Tuesday, 21 February 2012

TBH I dunno if I ryk: 'Blue' by Big Bang

Take note that I wasn't really anticipating this comeback as much as I did last year for last years comeback.
Maybe because this time I didn't have to wait for years for their comeback.
Maybe because I'm too distressed over Block B's problems to even think about other bands.
Maybe because the teaser photos threw me off - they were emitting a cold and greasy look which I didn't really like, I mean come on, GD's weave was just unappealing, there's something unsatisfactory about SeungRi's hair and appearence overall, and it looked like the stylists didn't know what to do with TaeYang's consistent mohawk concept so they made it look like sparse thick bristles.
So when the MV came out today I didn't exactly jump on it like a starving tiger pouncing on an overweight zebra, I was more like a nonchalant tiger who just ate a satisfactory meal and just came across a lone platter of zebra meat. I might as well take a nibble (gander) at it.

I can't say that I love this song, neither can I say I dislike it. I honestly don't know how I should feel towards this track.
It has a very strong mysterious feel to it, as if you're dwelling upon the unknown. This is new to me, which I like, I'm assuming that the lyrics are closely linked, a bonus.
But the entire track as a whole had no excitement really, it felt like you were constantly floating on water to no end. There were the few uplifting 'waves', but they're not big 'waves'. Maybe because I'm used to upbeat tracks from Big Bang.

But these are all just personal opinions based upon my current state, a subjective view.
If I were to look at it objectively it has more success than what I can subjectively see. In short, this is a great track off Big Bang.

Mellow yet interesting unique and addictive beats, feelings that average kpop tracks fail to give off, consistency, no random Engrish thrown into the lyrics, and definitely an experimental track. These are the merits that I see in Big Bang's 'Blue'.

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