Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Fan art..?

I don't dare scan these. Why? I used make up to colour and outline these.

See, make up isn't just for painting the face. Cheap make up that sucks on the face can actually be pretty good for art.
I smeared Outdoor Girl's foundation on the paper to colour in the skin. Superdrug's lengthening mascara (BeautyUK) to colour the hair. W2 liquid liner to add detail to the hair - add hair strands. Boots' Natural Collection liquid liner to outline the image. 2true red lip tint for the lips (made JaeJoong look like a woman). And of course, pencil (in grade B) to add shade.
...Okay I cheated a bit by placing paper on top of my laptop screen to trace out the image. Otherwise JaeJoong and YunHo would look deformed.

Couldn't finish YunHo's pic because I realised that I need blue and black foundation for the shirt and hoodie...yes I accidentally dripped the red lip tint on the pic as well...
Maybe I should try using eyeshadow for the shirt and hoodie...then again I don't have eyeshadow that I no longer want to use...eurgh. No way am I using my Sleek palettes! Sleek palettes are expensive now ; - ; Maybe I should head out to get a cheap £1 palette from TJ Hugh's...

These are totally unrelated to my school work LOL;;;;
But hey, I just prepped up more paper for my art gallery visit on Saturday 8D;;;

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