Sunday, 26 December 2010

Hello! TVXQ 7th Anniversary,

Hello world.

My name is Julie, but if you're too lazy to type a few extra characters or speak an extra syllable just call me Joo.
I live in England and turned 18 twelve days ago. Now that I've put these two facts in one sentence you'll probably think I have the ability to drive and go clubbing every weekend. Sorry to disappoint but I'm a lazy person, I just can't be bothered to book a driving lesson, let alone fill out a form for my provisional. So I don't really have ID to show to the bouncers to enter clubs, not unless I take my passport around with me, but who would use their passport anyway?
I speak two langauges, English and Cantonese. Yes I am a British born Cantonese Chinese. I can't say that I'm amazingly fluent in both langauges thanks to my parents. I'll explain the reasons why later in this blog.
I attend Sixth Form, A levels in Art, English Language and Media Studies, also carrying out an AQA Extended Project. Done Economics in AS level, that was fail.
I'm a fan girl of K-pop. Love TVXQ, SHINee, U-Kiss, Big Bang, CN Blue, 2PM, One Way, Epik High and etc. They're just so...YEPPUDAH!
My other interests include surfing the internet, killing time on MSN, investing on make up and skin care products, watching K-dramas, stalking K-idols on Twitter, stalking on AllKPop, writing fan fiction, watching YouTube videos, creating YouTube videos and...blah. Can't remember them all.
I like food and beverages also, yummy Asian food like sushi and bubble tea. Hong Kong's bubble teas are simply the best! They actually have the taste of tea in them!

Okay I'll stop now. It's almost 27th Dec...

So as you can see my life revolves around the world wide web and Korean entertainment.

Let's end this post off with something Kpop related.
As many Cassiopeians know, today is TVXQ's 7 year Anniversary.
I hope they share that cake with JYJ.
In secrecy of course.

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