Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Skincare Routine for Oily/Acne Skin (2010-2011)

Aug 2010 - Sept 2011

Featured Products

Juju Aquamoist Wash Foam
Boots Botanics Purifying Scrub
Juju Aquamoist Moisture Lotion (Toner)
No7 Beautifull Balanced Toner Combo/Oily
Nivea Visage Oil Free Moisturising Fluid
Boots Botanics Pore Perfecting Day Moisture Lotion
Holland & Barret Aloe Vera Gel
The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask
Boots Botanics Night Shift Moisture Cream
Skin Food Rice Mask
Skin Food Black Sugar Mask
Skin Food Aloe Vera Pack
Cosline Tomato Fresh Pack
Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover
Kose Softymo Cleansing Oil White
Superdrug Natural High Eye Cream
Garnier Ultra Lift Eye Cream
Nivea Visage Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

So far I have filmed 2 reviews of the mentioned products:

Nivea Visage Oil Free Moisturising Fluid

Boots Botanics Night Shift Moisture Cream Review

I'm still working on the reviews, won't be able to review some until I get back home in December seeing as I only took around half of the said skincare products up with me to Leeds.

Ever since I moved to Leeds I have changed a majority of my skincare routine - either because I started running out of the said products or because I bought new products to try out. So I'll be making a new skincare routine video maybe next year in the Summer, or even Easter if my skin drastically changes (I doubt).

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