Thursday, 7 April 2011


Betch, don't judge a book by its cover.

Just because the women look like transsexuals and the men are in gay-wear it doesn't mean that they're transsexuals or gay.
Not everyone in the world was born perfect. Nothing wrong with looking a little bit manly, nothing wrong with looking a little bit fem. Don't hate people just because they were born that way.
What you wear shouldn't effect how people see you. You should be able to wear whatever you freaking like without being judged. Heck, am I a goth/emo if I wore all black with heavy eyeliner? Am I chav for wearing sportswear simply because it's comfortable?
No, the media conditioned you to think this. Oh stereotypes.
Can't guys have fun too dressing up in PVC and hot pants?

The lyrics are ingenious, it makes even more sense than NU ABO and A~ing - no offense Wheesung, that's saying something.

Which leads me onto the next topic. FUCK, TEDDY RILEY YOU DONE WELL!

Are Raina sluts because they wear lingerie on stage? No, its only for visual eye candy, just like Asobi Connection had done.
Why you ladies hatin' on Raina? You're okay with your oppas stripping like manwhores on stage but aren't okay when your fellow ladies are displaying rauchiness on stage?


Anyway I shall be on the look out for Asobi Connection in the club districts of South Korea when I go in future. Would probably be one of the best clubbing experiences ever.
Fuck, I would scream with joy if they came to England.

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