Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Food Diary: Term 2

For all those that are curious as to what one particular university student in England eats whilst at university.
This is no food plan, but just a vague breakdown and images of my food highlights whilst at university. As you can see I have very little cooking experience, heck before I even moved to Leeds for university I only knew (was confident in) how to prepare rice for the rice cooker.
Ever since I moved to university I am now very confident in making chicken/beef stroganoff, beef bolognase, tamagoyaki, lemon and honey chicken and lemon chicken breasts. Pasta bakes probably don't count hah!

So here's a quick run through of my diet which also helped me slim down ONE dress size. No exercise required.

I make sure to eat 3 meals a day, normally eating the most during breakfast and lunch, and then attempt to eat a smaller portion for dinner. Sometimes I snack in between on days where I have to go into universirty. Being a student who lives 40mins (walking) or 30 mins (bus) away from the campus means I have to wake up earlier than most students, and because I'm slow in the morning and carry out a long skincare routine it means I pretty much have to wake up 1 hour and 30 minutes before the bus arrives. 9am lectures mean I have to wake up at 6.30am, it's a real pain.
But getting back to the main topic, the snacks are either just breakfast bars/biscuits, muffins or some kind of bread-y stuff.

My breakfast would either be cereal with milk, or 4 pieces of toast with either pate, peanut butter, nutella or melted cheese and salami or tomato on top.

What I have for lunch and dinner are pretty much similar, they alternate depending on how long I have to be in university for and when I have university the next day. If I have to wake up early the next day for uni I would eat a small sized dinner or instant noodles/microwave meals.
Such meals vary between the aformentioned, tinned soup and 4 pieces of toast, rice with chicken/beef, pasta bake, omelette, tamagoyaki, ovened sausages and wedges, pasties and muller corners/yogurts.
Most of which are in smaller portions compared to the portions that I eat at home. When I cook rice I cook 2 cups worth which can split into 3 containers = used for 3 meals.

I gave up making omlettes after semester 1 and aimed for tamagoyaki instead after watching a 'how to' video on it. Most would say omlettes are easier than tamagoyaki simply because for tamagoyaki you have to roll the omlette - which is hard on circular pans. But hey, practicing helps. Look at this development! Before my tamagoyaki's were rolled loosely, but now it's tight!

I very rarely drink fizzy drinks/soda, I drink water most of the time and most recently I became very fond of drinking any form of oriental/chinese or green tea. Tis warming for the soul.

I also aim to eat at least 2 portions of fruit and veg a day. Sometimes I even manage to easily hit the 5 a day target! Though I can't say that my selection of fruit and veg is the best: banana, orange/clementine/madarin/satsuma, cucumber, tomato and grapes. I should really learn how to cook stuff like brocolli as well as move away from my lazy state to buy some celery and carrots to peel.

I rarely eat out, perhaps once every two weeks? Mainly because I need to restrict myself to maintin within the boundaries of my budget since I also have a habit of impuse buying whilst food shopping as well as that odd occassion where I pop into New Look, Boots, Superdrug, The Body Shop or H&M and come out with a bag of something OTL
If I did eat out would either be at McD's, KFC or Frankies and Benny's. Good thing they opened an F&B 10 mins away from my accommodation earlier this year! Best place to visit after handing in work on deadlines day.

As you can see these pics have been untouched by photoshop and photoscape. I believe my cooking isn't worthy enough to be exaggerated into something that one should desire hah!
As for F&B, do I really have to edit the pictures? I mean they already look droolworthy without it!

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  1. Man I'm jelly ahahaha. Which vid for the tamagoyaki was it?