Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Skin Test & Secret Garden 13

After spilling the contents of the Prettia foam hair dye box all all over the floor, grabbing the English instructions and skimming through it I realised I needed to perform a skin test. Why? Because I had eczema recently = skin change. Now if I didn't have eczema I would've gone straight to dying and have beautifully coloured hair now - never had any issues with hair dyes.
Oh well. Better to be safe than sorry. I really don't like the thought of getting an allergic reaction where eczema would infest my face. I already couldn't stand the look-a-like-badly-applied-24/7-red-eyeshadow patches that had sat on my eyelids for 2 weeks.
I was amazed when the solution started to foam on the skin of my arm, even more amazed than when I found the piece of card provided in the Prettia box that would allow you to mix the solution! Can't wait to use this dye tomorrow...yes tomorrow. I don't want to wait...or maybe I should because of my eczema...meh, we'll see if I'm in a lazy mood or not tomorrow.

Watched Secret Garden episode 13 English subbed with a friend today. Really want to watch 14 now, although I already have a rough idea what would happen in the next episode - I have a thing for hunting down unsubbed raws and spoiling myself out of impatience.
I personally dislike how RaIm's hair is pulled back into a tight bun in the last scene.

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