Thursday, 30 December 2010


I would like to start this post off with this.
I hope they're all wearing wigs. Seriously, I can't even bloody tell who is who thanks to their hair and outfits. Muh!

I'm sorry this is just going to be a blog about the recent special Kpop perfs. Quick update on my life as of today.
I bought £66.65 tickets for my Sheffield Hallam interview (FFUUU!!!) and dyed my hair with Kao Prettia's Foam Hair Dye in Chiffon Beige (not much of a difference, can still see highlights).

Anyway carrying on.

JoKwon's Justin Beiber Baby Baby perf? Better than the freaking original!

Maknae special? Only had eyes for TaeMin and Sulli LOLMYSMBIASNESS;;;
TaeMin looks damn fine in this. DAYUUUMMM FIIIINEE!
True, Sulli shouldn't be in this, Krystal should. But if you think about it, who cares, they're born in the same year, Sulli's clearly much more popular = more viewers = kaching kaching! Not that I hate Krystal or anything. Just saying!

Whoever done the high note *stares at ChangMin and YoSeob* at the "Galileo" part made me LMAO. Have a strong feeling it's YoSeob...Whatevs. Epic perf! Love the guitar part done by JungMo :D !!!

Oh YoSeob, such a cutie ; - ; ~
I kinda expected them to crossdress when I read about this on AKP, but oh well. Despite the surprise being all an act (staged) I don't care, still makes me lol!
The hip movement as "Hah hah" was cute. Teehee

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