Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Raving to Big Bang and the U-Kiss Fiasco.

Doods, I totally figured out how to upload videos in HD with Sony Vegas on YouTube now...*should've Googled A LOT EARLIER*
Tis crazy how I can now render my videos to such small file sizes and upload them within...minutes! This is a 33 second video in HD and it's only 5mb! Wow, normally when I render a 2 minute 30 second one (like my media trailer) is like 4GB! In 480p...JESUS!
And so from now on my videos will forever be uploaded and rendered in HD. It not only pleases the audience but saves my hard drive ♥

On other stories, U-Kiss.

I absolutely think NH Media are complete assholes but it doesn't mean I'll boycott U-Kiss ever since Xander and KiBum's withdrawal. I just hate their company not the group. Neither am I going to hate the new members. It's not their fault, it's NH Media's. They are just people who wish to showcase their talent as commercially/publicly as possible. They're mere pawns.

I was devastated that they indirectly forced KiBum to terminate his contract with NH Media and U-Kiss. Then again, if KiBum didn't mind then I'm okay with it, I guess. If KiBum felt like he doesn't deserve to be in U-Kiss anymore, okay then, I won't say anymore. If he felt that he was lacking in talent then okay, alright - I did actually question what his position was in the group before, singer? Rapper? Dancer? What? Perhaps he was meant to be a singer yet NH Media never really did give him a chance to show his potential? Or did he not have any talent initially and NH Media used him in order to help U-Kiss's popularity by riding upon KiBum's older brother's fame from SS501 - HyungJun. And now that U-Kiss is steadily rising in popularity (?) they no longer need KiBum and are going to replace him for a new vocally talented member named Hoon? I don't know, there are just mere assumptions.
However, if I find out that KiBum really wanted to stay in U-Kiss and was pretty much bribed/forced to be kicked out of U-Kiss, then people will die in NH Media.
As for the replacement of Xander, I have yet to read or hear anything concrete about his case. I believe I have read something about Xander also being kicked out by NH Media but he was completely fine with it..? Alas, I find it worrying how the U-Kiss members rarely tweet now. And it seems Xander has completely abandoned his Twitter - though it it clear why. Would really like to keep in contact with this amazing boy through Twitter, please keep tweeting Xander! Xander is one of the few 'pistachios'* that exists within the Korean Entertainment Industry, of whom I dearly treasure.

I don't hate you. You look like the average guy on the street version of Park YooChun. You don't look fem but manly. Awesome. Now if you can charm me enough like SooHyun did to YuRa you could potentially be one of my many ideal guys.
Acting and singing? Careful there, I don't want you to go AWOL on us fans like Kim KiBum of SuJu. Just focus on improving your vocals so that you could sing 'Nothing Better' to me and the other fans like Kevin did. The chorus will just do. Perfect high notes are one of the many ways to get a girl's heart. Just do it boy. Do it. You might even charm your anti's.
The same goes for you AJ. Oh God I hope NH Media doesn't kick you out of U-Kiss to join Paran again once your hyungs return from military. Not only you but I would feel used as a fan.


*Pistachio: in Cantonese it's "Hoi Sam Gwo" which literally translates to "happy fruit" and is also used as a metaphor for a happy person. In this case, Xander is an extremely happy/hyperactive guy, his ridiculousness makes me laugh, his positive attitude to most things earns him the title of a Pistachio.

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