Monday, 27 December 2010

Decisions Decisions

On Christmas day two of my aunties happened to make a comment about my hair, hours later after uncle said I look Korean. That comment being "the roots need to be dyed soon", in Cantonese of course. I agree, my hair needs to be redyed, the black roots are probably around 4cm long now - it's been 4 months since I had it dyed in Vietnam with highlights for around £25 - FREAKING CHEAP YO! To be honest I'm reluctant to dye over this current color, simply because my current hair has highlights! For the first time in my life! Makes it look like my hair is blonde.
Why not dye your hair entirely blonde then?

I would if only my hair was thicker, stronger and virgin black.
The professional
at the hair dye salon in Vietnam told me it would be bad for me to bleach my hair at its current thin and sparse state, in which I already knew. Yet still I asked for that blonde hair, somewhere in my mind, in a secluded corner, I wanted there to be a possiblity for me to become blonde.
Alas, I will only ever be able to dye my hair brassy brown.

Back in Hong Kong, 5 months ago, I was on the hunt for Japan's Dariya Palty hair dye.
When I arrived I realised it was not possible due to our 3 day stay. We were staying in Mongkok, the only place that sold Palty was on the other side of Hong Kong, further south.
I could have taken the trains but as I said, too little time. Arrived at 4pm on 28th, met and shopped with friend on 29th in jet lag state, spent most of day hunting for Grand Century Place on 30th to then get slightly lost, spent all of 31st at the Big Buddha and headed to Vietnam at 8am on 1st August.
Luckily I found a substitute, Kao's Prettia foam dye. Another Japanese hair dye brand that I wanted to try, but not as badly as Palty's 3 new colours.
So now I have one box of Chiffon Beige and two boxes of Milk Tea Brown (I freaking loved Palty's Milk Tea Brown!). Both colours are pretty much the same in terms of lightness, however Chiffon Beige is more of a yellow tone - possibility of going blonde here?! Nah.

Okay I swear everything that I just typed sounds pointless right now. Meh. Hopefully some of you skim read all of that before arriving here where you'll go "ah, bolded text, the main focus of this post perhaps?"
Basically the decisions I must make here are:

hould I dye my hair tomorrow so I can attend my university interview (4th Jan.) with lovely hair?
What colour should I dye it to? Chiffon Beige or Milk Tea Brown?

Note, my hair feels way too nice right now to only get dyed tomorrow :"[

Then again it would go greasy by the end of tomorrow...Plus the dye isn't difficult to use compared to Palty, it's foam! Simple and fast!

Yet...I'll miss these precious highlights that I got done for a cheap price ; - ;

Oh and I'm a lazy sod. Always take note of that.

For image references of my current h

Oh and another thing.

Dear Britvic.
What is this brown patch doing on the bottom of my Apple and Raspberry J2O bottle?!

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