Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sheer Eargasm

Honestly, somtimes I wonder why I bother publishing a post about a band that I don't stan.

I should really be posting up entries like Block B's Narina MV, but to be honest there's not much that I could say about Block B's Narina MV.
I love it, the music and video itself has attitude and energy, but it's nothing special. You all know I love Block B to pieces, but so far all their works, to me personally, are average, there is still a gem that Zico (and Kyung) has yet to produce. Not that I'm saying that their current singles aren't great, the music is pretty much about the same level as other Kpop tracks out there, it just needs a little bit more of a push/a dash of uniqueness to make them and their music really shine. Subjectively speaking (from a fan's point of view) Nanrina is amazing, objectively speaking (from a critical view) it's nothing much to go absolutely crazy about.

However, Big Bang's tracks are something that fans should go crazy about for so many valid reasons.

Now before I begin, please take note that I am not a Big Bang stan, however they are one of my favourite groups, but I'm not ballistic about them, I mainly love them for their music.
They have pretty much never let me down with their new tracks, although in my previous previous post I did show a bit of doubt towards 'Blue', but I'm pretty much am near loving it now. Actually, the same could be said for 'Haru Haru' (you probably think I'm nuts), but loved it after the second listen.
And it also happened again for this track, 'Bad Boy', but only this time I spent the first minute feeling uncertain about it to then feel strangely hooked by the end of it.

I swear I'm going to go through this 'uncertain' to 'love' process throughout the entire ALIVE album.

Fitting the theme of the previous MV and album, once again the colours of the MV are muted, but not as muted as the previous MV, the colours seem to seep through the cold toned filters which fits the uplifting beats of the track. The jingling of the bells along with heavy beats in the track set an icey arctic feeling, once again complimentary to the colours of the MV as well as the season that this album/track is released in - YG/MV Director you smart. Anyone else noticed the steam in the MV? Yes, that adds to it also. TaeYang has skills to not shake and shudder whilst filming that MV with his bare arms exposed.
The track itself? Total eargasm. Again unique - perhaps that's why it initially put me off, subtle, not overdone, perfect. The beats really have an strong urban feel to it - probably why New York became the setting of the MV, although NY isn't urban it contains urban features/aspects.
I can't really see much of a flaw in this track apart from GD and TOP having to use sing-song rapping - I'm too accustomed to seeing rappers rap these days (too much khiphop), but nevertheless it works - so it's not really a flaw. The sloppy sing-song rapping adds a lazy touch to the track, perfect for lazy days!

A few subjective points:
  • omg GD, your punk/gangster fusion attire and weave, what even...
  • TOP you look like an absolute idiot with that huge skull medallion, who told you to wear it?!
  • Dayum TaeYang, that little body wave at 1:22, DAYUM.

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