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CLIO Lipnicure in #3 Crime Pink Review

CLIO Lipnicure #3 Crime Pink

Up until now I never had a bad lip product experience. That's right, CLIO's Lipnicure disappointed me a lot.

During Autumn, CLIO released a line of lip laquers titled 'Lipnicure'. The packaging looked sexy, and so did the colour range. The price was not so sexy, retailing at 16,000 (almost £10). 
Not knowing much Korean, I guessed that its selling points were that it offered vivid matte results and long lasting colour. 

There were 8 colours available in total, a glossy top coat, and remover gel. A remover gel tester was provided instore since the product was so damn hard to remove. Whenever I reached for one it was always near empty. One requires much of this remover gel to actually remove the stuff completely.
So before I even bought the product I knew it will magnetise itself to the lips for sure, no matter how much I ate or drank.

Believing that this would give me amazing long lasting results, I snatched one up when there was a sales promotion. Oh boy was I wrong.

The curved applicator fitted very nicely on the lips.

Although the product does 'magnetise' itself to the lips, it did clump on me after an hour or so. Yup, it clumps. Never experienced such nonsense before, after an hour my lips would start to appear kind of dry, and by the 2 hour mark tiny clumped up balls of the product could be found sitting on the surface. On the 3rd hour my lips just looked gross and messy with large clumps of product sitting on my lips! I walked aroung Myeongdong with this terrible look once, and didn't notice until the end of the day when I looked at myself in the mirror at Lotte Young Plaza! 
Trying to pull off the clumps was tedious, and at times lead to more clumping. I've attemped to rub off the product completely, but there were always stubborn patches leftover that were actually rub-resistant (why?!). Reapplying the product didn't help either, it just looked messy and uneven.

I've worn this product 3 times since I bought it in November, and it always clumped on me. Even when I didn't eat or drink, applied it lightly onto my lips with my finger, slathered lip balm on before application, it clumped regardless.

CLIO Lipnicure Crime Pink on the lips

The product doesn't feel nice on the lips either. 
When your lips are closed you can feel its tackiness as your lips automatically sticks itself together, despite its 'matteness'. 
Also, it feels like as if you're wearing an extra layer of something on your lips. Whenver I wore it it totally felt like I had something sitting on my lips. Not a comfortable feeling.

Luckily (I guess), I bought this when it was on promotion for around 12,000 at Olive Young. I was with my KUBA buddy and she recommended it strangely enough. She was wearing it on the night as well! Weirdly, it didn't clump on her like crazy...a mystery...

This review sounds incerdibly biased right now so I will lay down a few of the product's good points that I managed to savage from my dreadful experience.
Yes, it gave me lovely matte-looking lips during the first hour of application. The colour was indeed, vivid and pretty. Packaging is sexy, sleek and professional looking. Plus the doe foot applicator looks cute and is shaped into a curve to fit onto your lips perfectly.


  • Matte lips
  • Vivid colour
  • Nice soft applicator


  • Expensive
  • Leaves lips feeling dry and tacky
  • Easily clumps and sheds
  • Reapplication makes things worse
  • Looks decent for only 1 hour 

Result: 1.5/5

Personally I would not recommend nor repurchase.
First hour results were ideal, but things just goes downhill from the second hour onwards. Not really worth paying 16 bucks for.

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