Thursday, 10 March 2011

Internet, We're OVER...For 2 months.

So! I got a fucking D for my English Language coursework! (AQA ENGB4) 42 out of 80 marks!
Fuck! Was 2 off from getting an E and 6 from a C. I was really hoping for a C before this, bus Jesus! It's like Economics AS all over again. I regret choosing to investigate on English Language in HK and VN. Should have gone for the totally unoriginal "How does [insert comedian's name] use language to create humour?", at least that would've nabbed me a C. If only I discovered Charlie Brooker earlier I wouldn't have been in this mess. I would've loved to write the creative piece that would attach itself nicely onto the investigation - my own satirical piece.

Internet: "But it's only a D Julie, it's not the end of the world, you got a grade, be happy that you passed."

If I wasn't applying to university this year I would've totally thought that already. But alas no, I'M APPLYING FOR FUCKING LEEDS WHICH WANTS AT LEAST ALL B'S FROM ME. If I got a C I'm fucked. I would be forced to go to dodgy Coventry and expensively posh Reading.
If only it weren't for the Conservatives and LibDem's taking over this tiny rock I would've taken a gap year this year and applied for Leeds next year! Heck if I got a C this year it wouldn't matter, another year of 6th form wouldn't kill me.

Internet: "Then why are we over?"

You're a powerful distraction, powerful enough to destroy my future.
So powerful that I'll leave you next month and return to you once my exams are over at the end of June.


I will write a paragraph every time I take a break in between revision. Whether I post it online or not...we'll see.

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