Friday, 9 September 2011

Day Out In Norwich.

I've been pretty much a 'hikikomori' (a shut in), all summer now and decided it's time to live life again. After all, we only live once, why not make the most of it rather than tumblr all day?
Do something for a change.

So I ventured to Norwich with two other friends who are going to university as well. Only that I leave next week and they leave...later. Lucky bitches.
Met up with Norwich friend, ventured around Norwich city centre aimlessly, not really knowing what to do.

Ended up spending ages in the Disney Store - me rubbing a Toy Story 3 strawberry scented plushie against my arm and clothes for some free sweet fragrance. It smelt so damn good.

Wandering around in Hollister, with model-like/attractive looking young adults welcoming you into the dimly lit (literally, it was so damn dark that my parents would've complained) and heavily perfumed store, and saying goodbye when you leave just when you had enough of the thumping catwalk music.
Unique store design, very sleek, yet incredibly intimidating for an average commoner like me.
At least the clothes looked nice.
If only I was rich...

You remember the flats that I purchased from Dorothy Perkins not too long ago? The fringed stone 'brogues'? Yeah, they hurt if you walk too much.
To think that Dorothy Perkins would offer comfortable shoes for such high prices...
I was beginning to think that only my black Lydia heels from Dorothy Perkins hurt since they were 4 inches. But I guess not, all DP shoes get uncomfortable after a while...

Had my first Nandos meal today, surprising I know. But due to the nature of my family and parents, we never go out for family meals in spanky uptown family restaurants like Frankie and Bennys. Us children would have to beg or offer to pay for the meals in order to convince such parents.
Crazy I know.
Spent a good hour or so to convince my Norwich friend to come join so that I can pay for his meal and rid myself of the guilt that he had set upon me for paying for my bubble tea and Dok2 ticket in the past.

Chicken breast fillet cooked in mango and lime sandwiched in a burger, halloumi cheese added extra, with chips accompanied with a bottomless soft drink for me. The mango and lime was divine.

Oh and bottomless frozen yoghurt. Not that I actually made the most out of it. Only had 2 bowls of it before I waved the white flag.
To be honest I was expecting so much more from frozen yoghurt, maybe something like a taste of heaven. But no, it tasted like the usual Mr Whippy ice cream only this time the ice cream man told you that it was fat free in order to make you want it more.
le sigh

Tried the peri peri with herb, mild peri peri and xtra hot peri peri sauce with the chips. Mild peri peri gives instant spice, xtra hot starts off zesty with a kick of spice but eventually gets spicier and spicier as you eat it. It doesn't burn your throat, but your mouth area does throb, especially the tongue.

Overall I would love to visit Nandos again. Next time I'll order myself ratatouille!

Sleek released their Nude Collection eyeshadow palette recently, I had to check it out, why? Because I fucking love my neutral eye make up colours!
I already have a neutral NYC mini palette - but it's not that pigmented, Eyeko's Make Up Diary - too glittery for my liking, and Sleek's Bohemian eyeshadow palette - but I only ever use 3 or 4 colours on there...
This palette looked perfect! Besides, I love Sleek's eyeshadow palettes, they're cheap, pigmented and give fantastic results!

Sadly when I arrived it appeared that there was one palette left, as usual it had been opened before, it didn't look swatched, but still, the colours looked so amazing, plus I could gain 200 points for buying it on my Superdrug beauty card! Damn you incentives!!!
So I grabbed it, walked on, and noticed there was one more palette which appeared unopened! Hurrah! Switched palettes and headed for the till, without double checking the palette.
What a grave mistake I have made.

Hours later on the train back to Ipswich when I decided to take a peek at my palette I was horrified to find that the mirror had been smashed and broken.
Fuck My Life.

Now I'm planning to take a trip to Leeds' Superdrug next week on the day after I move in. Hopefully I could return it for another palette.
Originally I wasn't planning to return it, but realised I tend to use Sleek's eyeshadow palette's mirror most of the time, even though I have a huge mirror to do my make up at, it's difficult to explain. I use the huge mirror for one eye and the palette's one for the other. It's far more convenient to use the eyeshadow palette's mirror, no way am I working with a broken mirror. Also, I fear that shards of the mirror may fall onto the eyeshadow, meaning upon application I might end up applying mirror shards onto my eyelids. Doesn't sound pleasant at all does it?

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