Thursday, 14 April 2011

Today is a good day

First us VIP's get this beautifully filmed piece of work:

Smoother, slicker and artsy version of Children of Men's uprising scene anyone? No? Check it out here. Of course, the uprising scene looks more like something out of Call of Duty with a bit of extra camerawork, but hey these two pieces of media are of totally different genres. One's a music video for a song based on emotions and feelings, and the other is an epic and chaotic battle scene.
I applaud the director of the MV for being daring enough to film this! As you can see, the MV is filmed in one long take, if the members were out of place or something went wrong during the filming, they would have to start all over again! I demand behind the scenes to this!
You don't need translations to understand Love Song now, all you need to do is watch this amazingly produced MV. Don't just focus on the members, look around, it has amazing mise-en-scene. The burning car at the end made both me and my friend (Nikki) LOL, yet it felt somewhat symbolic.
Heck, me and Nikki - who just turned 18 today, waited until 1am for this MV to come out! Watched it like 100 times and eventually came to a conclusion that G-Dragon is a destructive pyromaniac. The amount of guitars he smashed for Big Bang's Tonight stage performances must have equaled to the amount of cars prepared for this MV...or for the very end of the MV where the car drops down out of nowhere and creates this beautiful mushroom cloud as Nikki describes it.
Oh and 'TOP must always wear the Love Song MV suit' should become unwritten law. Seriously, he is HAWTTTTT in it.

And now us underrated-yet-talented band appreciators/fans get this:

Tei, marry me.
Handsome People makes the best relaxing-mood music ever. I don't care whether the band's name is an oxymoron. They make better music than most K-pop idol groups out there.
Tei's voice is just...NOMMMM ♥

And another thing totally unrelated to Kpop, I discovered that Asos could do free delivery for me if I use the StyleSaver code! The longer wait is totally worth it. These babies shall be mine!!! FUCK YEAH FOR 10% OFF STUDENT DISCOUNT!

P.S. Happy Black Day!

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