Friday, 31 December 2010

Farewell 2010

Jung YunHo suffered from depression when the group's controversy broke out? I can clearly see why. Kim JaeJoong broke up with him, he couldn't stand being near YunHo anymore let alone sing on the same stage.
...Okay I wasn't serious. That's just my YunJae fan girl side kicking in. Dramatised it as well. Would make an epic fanfic right? Not that I plan to write it...


Maybe I'll plan it when I'm on the train to Sheffield on Tuesday...

Hah I just started off the last post of 2010 with something TVXQ related.

So why am I home typing this blog post in the last 15 minutes of 2010 (GMT)? Shouldn't I be out partying, getting drunk and blah? Well I had to work at the takeaway t
oday. Even if I didn't have work today I wouldn't go out partying, I have over protective Asian parents. Maybe next year...

Any new year resoultions? None. I don't bother. Never keep them anyway. I remember back in the days when I always did and always have "cut down on chocolate/eat less chocolate" on my list. Simply because everyone had it as their resolution, it was a popular one yet a stupid one. Why? Hardly anyone ever kept it. Let alone all the other resolution people make.

Oh and I just saw
this. Ayumi Hamasaki is getting married! Not to a Japanese man. AN AUSTRIAN! I expect lots of pretty mixed-race babies Ayu! Mixed-race babies are so damn pretty * 3*

Oh and PSSSHT. Yoo AhIn & Song JoongKi couple is farrr better than the Park MinYoung & Park YooChun couple. Not because YooChun is my bias and I want to marry him or anything, simply because gay couples are the best LOLOL!

Geoloh and Yeorim yongwonhi!!! xDDD

Anyway, what else can I say?
2010 it was nice hanging around with you. It was only this year that I travelled to Hong Kong for the first time ever, only this year that I been on a plane for the first time in like 10 years, only this year that I saw my relatives (mothers side) in Vietnam again for the first time in 10 years(?)!!!
Basically the highlight was going to Hong Kong and Asia haha~
Oh and meeting all my best online friends within this year. Don, Lisa and Nikki at London Expo and Louise at Hong Kong :3 Even though I met Lisa and Nikki way before this year bwahaha~
Hmn, what else? Getting a post/comment read out by Eli on Pops in Seoul and then becoming a hardcore U-Kiss fan? Winning TWO Kpop CD's recently by sheer luck in Allkpop's Xmas Giveaway.

Wow what an awesome year = 3= ~

I hope 2011 gets awesome-er. Starting university life next year in either September/October! Can't wait for freedom from parents! Booyah!

I'll see you guys in 2011 ;]

PEACEEEE! (Last photo of the year, me an my oily self LOL)

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