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Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Review

During my first few weeks in Seoul, I passed a small Clio store whilst shopping around in Myeongdong. On that day, I didn't take my 'Korean cosmetics shopping list' with me, but I did vividly recall wanting to try out the Gelpresso liners after reading numerous positive reviews of it online. So I went straight in and headed for the eyeliner section.

The staff there didn't know much English. So when I asked one of the female assistants if they sold any non-glitter/shimmer ones she had no idea what I was talking about. My friend helped out by saying "Bling Bling" and that was then that they understood! I should of said matte because then one of the male sales assistants proceeded to loudly say "MAT-TAY! MAT-TAY!". The female SA then started plucking out all the brightly coloured matte pencils and started making swatches on my hand. Unfortunately, there were no matte black liners available in the Gelpresso line, only Golden Black which was a black liner with gold shimmers.

CLIO Gelpresso Mini Liners in Beige Shine, Golden Khaki, Star Purple, Dark Choco, and Golden Black

In the end I decided to get the mini's set so I could give a variety of colours a go. At the time they were doing a 20% discount on all eye products, so the mini's tin set was 16,000 (RRP 20,000₩).
There were 3 different sets, one that had more earthy colours (#1-5), another that focused on the 'bloody' range, and the last one offered all the matte 'pop' colours. I opted for the more earthy tin.

The tin consisted of:
  •  #1 Beige Shine
  • #2 Golden Khaki
  • #3 Star Purple
  • #4 Dark Choco
  • #5 Golden Black
Take note that the numbers printed on the mini pencils do not match with the normal sized pencils. I bought Golden Black in its original size last month and it's marked as #7.

On the back of the tin it claims that the Gelpresso liners are:
"filled with sliding gel texture in the retractable mini auto pencil. It glides on smoothly and gives high-defined eye line. Creamy and melty formula stays put all day long without smudge."
There is some truth to the "sliding gel texture" which makes application smooth and easy.
The liners are super easy to apply on the lids and do feel somewhat like gel. Therefore, the liner can glide againt your lid smoothly without tugging on the skin! It's so much easier in comparison to my CLIO Waterproof Pencil Liner. However, after a couple of months the liner becomes less creamy since it dries out a bit. To regain it's creaminess just simply run the liner against the back of your hand to warm it up, I found that just 1 stroke usually does the job! Just to get rid of that dried up outer shell.
Furthermore, the colour is buildable. With one stroke it gives you a natural-looking line, but with a few more it gives you a much bolder look.

It's at its creamiest and 'meltiest' during the summer in my opinion. But because of the heat it makes the liner sort of breakable/snappable. I accidentally pressed too hard whilst swatching these liners for the first time during the Summer and they snapped! So be careful! Then again it's not like you're likely to snap it while applying to the lids since you don't use as much pressure.

Swatches: Beige Shine, Golden Khaki, Star Purple, Dark Choco, Golden Black (left to right).
Unrubbed swatches (left)
Wet & rubbed swatches (right)

As you can see here, there liners are definitely shimmery. Unfortuantely my phone camera couldn't quite catch all the detail, but in reality Beige Shine has a more pearlescent shimmer, Golden Khaki has gold shimmers, Purple Star primarily as blue glitters and some pink, Dark Choco strangely enough as a mix of yellow and purple shimmers, meanwhile Golden Black has gold sparkles with a bit of pink. Of course,when you apply it on the eye it's not like anyone can tell what colour shimmer these liners have. I guess the shimmers help bring out the colour of the liner in a certain way.

I tested out rubbing the liners after they had set to see if they were smudgeproof, and luckily they did not budge! I then proceeded to run the liners under water before rubbing them once again to find out that they are water resistant too!

Wearing the liner: Dark Choco (left) and Golden Black (right)

In reality, the liners are in fact smudgeproof on the eye most of the time. During the colder and less humid seasons the liners don't smudge on my usually-oily lids at all! However, during the hot and humid Summer in Korea I have experienced smudging a few times after wearing it for about 18 hours! But the smudging is nothing drastic where I will return home at night to find racoon eyes, just a faint shadow line of black near the outer corner.

  • Waterproof (EDIT: I went to Caribbean Bay in August with the brown one on and it was the only bit of make up that stayed on the entire day!)
  • Smudgeproof
  • Glides on smoothly (no tugging!)
  • Vivid and vibrant result
  • Can be smudged within 10 seconds after application  for soft effect, it sets right after

  • Limited matte range
  • Not 100% smudgeproof under hot and humid weather

5/5 ★★★★★
This is the best set of pencil liners that I have ever used! In the past, all my pencil liners ended up smudging on me, so it's a huge relief to finally find a set of liners that hardly ever smudges on me!

Would I recommend? Definitely!
Would I repurchase? Already done so!

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