Sunday, 13 March 2011

Big Bang Swag

Hmn it seems that I forgot to post pics of my Big Bang UT stuff.

The stuff arrived on Thursday 3rd March in the evening. I thought I would come home to a package that day (normally post arrive in the morning) but no, there wasn't.
Later that evening we received a knock on our door. Mother was on the phone and she doesn't even like opening the door during the night anyway - she fears that the person behind the door would be some psychopath. I headed over to the window in my parents bedroom to look down, a white van in the middle of the street and a man in front of our door. I thought it may have been my Big Bang stuff but I couldn't see if he had a package or not, so I let it pass, after all, it's rare for me to get packages that late into the the evening...
Later, when my mum finished her phone call she checked the door area and found a note that was posted through the post box. She didn't understand so I took a look, it was HNDL, a delivery service. "It could be my package," I thought. So I ran up the stairs, logged onto Uniqlo and found out it was HNDL who were the ones in charge of delivering my package! The card said that they gave my package to the neighbour next door (house number 3), thank God it wasn't the other neighbour (7) because they're not a particularly nice bunch.
So I went out into the cold, knocked my neighbour's door, asked for the package, was handed the package, said my thanks and hurriedly went back into the house to rip open the package from excitement. And wallah, 2 shirts and a hoodie. Mother complained that each item of clothing were overpriced and complained further after finding out that the hoodie was made in Vietnam and the shirts from China, but that's just Asian parents for you.

I have yet to actually cut the tags off the shirts;;; Even if I don't plan to return them as they fit me nicely. All I done so far was wore them a few times and peeled off the stickers indicating the shirt size.
And can I just say that the hoodie is SOOOOOO SOFFFTTT?!?!?! It's amazing. Would seriously buy another one...BUT WHAT DESIGN!? Maybe TOP's...or TaeYang's? OH THE CHOICES!
Might get the hoodies, and an extra shirt perhaps, when they get released in the London store...or become restocked online again.
(I really should use the money to donate towards the Japan Tsunami situation shouldn't I? Why was I trained to become so materialistic by the media?!)

I currently refuse to wear this into school encase I ruin it while I'm in my art lesson experimenting paint and such - I tend to ruin a lot of my clothes with inks, paints and oil paints. Oh God oil paint, I could cry if I got oil paint on my hoodie and shirt!!!

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