Thursday, 16 February 2012

The resurrection of Toshiba

Once again I am loaning out this university laptop for an extra week since Toshiba is fixable.
Yes, Toshiba is going to be resurrected *dances*

Got a call yesterday from the tech guy that all Toshiba needed was keyboard replacing, so yeah it appears that I fucked up my keyboard good this time. However, the internet port is fine, and apparently the tech guy haven't witnessed the laptop turning itself on - to be honest I don't think tech guys can detect this issue seeing as my brother had this issue with his laptop and the tech guys couldn't find the reason. And only recently, on a phone call with the brother, he told me that if the laptop turns itself on it means the motherboard is fucked and needs replacing. He found that out on the internet.
I suppose I can deal with a laptop that turns itself on. All I gotta do is remove the battery after every use no?

Preparing for the resurrection of Toshiba right now.
It only costs me £67.40 including the keyboard replacement, service fee and VAT. Was planning to not bother if it costed me £150-£200. Actually I was downloading Norton Security trial 2012 and Firefox onto my memory stick encase I had to buy a new laptop (£549) that very day - had to return this temporary laptop on that day so it's better to just buy a new laptop.

Some of you may think I'm nuts to be overjoyed that my 3 year old Windows Vista with Intel Celeron Toshiba laptop could be fixable and used again. But seriously, it took me so long just to download all those programs onto my laptop, I am not hunting for keygens or keygen generators ever again. It's hard.
I mean I could sacrafice my Sony Vegas on my Toshiba laptop for Adobe Premiere on the new one (praise the lord that my lecturer had given us keygens), but it took me a loooong time to learn how to use Sony Vegas, I am reluctant and don't have the time to learn how to use Adobe Premiere from scratch. I already have to learn how to code html and css, as well as making flash animation for university work. Learning how to use Adobe Premiere on top of that? Fuck off.

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