Saturday, 7 January 2012

And so she says...

Hope you all had a great Christmas a New Years, and with New Years it comes with resolutions.
Oh yes, I'm making resolutions this year. Resolutions always get broken, it's a given. To me a resolution is something like a target or a mission to aim for as long as possible, if you broke it, you broke it, it's not like God is going to smite you for breaking a resolution. It's really just a motivational target.

Not that I have a set list of resolutions yet, but I can confirm that one of my resolutions is to utilise this blog more. So expect plenty more updates.
Now this resolution is actually linked to another resolution of mines: make more YouTube videos on Korean music.

I feel that Kpop fans should be more...educated on the media and the Korean music industry. Or at the very least behave sensibly in the realm of Kpop culture. Because honestly, there are so many fans out there that just piss me off for bashing for the wrong reasons, hating on someone for something stupid, not being able to use common sense and so forth. Actually fans don’t even need to be educated on the media or the industry, they just need to use common sense. It’s like the obvious needs to be pointed out to them constantly; Lee SooMan is no longer SM Entertainment’s CEO, EXO being asses to their sunbaes are GROUNDLESS RUMOURS, and Allkpop does not start fan wars it’s actually the fans who start them. These are things that fans should know and take into account before leaving a rash comment and thus making fools of themselves.
Hence why I plan on making more Kpop related videos. However, not all videos will be about breaking down an issue through common sense, I will also be introducing korean hip hop and indie as well as the underrated bands when I find the time to do some. Plus I am more likely to upload videos talking about comebacks, new albums, bands and etc. in an objective way - meaning I will talk about them without being influenced by personal feelings or opinions, and the odd subjective comment.
Although I would love to critique I don't have the license to do so. I would have had the license if only I was majoring in communications/general or popular music (I'm majoring in New Media, not really completely linked to the marketing of bands and music produsage). Therefore I can only review as I only hold an A* in A-level media studies (general media) and B in GCSE music (note that I did get and A in composition, on grade 6 flute, and passed grade 5 theory).
But this doesn't mean that I will no longer upload skincare/random videos on YouTube or post some random life related blog post on here anymore. I'm still up for that, always will.

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