Monday, 28 February 2011

Big Bang UT !

Woke up at 5.40am in the morning to Big Bang's Tonight. Yes I set it as my alarm in hopes that my sleepy self would become motivated to get up and order the swag...but alas no. I started to whine again upon why Uniqlo UK chose a morning where most fans, who are students, head back to school after half term as well as why the fuck did set they challenge of "will they be there after 14 minutes?" *cries* If only they removed that I wouldn't have to fight over the hoodie perhaps...
Anyway, I edged my way down the ladder of my bunk bed, plugged on the internet, grabbed the laptop, hauled up the ladder to my bed King Kong style and turned on the laptop - luckily it loaded in 3 minutes! Fast! Yet that meant I have a whole 15 minutes to wait...could've spent it sleeping! Rawr! But I ended up looking at pics of the shirts and hoodies again, still undecided upon what to get - bad.

6am came, but what is this? ERROR?! PAGE ERROR? COULD NOT FIND PAGE?! NUUUU!! REFRESH REFRESH! (for a good minute) WAHEYY IT WORKS! *clicks hoodie A1* WTF?! ONLY IN SIZE M LEFT?!
It was then that I realised that I was up against fierce competitors (BB fans) across the UK with faster internet speeds compared to mines. Fuck you Virgin Media. Oh and fuck you too Linksys router.

Hurriedly I picked shirt G (one that TaeYang wore) after TaeYang pics convinced me to get one. Checked out shirt B too, simply because it had the member's names on it in huge font! Wanted one with their names on it anyway so that people don't mistake my shirt for some random shirt with a piece of physics on it. But holy, the black versions were pretty much sold out! So I ordered the white one - less popular seeing as all sizes were still available. Headed over to the hoodie section and clicked hoodie C, simply because GD looked adorbs in it ♥ ("originally wanted A1 (sorta) cos it looked bad-ass" - says my sleepy self) . Oh and the coloured stripes as seen on shirt F were featured on the back of the hoodie. Awesome!
Ordered all 3 items in L (large) since I like my clothes baggy and not too tight fitting. Headed to pay section, noticed discount code box, realised I should Google for one since the total was £50.97 (HOLYSHIT) and found on in the first link - £10 off! Entered it and headed to card details. Oh boy. I entered it wrong. Tis okay, I'll just hit the back button...*click*CANNOT GO BACK? WHY IS PAGE BLANK?! NUUUUU!!! FFUUUU!!!
Alas, I must re-bag all 3 items....FFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

*Re-bagging the 3 items and clicks hoodie* SIZE L NO LONGER AVAILABLE?! ONLY M?! WTF?! NUUUUUU!!! *checks if hoodie A2 and B are available* OUT OF STOCK? WTFFFFFFF?!?!
Sober part of mind: Okay calm Joo. Head back to hoodie C, order M quick before that too becomes out of stock...
Sleepy part of mind: NUUU! BUT I LIKE BAGGY! ; - ;
Sleepy part of mind: ...Okay...sorry ; - ;

Bagged 3 items. Entered discount. Carefully input the card details. 6.18am. Done. £40.97 off my card.

Well that was the most eventful morning of 2011 so far.

I later returned to the page to find out that hoodie C had like 1 L size left (I guess that fan girl also entered her details wrong out of sleepiness and hurry). Got kinda angry that I could have gotten that last L size...but I won't risk it. Besides I just ordered my merch.
Later I found out that shirt B was all sold out (in school). I didn't think it would get sold out, it didn't look amazing or pretty compared to the other shirts (then again all shirts weren't exactly amazing, just average...) but I guess other fans had the same thought in mind - "MUST GET SHIRT WITH MEMBER NAMES ON IT TO SHOW THAT IT IS A BAND! NOT PHYSICS. NOT THE BIG BANG THEORY TV PROGRAM EITHER!"

...Actually looking back this makes me appear to be a hardcore/dedicated Big Bang fan girl...even though I'm not really one. I just love their music and totally admire them for being more proper musicians than other idols. I'm just an average Big Bang fan girl. Not totally obsessed about them. It's not like I ever stalked them like I did with DBSK, SHINee, Infinite and U-Kiss - now if they released Uniqlo shirts I would probably go even crazier.
I believe the epicness of SBS's one hour Big Bang show special that I watched live yesterday totally brainwashed me.
Well done Big Bang. Well done YGE. *claps*

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