Monday, 7 February 2011

Starsuckers: The Media & Its Lies

Today I have finally finished watching Starsuckers in my Media Studies class.
What is Starsuckers? A documentary film exposing the "shams and deceit involved in creating a pernicious celebrity culture." Mainly based upon the UK.

You: Oh God, a documentary film? From Great Britain? Pft. BORING! Next topic please!

Now if you really are going to hit the back button and navigate yourself away from this assumingly boring post then do so, you have every right. It's not like members of the public like yourself would care about whether a piece of news off a tabloid newspaper or website is completely true or not. You just simply read it and believe it's true.
Because it's the news, why would the news lie to you?
They can't lie.
It's wrong for them to lie.
They would never even think of attempting to lie...would they?
They would. Because there could be idiots out there making stories up right now and selling them to tabloids like The Sun, News of the World and The People, in which the stories would most likely become published within the next day thanks to that bloody director of Starsuckers telling you that you can get away with it.

You: Don't the editors check if they're real or fake?Psht, fuck no. Any entertaining piece of news reported by a member of the public to them is legit. Their staff are too lazy to even check whether its legit let alone get their lazy asses off the chair to find some 'scoop' for themselves.
This is journalism at its lowest. Well that's if you can still call it journalism.
Oh Britain...

After watching this documentary film not only did it restrict the amount of research and content I could put on my EPQ it also changed the way I perceive the media, especially Kpop. Oh God now I'm completely sceptic about every article that AKP lays out before me. Not beacuse it's merely a gossip site with quite a lot of biased articles written by biased staff members who are very much like most of the people out there in the world - biased. But because they translate articles from the Korean media. And I'm incredibly certain that if British media is like this then why the hell not Korea? Heck I bet the media across the world is like this.

In the world of Kpop a celebrity's image is everything...then again celebrity's worldwide put image as their top priority. If British and American celebs have publicists who help control and manage the celeb's public image, which doesn't seem to work most of the time (maybe the lack of publicists), then Korea must have loads of expert publicists, like one per band or even one per idol!
There's no way that ALL idols in Kpop are that clean cut 24/7...well at least when they're in the public eye...which is basically 24/7 anyway thanks to crazy fans who stalk them all the way to their apartments.
Heck most of them are hormonal teenages who are not only good looking but have thousands of average girls or boys going after them. Possessing fame, talent (?) and fortune (?) how is it possible for their ego to not grow into the size of a hot air balloon?

It seems that thousands of Korean youths (and others worldwide) seek fame, even if they realise they'll be under the watch of the netizens pretty much 24/7. Criticising their every move. Then again it's not like these attention seekers would care, they simply love all the attention.
But Jesus, just look at the long lines of Asian teenagers auditioning for SME in America like years ago. That many kids wish to acheive fame in SK and live a fun and exciting life of a K-diol, not because they want to showcase their talents. Pfft. That kind of stuff is bullshit. You can still make music with your talent and rise up to fame with YouTube, why go seek SME for it? Is it because you think you won't be able to make it with YouTube? Doesn't that mean you don't have enough talent to outshine others on YT? Basically you would be auditioning for SME with little to no talent. You're trying to acheive fame or as you may call it "the faster (easier) way to showcase your 'talent' to SK publicly".

To be honest with you I was the same a few years ago. I was blinded by the glamour and what appears to be a fun life/atmosphere within the world of K-Ent.
"Gosh, wouldn't it be awesome if I could just ditch education and live the life of a K-idol? They'll diet me till I'm thin and sexy looking. I'll have thousands of Asian admirers. Everyone would love me. I'll get closer to my crushes (YooChun, Onew, WonBin, MinWoo and JoongKi). And we'll date in secret. And blah blah blah."
But realistically no. Heck, I bet YooChun has a girlfriend right now, he's just simply hiding her away from the media thanks to that freaking publicist. And I bet Onew and WonBin already have their eyes on people like SeungYeon or HyunAh, pretty girls who are on the same level as them.
And after reading countless articles on the trainee lives of a K-idol I'd rather live a normal life. Neither do I want anti fans who wish for my death on a daily basis just because I got a bit too close to Onew.

Wow I've been going off topic for quite a while...

I'm too lazy to type any further. I have an EPQ deadline coming up as well.

I'll leave you this video and a task:

If K-idols were to eventually become members of South Korean parliament like the ones in Lithuania, who would they be?
I can imagine GD sauntering into the conference room with his Dr Dre Beats on and KwangHee speaking his mind in a very loud manner.

Fuck I bet JaeJoong and YunHo are gay for each other. It's just that their publicist tells them to sleep in separate rooms and refrain from touching each other publicly too much (but failed)...Or maybe the publicist was a bit of a shounen-ai fangirl and told them to do that in order to create the YunJae hype.

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