Sunday, 25 September 2011

End of freshers...

Dear fellow freshers who are still waiting for their freshers week to begin.
This is how many flyers - and freebies (don't forget the pens especially when you forgot to bring some!!) you should accumulate by the end of the week by attending the freshers fair on a daily basis:
And remember to sign up to as many societies as you can. Ones that interest you. There's no harm putting down your email address on their sign up list, you don't have to pay anything yet. Attend their first meet up. If you like what they offer then pay!

These flyers also come in handy when you feel like going out randomly one night. Some flyers may even give you free entry to an event if you bring it along with you! Or even free drinks! All freshers love their drinks...well most.
I don't love drinking, but I don't hate it, I do like cocktails like Pina Colada though...Not that most clubs offer it so it seems...

Some flyers may even offer you discounts on food! Noms! Especially Dominoes.
Always look out for Dominoes at freshers.

Again I ventured on my own to the unknown today...well not exactly the unknown, I walked all by myself for 12 mins to the Crown Point, a retail park close to my accommodation in Leeds. Had to walk through a slightly dodgey/isolated area to get there...well that was the faster way, the other way is slightly longer by a few minutes and involved walking along the busy main roads.

They had Poundworld there, perfect, I needed to stock up on my cold meds (Beechams in particular) anyway.

Popped into Boots and got me some Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) for £2.60 at the pharmacist. An essential when you're a self conscious teen who cares about their acne prone skin. Heck I went off this for a week thinking that my HadaLabo Tamagohada Daily Face Wash with BHA & AHA would do the job but sadly not. My slightly poorer and lighter diet fucked it all up.

Went into TK Maxx, remembering that they sell discounted designer-y bags which I needed for university. Not that I was aiming for a designer one, I just wanted a durable and nice looking one. Eventually left the store with a SASHA New York Mat handbag and Bueno Collection's satchel style computer case.
The latter will be my university/school bag since it's the right size to fit my A4 notepad in, sadly I find it too sqaure, if only it was more rectangular...oh well. The 'leather' part feels sturdy and thick, I doubt it's real leather though, not that any label mentioned so (even online!), whatever it was £24.99 which is pretty damn cheap for this style of a bag. The other handbag (£12.99)...let's just say that was an impulse buy...but hey, it's A LOT nicer than my black one which is of a similar style. This one actually can keep a rigid shape and the material feels smooth and plush. My black one is made of some cheap-feeling material, loses a rigid shape and can be scratched easily.
Also passed by an expensive looking eye cream, Danielle Laroche Eye Cream with Immediate Tightening Effect - slightly weary about IMMEDIATE TIGHTENING. It sounds like my skin's going to creepily tighten A LOT, for £5.99. Tried Google-ing it on my phone for reviews, no reviews found. So I though screw it, it sounds nice, buy it.
Now to hunt down if any of the ingredients are dangerous...

....I should really stop shopping all together shouldn't I?
Damn you Leeds, damn you.

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