Saturday, 1 January 2011

Girls Story. WTFFF?!

Girls Story. Where should I begin?
I thought this was going to be an epic group because of the teaser. I expected super vocally talented ladies in their early or mid 20s to sing some beautiful yet heart wrenching ballads. I didn't bother to Google up the names mentioned on the AKP article when this teaser was released, simply because I didn't stop to think that it was possible for some company in South Korea to produce a pop group of 10 year olds. But oh I was wrong. South Korea can be crazy like Japan too.
Come on, seriously. Watch the freaking teaser!

Is this really an appropriate MV for a group of 10 year olds? It starrs a pedoBUNNY!!!
For Gods sake, who thought of this teaser concept? It has nothing to do with Girls Story's actual concept.
The teaser is dark and displays pedophilia! From this teaser it would clearly mean that this new group is mature, talented, emotional, older and blah?! But no. This group is actually going to produce immature, auto-tuned, girly and pointless songs. Total contradiction. Marketing fail.
Now if I were to see this teaser in a far more positive light - which I doubt many people would have done anyway, the teaser actually displays the innocence of little girls, how easily they could become happy and how easily they could break and cry. Delicate beings with innocent souls that could become tainted by pedophilism. The message sent here? Save our nation's (South Korea) children from pedophilia. Make them happy by allowing them to follow their dreams. In which I shall now move onto why the stupid company even thought about debuting such a group.

The CEO of Girls Story's agency said "Minors also have dreams and hope. We decided on making an idol group because we wanted to grow with them.”
Right, yeah I know. However, ALL kids in the world have dreams. Well most of them anyway. There are little boys out there who want to become fire fighters and police men and little girls who dream of becoming hairdressers and prima ballerinas (well that was what I dreamed of becoming). And it's not just these 4 girls that wishes to become manufactured K-pop idols one day, I'm sure there are plenty others in Korea who audtioned yet failed to pass auditions in order to join the South Korean Music inductry. There are also other people around the world that wishes to become one and are or Korean/Asian descent. Most of which are far more talented than the four girls that you debuted.
It gets better with this statement:
“We did not produce Girl’s Story with the intention of earning money. We decided to produce them after seeing the members’ dreams and passions. If we ever hoped for money, we would’ve made a group out of trainees in their mid-teens or early 20s.” - Jang Hyun Ok of Ants Star Company
This guy is clearly a liar. Music/Entertainment industry in South Korea = BIG MONEY. You either lose loads of money and fail or gain profit.
So you're a charity? It doesn't matter how much you spend on them as long as they're happy? Okay say if you accidentally produced more albums than demanded (seeing that over 18k of South Korea are anti Girls Day) and then get hit by a great loss in revenue, is that okay? Surely you'll end up going into bankruptcy if this happens over and over again. But it's okay, the girls are happy because you're throwing money away on talentless children (at least debut them 5 years later when they can actually sing and dance properly damnit!). But what will you do when they frown and cry when you no longer have a company to help them carry on with their career? Time to bring out the life savings (?) Your wives won't be happy about that.
“The most important thing in life is not money, but the dreams of children. I created Girl’s Story in the hope of making both the children’s dreams and my own come true. Many people around us may be worried and look at us in a harsh manner, but we will direct this group with a parent’s mind to create them into great celebrities.”
Money is important when you're going to debut a musically talentless group. Without it how are you going to be able to hire vans to send them off to radio shows, music shows, broadcasting stations and their other venues? You might want to hire bodyguards encase pedophiles come after your girls.
And hah, your dream is to help other acheive their dreams? Why did you choose these 4 girls? There are others out there far more talented than thore 4, older and more capable of handling tought schedules. Why 10 year olds?
With a parent's mind to create them into celebrates? Oh my days. What?! What kind of parents in South Korea/Asia would let their child ditch school to become a celebrity? What happened to the popular aspiration of having your daughter or son becoming an accountant, doctor, dentist or lawyer?! Do parents of these 4 kids realise that their child's lives are now over? Do they realise that their kids will suffer emotionally for that 18k of antis?!

I don't care if the girls said that they're fine with anti's "haters be hatin"? Yeah I know. BUT WHAT'S WRONG WITH LIVING A NORMAL LIFE FOR 5 MORE YEARS?! GOSH!
They're far too young, heck in England they're classed as Primary school kids. If I were to see Primary school kids lip-syncing to auto-tuned music, dancing with no synchronisation at all and loads of screaming fans on MTV I would seriously think there's something wrong with this world.
I facepalmed at this part:
”Pinky Pinky” tells the story of a girl that is too shy to confess her feelings to her crush, while “Change My Life” is about a girl finally making a love confession.
The members stated, “We really like the lyrics. We feel them in our hearts.” They also hinted at having dated boyfriends before.

You dated? Don't tell me that you also understood what love is as well. What's going to happen next? Sex scandals or having sex at the age of 12? GEEZUS!

I'll check up on this group again when they actually have vocal talent with a live performance - no auto-tune.
See you in 5 years girls.

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