Monday, 20 February 2012

Us BBC's have it hard.

I'm talking about Block B fans.

Once again Block B has landed themselves in another controversy.
Honestly, how many controversies have they been in already? Soy sauce, bracelet, "no homo"...It's pretty saddening.
Nevertheless, such controversies are bound to happen due to the extensive amount of freedom that Cho PD has bestowed upon them - or to be exact the ideology of acting freely and to not conform to the acts of a typical idol. Which is fine and dandy for me, actually it's an ideal for me personally. I'd rather fangirl over truer personalities than 'framed' ones, because then I wouldn't feel lied to. This factor is one of the main reasons why I like Block B, but that's something to talk about another day.
So, in sum of this paragraph, what I'm trying to say is: "With great power comes great responsibilities."
To further explain, Block B has been given the power to act freely, they can act however they like on camera. Arrogantly, human-like and potentially foolish. As human beings, and more importantly idols, they must be held responsible for their actions. In the case of Block B they hold more of a responsibility than their company, BrandNewStardom, simply because they choose to act however they like, not the company.

Now in relation to today's hot topic: Block B stirs contrvoersy with Thai interview, the consequence of holding great power in the upkeep of personal image and face has arisen.

Block B are raw men, boys, males. I highly doubt that BNS has trained them much in the upkeep of image, hence why I deem them as raw human beings who are now consistently televised.
Everything they do reflect what other members of the male species probably do as well. Joke with each other.

How I personally see the interview:
  • Zico believes that all they can do to help the flooding situation is money
  • Zico is skint, Kyung knows
  • Kyung pokes fun at him by asking how much he has
  • Members laugh at Zico for being skint

Sure Block B can fly over to Thailand to help the flood cause, but honestly do you think they have the time to do so when they're living the lives of idols?
Zico already pointed that he is aware of the hardship caused by the flood, no one in their right mind would then later joke about it as if they were poking fun at it.
Although Kyung was once a nerd it doesn't necessarily mean that he's a smart guy. Heck, he sounds like an idiotic douchebag in his old tracks - derogating women. So clearly he didn't even think about the importance of not making a joke when talking about something serious. This joke could've derived from him being his douchebaggy self or it was simply "the slip of the lip" - to speak without thinking first.
And the most important point here is that: the members are laughing at Zico for being skint, for having only 7000 won, an insignificant amount to help the flood cause when he was blabbering how money could help.
Why the fuck would they be laughing at Thailand? I can't see why anyone would laugh at a country's misfortune, especially when they're idols.

Call me delusional all you want, but honestly, the chances of Block B laughing at Zico's skint state is more likely than them laughing at Thailand's misfortune.

However, take note that I am not ignoring the possibility of Block B laughing at Thailand's misfortune.
What I'm simply saying is that this possibility (laughing at Thailand's misfortune) in such context is unlikely compared to what I have suggested (laughing at Zico).

If in reality Block B were laughing at Thailand's misfortune then I am greatly disappointed.

Yet, even with my theory that Block B is laughing at Zico, I personally still believe they still hold some sort of responsiblity for their actions.
  • Kyung was wrong to make a joke at that point of the interview, clearly the public would misunderstand for it is considered socially imoral to laugh during a discussion of serious and sensitive topic.
  • It was wrong of Block B to laugh in response and not keep in mind that they are currently talking about a sensitive topic.
  • And if I were to further reprimand them, their playful and natural actions in the beginning and throughout the interview should have been controlled - after all they are in a country experiencing great problems.
Nevertheless, the damage as been done, whether or not it was a misunderstanding Koreans and international fans are outraged, Block B already issued an apology and understand what they did was wrong, what more can Block B do?
What, do you expect them to pour you tea and grovel for forgiveness at your feet?

I honestly don't understand why Hottests and BBC's are ready to start a war with each other.
All Nichkhun tweeted was that Block B shouldn't have done what they done. Besides, it was a tweet that mentioned no names, the tweet may have not been directly pointed towards Block B.
But say if he did, why are you getting yourselves involved? Besides, I have read countless accounts from a variety of people proving that Nichkhun once made light of a natural disaster through a tweet, stating that it was nothing, it was merely the Earth re-arranging its form, just like re-arranging a bedroom. Although I personally am not outraged I still find this comparison wrong.

Why the fuck are are people (Hottests, Kpop fans, netizens) starting up "
Disband Block B" peititions? That is just low.
Okay, so you're angry at Block B, I'm cool with that. But wanting to disband them and stop them from doing what they want to do in the industry? No, just stop.
You can scold them all you want, but telling them to disband?

Really, do you Hottests want to be reminded of September 2009?
People were telling your oppar JaeBum to go die through petitions. How did you feel back then?

Why should Block B be punished with something as extreme as that for laughing inappropriately?
It's like you're saying it's fine to execute someone for stealing bread.

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