Sunday, 6 February 2011

SeungRi, GD & TOP Bombards My Life.

Okay to be honest with you I wasn't particularly interested in GD & TOP's new album and SeungRi's solo activities. I mean I was anticipating for some funky beats, but it just never really hooked me after listening to their albums/watching their MV's once. But that's just once.
However, because Big Bang has such a large fanbase I'm constantly bombarded with news of GD, TOP and SeungRi, not to mention MV reviews on YouTube and AKP's constant reporting of articles on how certain performances alter. So basically after being exposed to so much of this I end up growing to like the music strangely...Note, I'm still not hooked to High High, but I love Don't Go Home, Knock Out and VVIP.
Knock Out sounds perfect for those hangover days or when you feel slightly thug.
VVIP was dazzling after listening to it for the THIRD TIME. I watched it the first time when it came out, second when LinzerDinzerTV reviewed it and third when Simon and Martina reviewd it. ASDFJKL; YG you lucky man, you have all these YT-ers doing the viral marketing for you. Fuck the whole idea of catchy and easy dance moves like Gee and Nobody.
It only only today that I actually became interested in Don't Go Home. Simply because I saw this article off AKP, thought it was adorable, clicked it, clicked play and wallah! Fangirl squealing starts.

Sulli you lucky gal.

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