one before leaving Korea because I felt that I had too many base products already, and I regret it. I had planned on getting either the HERA UV Mist Long Stay Cushion, or the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion since they were more suitable for oily/combo skin and had received great reviews so far. My Mamonde Founder isn't exactly a cushion pact, but more like a cream. A real cushion pact involves the pressing of 2 cushions, one cushion absorbed in the product, and the other as the applicator. The effect you get is a sheer layer of product on your skin that will feel lightweight, refreshing, and natural-looking.

Orange/coral/pink shimmery eyeshadows. They're gorgeous. Korean girls often sport the sheer-medium pigmented colour type of eyeshadowsso that it appears more natural looking and give them an extra boost of glow. A light orange or pink is popuar amongst many. I once had trouble looking for one of Missha's orange mono eyeshadows because it was so popular - and because there was a sale.
As mentioned in the video, I'm not a huge fan of sheer pigmented eyeshadows, which Korea is very big on selling. But I did end up finding a handful of eyeshadows that did offer very nice pigmentation (they're all listed in the list at the very end of this post).

In the summer, bright/neon lips are in. Aritaum's Honey Melting Tints are popular amongst many. Whenever I see Aritaum doing a 1+1 sale on them I always encounter a flock of girls crowding around the area where the tints are sold. The same applies to Stylenanda's 3CE lipstick stand in Hongdae and Myeongdong, a flock of female tourists of all ages can be found surrounding the lippies at all times of the day.

Whilst in the winter, the lip tints are brought out. Though, some girls do still sport the bright/neon lip.

Gradient lips are an all-year round popular look.

Products that I enjoyed

(products in red are Japanese products sold in Korea)
  • 3CE Full Cover Concealer
  • Mamonde Real Skin Founder #1
  • Etude House Aloha V-Line Slim Maker: #1 Sun Gold | Wood Brown
  • Skin Food Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher: #4 Orange Rose
  • Etude House Look at my Eyes Cafe: PK004 Deep Berry Soda
  • Peripera Finger Tap Tap Eyeshadow: RD001 Dragon Fly & PP002 Madrid & BR003 Royal Brown
  • Castledew Diacut Eyes 9 Colours: #901 Planet Diamond  
  • Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini Case
  • Clio Waterproof Twistup Mascara: Volume & Curling 
  • Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister: Waterproof Black
  • The Face Shop Design My Eyebrow Pencil: #2 Dark Brown & #4 Brown
  • Maybelline Baby Lips: Mango Pie
  • 3CE Lipstick: #605 Fatal & #409 Kiss Woo
  • Aritaum Honey Melting Tint: Raspberry Cake & Strawberry Chips & Fruits Bubble & Coral Candy
  • KAI Precosme Eyelash Curler 18R

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