Saturday, 24 September 2011

Someone stop me please...

New Look: Parisian Wavy Line Mini Skirt £11.69 (20% student discount applied, RRP £12.99)
New Look: Madam Rage Frill Cream Dress £10 (sale, RRP £25..?)
Miss Selfridge: Smart Separates Mini Skirt £4 (on sale for £5, 20% student discount applied, RRP £32)
Total: £25.69

Normally I don't spend this much on clothes in one day. Only very rarely. It must be because I know that I now get roughly get £70 a week through student grant. Already planning to have a budget of £20-£30 on weekly groceries.
The rest must be saved...but it's not working.
Just spent £99 on a bus pass for this term as's way too cold and windy up here to walk to university for 40mins for 3 days a week...shut up. Don't judge me. The winds up here are strong as fuck. It feels like winter here already.

And the very fact that there's a Greggs in like every street in Leeds...FFFFFFF
It's like a must have for lunch. Seriously.

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