Friday, 24 February 2012

Death petitions...I can't-

Seriously questioning the mental state of humanity right now.

Honestly, there's a Facebook group hating on Block B as well as hoping for them to commit suicide right now. Actually, nevermind a small scale Facebook group full of ignorant narrow minded people monsters, there's plenty of this kind of species out there in the world right now signing petitions that would demand seven lives to be taken from this world.
Jesus fucking christ, why are people belittling/devaluing the values of life?

Dear Haters.

Who are you people to tell someone else to commit suicide?
I bet you're all just cowards hiding behind your LED screens believing that you're some sort of God or all powerful judge to able to decide whether one dies or not. Just so you know, you're not God, you don't hold power, actually you never held any sort of power, the screen in front of you and the internet is an illusional barrier making you believe that you have power when you don't.

You say Block B is wrong and immoral to laugh when they're talking about Thailand, okay, you're paritally correct. Now why don't you just leave one sensible comment showing your disappointment in Block B and leave it at that?
Going ahead and telling them to commit suicide and die, that is far more wrong and immoral than what Block B had done. You're just as bad as them but worse.
The severity of Block B's words and actions is nothing compared to your unethical demands for them to commit suicide.
These comments, I hate. They're awfully unintellectual. I honestly can't treat them seriously. You might as well keyboard bash in return you childish and immature cunt. Are you 3 or something? Get off the internet.
It's like I'm talking to a chav, a thing from another planet, something disgustingly inhumane. I don't understand the logic, if there were any, in such words. Actually it gives me the impression that you're a complete imbecile.
You're an embarassment. I feel ashamed to be grouped together with you when people talk about kpop fans. You're giving kpop fans a bad name.

Surely most of you are educated to some degree where you must hold some sort of common sense and understand what is morally correct.
most of you who are holding that mouse right now and staring into the screen, utilising the internet, must have attended school to be able to learn how to read and write words.
Surely you must've been taught the right and wrongs.
So why aren't you putting their brains into practice? Did you all get educated for nothing? Or did your schools teach you squat?

Do you have a brain? Sure you do, otherwise you wouldn't be able to read. Why don't you go and use your brain?
What merit would you get from bashing and wishing death upon others? Nothing but temporary satisfaction and life long guilt.

Think about it. How would you like it if people started telling you to commit suicide for doing something that you deeply regret and apologised for? You would feel like complete shit wouldn't you? You would wonder what's the point of apologies exising anymore.
That's how Block B is feeling right now. This is unecessary, no one wants it, no one deserves it, not even Block B. You're nothing but a mindless bully hurting others who are begging for your forgiveness.
Sure you're angry, but at least accept it and wallow in your simmering hatred inside. There is no need to waste your energy actively hating on a group of 7 boys. Heck, if you must release your hatred on something or someone go hate the thousands of criminals, bullies, corrupted leaders, beings far worse (and evil) than Block B.

Personally I find it immoral to leave hate comments on someone's page. That is an example of cyber-bullying. So if you're wearing one of those BEAT-BULLYING bands that were popualr years ago I suggest you go rip it off and burn it with fire, clearly you are not fit to wear one.
It is furthermore immoral to tell someone to commit suicide. This is not only a form of severe cyber-bullying but (death) threats, making you the cause of their death if they were ever to give in - pretty much making you a cold blooded murderer. Would you like to live the rest of your life knowing that you were responsible for the death of one's/many life/lives? Yeah, sounds pretty bleak doesn't it?

Look, if you no longer like Block B it's fine with me, just don't get involved with them, don't even read about them, ignore them, act as if they never existed if you must.
But inflicting your hate onto them through acts or speech directly doesn't do anyone any good, them and you.

In my lifetime I only hated a few people. But never have I told them to go die, sure when I was an emotional teen I wished that they had died, but never have I verbally told them to go die.
I am aware that I have no right to tell anyone to die, neither do you.

So stop it.
Stop blowing everything out of proportion.
It's unecessary.
I shouldn't be the one to tell you to stop.
But I must.
It's for your own good.
For all I know you could be older than me.
Isn't it embarrassing to be reprimanded by someone of a younger age?
Thought so.

From a 19 year old who has a brain and common sense.

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