Monday, 18 April 2011



I don't need KARA to advertise it for me. The very nature and brand itself is enough to make me want it.
Heck, KARA can't ever try selling me PALTY, it's futile when you have a super gorgeous model like Tsubasa Masuwaka in it. HECK! YOU CAN JUST PUT UP AN IMAGE OF THE BOX WITH TSUBASA'S FACE ON IT WITH THE HAIR COLOUR AS THE AD AND I WOULD HEAD STRAIGHT OFF TO BUY IT!

Previously I didn't want to go back to Palty that much simply because of it's thick cream formula, which I had issues with whenever I try to scrape the rest out of the bottle, and the comb that pulls out chunks of my hair. However, the results were just amazing!
So I ended up moving onto Prettia because it appears easier to use and it was all the rage at that time for being the first popular foam dye in Japan. Fortunately it didn't make me lose as much hair and was super duper easy to use! However, the results weren't as strong and amazing as Palty's...

But now, PALTY DOES FOAM! So now I'm hoping that the dye would be just as strong as it is in cream formula. Otherwise I'll just dye my hair dark brown and wait for my hair to revert itself back to black.

Sadly I have yet to find any seller online, even on eBay, who sells it ;[

The 10 colours available are:
  • Milk Tea Brown (DEFO GETTING)
  • Mountain Strawberry Jam
  • Creamy Caramel
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Dark Ganache
  • Custard Beige
  • Honey Macaroon
  • Macaroon Brown
  • Cinnamon Churros
Oh nevermind! I has found a pre-order from a random seller on the net complete with pics of the colours 8D
...Not that I'll definitely buy from there.

New fridge tomorrow!!!

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