Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Itaewon Skin Food Experience

So I headed down to Itaewon today to try out Wolfhound Irish Pub's fish and chips (I was craving for some and they weren't really worth the 13,900won...), as well as to explore the area when I ended up finding myself chatting to a sales assistant in Skin Food.
I do love it when the sales assistants in Korea can speak in English, you can ask so many questions about skin care products and they can recommend you certain stuff. This has only happened so far in a couple of stores in Myeongdong, the Etude House in Anam, and including this one!

I didn't end up buying anything since I was down to around 15,000won. I was doing a bit of browsing to familiarise myself with what products Skin Food had to offer. I felt bad when I told the sales assistant that I was low on money today and couldn't really afford anything, but I said I will return once I got my Korean bank account sorted!

Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

Anyway, the first product she introduced me to was the Skin Food Black Sugar Perfect First Serum. She claimed it to be the newest best seller, highly raved online, and that no one could say anything bad about this product. It's said to clean the skin very well, hydrate it as well as tighten the pores.

She then proceded to pour some onto the back of my right hand for me to test it out and told me to pat it against my skin. The product itself felt very watery as it flowed down my hand as she poured it, but at the same time it looked kind of thick.
The scent was similar to the Skin Food Black Sugar Mask, but not as strong and more light and fruity.
I spent a good while massaging it into my hand and it made it feel really hydrated. At first it felt sticky, but as time passed the stickiness went away and it just felt nice and smooth.

When I returned home I done some research on it and indeed so far I have yet to come across anything terribly bad about it apart from it's stickiness. Furthermore, when you buy the product or get a sample you are also provided a set of 'special' cotton pads where one side is textured for wiping and the other is smooth for patting. I also have a small sample box of these cotton pads from my Nature Republic Aloe Vera haul, so far I love them for the textured side!
Anyway, from the reviews I found out it also has skin peeling properties, in that it really does help remove dead skin cells - there was picture proof! I don't recall the SA telling me this, but she probably did and it totally flew over my head.

I may consider buying this product to try it out properly. 
I believe the product was around 21,000won.

Blanc Pearl Caviar Eye Cream

I had also asked the SA on what good eye creams she would recommend. First, she lead me to the Blanc Pearl Caviar range and handed me the eye cream from that line. Apparently it's a new product that just came out a week ago and only Korea has it so far. Plus it was said to be yet another new best seller. Oh this SA...

The pot was white with a design similar to the other products within it's range. I didn't take some out to try out the consistency, but the scent wasn't heavy at least. It's said to be for dark circles and fine lines.
The product was priced at around 50,000won which was pretty damn steep so perhaps I may skip on this one until they give me a sample or a good promo offer.

Platinum Grape Cell Eye Cream

Said to be the best selling eye cream Skin Food had to offer before the Black Pearl Caviar Eye Cream came on the shelves. This product was the cheaper alternative at around 39,000won.

I did try this product out and the consistency was smooth and gel-like. It was tinted a light purple and gave off a very light grape scent. Didn't really notice that platinum flakes in the product though the SA said you could actually see it...

I may give this product a spin as well if it's ever on offer.

Salmon Brightening Eye Cream

The cheapest alternative of the bunch. The SA used it before as well and she highly recommends it.

Unfortunately this product offers brightening only, which is a shame since I am looking for brightening and re-plumping of the skin's fine lines.
The consistency was thin and the product is a white cream. Nothing too special. But it did feel smooth and I noticed that it gave my skin a very light sheen. So this product looked promising, especially for day time underneath make up.

Again, I may consider purchasing this since it's priced at 19,000won (?). Perhaps on a day where I go absolutely crazy and just buy it because I'm leaving Korea soon.

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