Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Andrew Barton Designer Curling Multi Styler Set Review Pt. 2 (Curling Wand)

I was VERY close to selling off my Andrew Barton curling set to fund my study abroad year. But during the Summer, on those days where I stayed inside doing nothing practically dying of boredom, I decided to play around with my AB curling set again before I decided fully on whether I should sell it or not.
Thank God I didn't to be honest.

Curling Tong (2nd Round)

Big loose defined waves! Not sure if I like...

On the first day of reusing this curling set again I wanted to try perfecting my skill in curling my hair with the tongs.

This time I used larger chunks of hair at a higher heat setting so I could get more loose curls that actually held nicely.
It worked out alright in the end. Though I wasn't completely satisfied. It didn't look natural enough, perhaps because my hair isn't that long and I still needed practice.

So I tried again the day after, and it turned out to be a mess. At that point I realised I should just give up with the tongs. The curls either turn out alright or just messy.  I do recall having to recurl certain sections a lot.
Maybe the AB curling set's tongs aren't that great after all.
I may give them another spin when I get back to England, only with smaller sections next time.

Curling Wand (1st Round + more)

Hair reminds me of Lily Collins' hair. Love that hairstyle!
As mentioned in my previous review (part 1), I didn't want to use to the curling wand purely because I believed it would give me tight curls. Oh boy was I wrong.

One day I watched Weylie's Easy 10 min Summer Waves video and realised that the curling wands CAN give you nice loose curls! All you had to do was hold the curl for 5 seconds and then let go. The longer you hold, the tighter the curl.
Well this was news to me. Had no idea why I didn't think about it in that way.

So I hurried off to try it out and voila! Nice loose wavy curls!
Exactly what I wanted this Summer!

Back view
I do recall using the wand on one of the lowest heat settings since I didn't really want to kill my hair or make tight curls.

Needless to say I became infatuated with the curling wand. I ended up bringing it with me to Korea rather than my straightners.
To be honest, I didn't really need my straightners. Only wanted to bring it to style my fringe on days it decides to refuse to side sweep, or when my shorter layers decide to flick outwards. Plus I already mastered on how to curl my hair with the straightnets, though the end result was still not 100% exactly what I wanted. But with the AB curling wand, yes. It is exactly what I wanted!

I've used the curling wand a couple of times since I arrived in Korea. And I noticed that I couldn't quite get the same kind of result as I did during the first time. The curls couldn't quite hold so I had to increase the heat a little bit and hold the curl a little longer against the wand, meaning I ended up having more tighter curls.
There could be a number of reasons for this:
  1. I dyed my hair before leaving for Korea
  2. I didn't bring my John Frieda Frizz Ease Heat Defeat spray, used friend's Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protection spray instead
  3. Korean water may have altered my hair properties a little (?)
  4. Poor diet (it's hard to maintain a good diet in Korea when you're eating out everyday)
But I think the main reason is the heat protectant. I noticed that whenever I used John Frieda's Heat Defeat it always made my hair feel denser and thicker. As if you knew it would hold heat-influenced styling very well.
I wasn't a huge fan of my friend's Aussie heat protectant anyway. It felt like I was spraying water onto my hair.

However! Now that we're running out of the the Aussie heat protect (the friend is also my room mate at Korea University) we went and bought a new spray to try out! The Lucido-l Hair Perm Water for around 7,000won at Olive Young (Korean drugstore).
I have yet to try this heat protectant but I will soon! Once I've used it a couple of times I will try my best to find time to post up a review.

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  1. Hope you're able to get some nicer and healthier food soon! Nice that you have an awesome friend who shares things! :D