Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Been trolled all night.

Dream Boy flash game.

Basically it's a fan made dating simulation where you can choose to date and eventually marry NichKhun or KyuHyun. Personally I'm not crazy over Khun or Kyu, they're nowhere near my hubbie lists. But hey, its the holidays, I have time, let's do it!
2 hours later I get obsessed over obtaining skill points in strength, charm and intelligence rather than the points I need to obtain in order to further my relationship with Khun and Kyu. I was aiming for Khun initially but then decided to aim for Kyu as well, see if I can actually two-time in this game, heh.

Eventually found a cheat (well a glitch as the creator told me earlier today), you can restore energy points by fighting JYP, the 3 mean girls, or Ryuk (crazy ass choices I know). As long as you have amazing strength points you can easy kill/beat JYP in one hit at first then gradually the 3 mean girls and eventually Ryuk. Just build on strength. So what I done was head to the 'pub' to train on my strength, which took 30 energy points off the 100 that you start the day off with, went to fight JYP, won, and got my full 100 energy points back! So I went off to train on charm, fight again, study at 'school', fight again, train on strength and etc. You can do this as long as you want.

I raged for a good minute when I forgot to save the game at the 40 day mark and accidentally clicked a bookmark in the bar above. So yeah, back to the start!

Now before I say the stuff that I'm going to say, take note, I appreciate the creator for all the hard work that they put into the flash game and was glad to end up playing till 6am last night in order to hit the 40 day mark again (yes I'm crazy, finished it earlier today). But honestly, it was the most cliched piece of media I have ever seen.
The dialogue was immensely cliched and could've killed off a few of my brain cells, and at one point I felt like killing my own character because she was turning into a Bella Swan - only that the dialogue felt more like it came out of a children's book. The cliched-ness of the entire game made me ROFL quite a lot, I guess that could be considered as the good point of the game? Bad because it was incredibly cliched that it was cringe-worthy, but good because the immense cliched-ness of it all made me ROFL.
Oh and the graphics/appearence of the characters themselves might need improving...I thought I was marrying Khun on the 80th day since he proposed me on the day before but I ended up meeting Kyu on the aisle WTF (the dialogue said I was marrying Kyu)...yes the character marries the idol after 80 days. I know it's purposely done because of the nature of flash games, but honestly, you can't just end up marrying an idol in 80 days! The whole marrying Kyu thing must've been a glitch...*clearly had more relationship points with Khun*
Okay I'll shut up about my criticisms now.

If you're interested in trying it out yourself click here!

On other procrastination news...

Rather than sticking to my initial plan of "Oh it's Easter Holiday's! Time to commit myself to early revision!" I managed to find myself raiding through the internet for movies ever since Sunday night...or the early hours of Monday morning to be exact. So far I have watched The Hangover, Red Riding Hood, Paul and Despicable Me.

Short reviews?

The Hangover
Fuckin' hilarious, now where's Hangover 2? May 27th? I'm there!

Red Riding Hood
It felt like the story had been Twilight-ified. Seriously, the director sure loves his landscape panning shots. Narrative was a bit boring.

Do you know who Peter Parker is? No? Okay then you can forget about watching this film to catch most of the humour. Narrative didn't have a climax, it was dragged out, ending was sweet though.

Despicable Me
FUCK! THE ENDING! FUCK! I LOVED IT ; A ; !!!!!!!!!! Minions were hilarious. I demand more video clips based on the minions crazy antics...

Oh don't worry, just an hour ago I committed myself to 2 hours of art work...Yeah, I know that's not really revision...But hey, I want an A* in art!

Reminder to future self, revise each module an hour a day at least. Oh and make a video about how amazing the egg facial mask is...and finish your JUJU face wash review video...AND STOP READING MANGA.


P.S. Why you people no likey Handsome People?

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