Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hello Leeds.

Moved in on Thursday, 3 nights have passed, so far everything's okay. Not fab, but okay.

Most of my stuff have been organised in my room, the stuff that I have yet to take out of the boxes...I don't know what to do with them. They're basically cleaning and laundry stuff.
OMG I just realised that dad didn't bring detergent *twitch*

Let me show you my university room in Clarence Dock.

I thought it would be bigger, not that I mind too much. The room's size is okay, but as for the bathroom...dear God. The shower is a freaking small cubicle so I can't even bend over to wash my hair - I never stand up straight to wash my hair, it just doesn't feel right. Plus it's difficult to do part of my skincare in that shower, there's just not enough room. So now I have to adapt to it, no me gusta. Another complaint, the knob that you turn in order to let water run from the shower is stiff as fuck. My other flatmates also have this problem. On the first night I ended up getting attacked with a heavy spray of hot water because of this! I forgot my shower cap as well...of all the things...I had to forget that.

Here's the lovely view that I get from my bedroom window...
Not as bad as my friend's view, but I hear all sorts of stuff from the road during the night, not to mention a rainbow of lights that manages to illuminate my curtain. Because there's a bloody tree next to my window these bits of orange seedlings manage to find it's way into my room if I leave the window open.

Now let's talk about the city center itself and the people.
The city centre is awesome, has that northern feel to it, plenty of shops and huuuge. Spent 10 hours (I think) in the city center with 2 other friends on Friday, oh my legs...
The people...well. Some are just bizarre and some are just plain nasty.
Already received 3 racist remarks on that one day, I have never got so much racist comments in one day in my life, even in London and Ipswich I never got that much abuse in one day. At the very most it only occurs once in a day. But as my Leeds friend said, it's an everyday occurrence up here in Leeds. Well there goes my perfect vision of Leeds.
While waiting at the bus stop a seemingly drunk guy came up to us with a flyer (advertising some unknown 'celebrity'), pointed at it and spat: "They think I would come to see this guy? They must be taking the piss!" and then proceeded to throw the flyer down on the floor in front of us before storming off.

Moving on.

I came back to the flat at 3am something last night, cos I went out partying/clubbing at the Student Union for the very first time - yes I've never went out clubbing before because of overprotective strict Asian parents.
I probably smelt like vodka and sweat.

Mother and father would disapprove.
I spent 1 hour last night walking around shoeless (thank God I wore tights) and stepping into puddles of split vodka before I was told to put my heels on again, otherwise I would've been kicked out. I spent the rest of the night in pain, damn 4 inch heels. I should've bought gel pad/insoles, maybe it wouldn't have hurt so much...Forever wearing flats to clubs...until I get new COMFORTABLE 3 inch heels.
Got hit on 2 or 3 times e_e
Oh and had my ass slapped my someone when I wasn't looking ಠ_ಠ

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